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How to choose a children's demi-season jacket

Children's demi-season jacket should combine 2 necessary qualities: practicality and a pleasant appearance. Kids are inquisitive people and will never stand still if there is an opportunity to climb the slides or walk through the shallow autumn puddles.

Such a walk will negatively affect a cheap, low-quality wardrobe item. Therefore, when choosing a jacket model, you should pay attention to many parameters.

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What to look for when choosing children's outerwear: materials and fillers

How to choose a children's demi-season jacket

When choosing a children's demi-season jacket, it is necessary to take into account a combination of factors such as hygroscopicity, quality of materials, their ability to keep warm.

Since children grow up incredibly quickly, you need to choose clothes to grow . It is desirable that the jacket is long enough and the sleeves have decent cuffs.

In this case, you can buy a wardrobe item that will last at least 2 seasons, and at the same time save money.

In modern versions, a different composition of filler, artificial or natural, is used. The most common jackets are filled with down. This is an incredibly lightweight material that retains heat well.

Goose and eiderdown down will perfectly warm your baby in frosty weather. The ability of duck down to keep warm is much less. It should also be remembered that natural ingredients easily cause allergic reactions. If the child has been exposed to rain, the wet down requires a long drying time.

You can purchase a jacket for a child, the removable lining of which is made of sheepskin, a wear-resistant material that practically does not provoke allergies.

Nevertheless, many parents prefer artificial fillers from fibertech, polyfiber, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, tinsulate and others. This is the best material for active children, as it perfectly retains the generated heat.

To determine which filler is used, you need to carefully read the label. The down jacket is denoted by the word Down , a mixture of down and feathers - Feather . About the presence of wool woolyou can guess by the notation Wool . Polyester - definition of various synthetic fillers.

Modern manufacturers have thought about how to protect children from the piercing cold wind. A quality children's jacket covers the lower back. Internal elastic bands and drawstrings are used to keep out the cold.

Almost always, a demi-season children's jacket is equipped with a hood, which must have ties. In this case, strong wind, rain and light snow are not terrible.

A comfortable combined version of a demi-season and winter jacket is often offered. To use the model in warm autumn weather, it is enough to remove the warm liner, which is most often fastened with a zipper. By the way, do not buy a jacket with buttons, they come off too quickly and get lost.

Practicality is our everything!

How to choose a children's demi-season jacket

Children often prefer not to part with their personal treasures , even when they go outside. Lots of patch and secret pockets will help keep small toys, beautifully patterned pebbles and fall leaves intact.

A jacket for a boy should be as practical as possible. It is better to choose dark color options with bright colorful patches or appliques. In this case, the baby will be able to calmly make his small discoveries, studying lawns and playgrounds, and the mother will constantly see which direction the child is heading.

Little princesses behave a little calmer during walks. Therefore, for girls, you can purchase jackets and overalls in light positive shades.

Toddlers often fall and strive to actively explore unfamiliar space, so it is better to opt for clothes made of waterproof, breathable fabric. Typically a combination of polyamide and cotton.

It is natural that parents want to buy the highest quality wardrobe item for their child from a reliable manufacturer that has proven itself from the best side.

Popular children's clothing brands in Russia

First of all, it is worth remembering that the more solid the company is, the more it pays attention to a visual demonstration of the quality of its products. Therefore, a jacket from a reputable manufacturer necessarily has small spare parts and a sample of filler.

Several brands are in the greatest demand in Russia:

  • Deux par Deux;
  • Gusti;
  • Didriksons;
  • Jonathan;
  • Huppa;
  • Ketch;
  • Lenne;
  • Kerry;
  • Lassie;
  • Reima;
  • Reima Tec.

To understand why these brands are popular, you should take a quick look at each of them.

Deux par Deux is a Canadian brand that produces demi-season clothing for children of all ages. The advantages of buying goods from this manufacturer are the similarity of the weather conditions of the countries. The company has received numerous awards for the development of luxury clothing, combining great design, excellent quality and relatively affordable cost.

Models are made using fabrics, the structure of which prevents the penetration of dirt and moisture. Jackets and overalls are equipped with functional elements that allow you to adjust the size, as well as fleece lining and special inner skirts with buttons.

Thanks to all these improvements, the Deux par Deux kit will last for several seasons.

Children's demi-season jackets for boys and girls from Gusti, another Canadian brand, are considered one of the best. Polyester, evenly distributed fiber, striking design and breathable waterproof fabrics make the garment incredibly popular and easy to care for. Jackets do not lose their shape and after washing they keep warm well.

Also, all demi jackets are equipped with fleece extras that can be used in especially windy cold weather.

Didriksons is a Swedish brand that focuses on combining comfort and safety. One of the product's differences is special devices for fastening modern media devices and membrane fabrics that remove accumulated internal moisture outside.

Products are made using glued or soldered seams, all fasteners are protected by special valves. Warm models can be adjusted to suit your child's height and weather using removable parts and sizing adjusters.

Jonathan is a famous brand of the Finnish company Jesper Junior. Basically, lines for active children are being developed. Therefore, the clothing has increased durability. Preference is given to natural, safe materials and layering. By purchasing a children's demi-season jacket for a girl or a boy, you can not be afraid of allergies.

The collection has many options in various colors and neutral tones. Additional accessories such as hats, mittens, bibs, liners, etc. are available

Huppa - Nedaan emerging brand from Estonia, which is patronized by Finnish designers. The company is developing a separate style for each age group. The models are distinguished by bold solutions and a bright palette. Seams are reinforced with waterproof tapes. In addition, the entire line of demi-season kits is equipped with reflective elements.

Ketch is a well-known Swedish brand that creates clothes that are not afraid of even harsh weather conditions. These jackets are perfect for both incredibly mobile and often prone to colds kids. Maintenance is incredibly simple - just wipe the dirty areas with a damp sponge to get the kit to its original appearance.

Lenne and Kerry are brands of the same company. The appearance and cost of the models varies significantly depending on the line. On the other hand, the expensive version is decorated with fur trim, made exclusively from natural materials and is perfect for the harsh northern weather.

Lassie and Reima Tec are variations of the Reima brand from Finland. The garment is specially designed for restless toddlers and is highly durable, reliable protection from harsh conditions and easy to clean. Depending on the weather, you can combine the model, since all options are performed using layering.

Knowing which brands are the most popular, it is easy to find the best option for a demi-season jacket for your baby.

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