How To Be The Perfect Lover

How to Become the Perfect Lover?

Many young ladies inexperienced in sex at some point think about how to satisfy their husband in bed. After all, you really want to be not just a sweet and intelligent companion of life, but also an excellent lover.

How to Become the Perfect Lover?

Traditional Puritan upbringing and various complexes often become an obstacle to harmonious sexual relations.

Don't be shy. Only by letting go of fears, you can show yourself as well as possible during sexual games and give a man unearthly pleasure.

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Preparation Stage

Let's be honest: there are many myths about the sexual desires of the stronger sex. If you follow the stereotypes, then to the question of how to satisfy your beloved man in bed, you will receive a simple answer: choose the right posture, actively work on the main erogenous zone - the penis, and do not forget to moan during the process.

Such advice does not take into account an important point: men, like women, expect tenderness and warmth from intimate caresses. It’s important for guys that they are appreciated and that they feel good, not because of gross lust or out of necessity against their own desires. Therefore, before moving on to the main part of the action, pay attention to the preparation for sex and foreplay.

How can you prepare to surprise and please your husband? Here are some ways:

  • take a bath or take a shower before heading to your spouse's bedroom - this way, you will be liberated, wash away the fatigue accumulated during the day, but the right attitude is already half the success;
  • use creams, deodorant and delicate perfumes - these are your helpers in seducing your beloved, as they include tactile sensations (soft silky skin, clean smooth hair) and sense of smell;
  • if your husband has not yet come home from work, you can psychologically prepare for a passionate night of love by reading an erotic book or watching a candid film (no need to be ashamed, because there is nothing shameful in this, you are acting for the good of family relations);
  • look in your wardrobe for seductive underwear: lace panties and stockings will turn the faithful's head and tune in to the right wave, and a silk robe and light negligee will make him forget about any adversity and immediately join the game;
  • regularly practice exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and vagina: squeeze and unclench them alternately, then you can deliver the supa lot of happy emotions.

Want to know how to satisfy a man? The main secret is to understand, first of all, his psychology, and only then his physiology. Try to intuitively feel the mood of your loved one.

How to Become the Perfect Lover?

In one situation, he may be active, craving aggressive caresses and a stunning rhythm, and in another case, he will be tired and upset after work, hoping for relaxation and relative passivity in sex.

An excellent lover will be able to understand by the words, gestures and hints of her beloved what he wants today and how to help him achieve a state of bliss.

Nobody says that you need to completely dissolve in a man and forget about your desires. The all-encompassing sacrifice in intimate relationships will sooner or later lead to their failure. But you can't be selfish in sex, you need a golden mean.

Foreplay is important

A common myth is that guys don't need foreplay, they want to get right to the heart of the matter. If you frankly talk with your male friends on the topic of intimate life, you will understand that men expect tenderness and warmth from mutual affection as well as women.

If the external environment is familiar (you do not fly on a plane or your parents are not visiting you in the next room), few people want sex to go by lightning fast. Cavaliers really get excited faster and easier than ladies, but this does not mean that you need to pedal the process and act according to the principle the faster the better.

On the contrary, it is expected from a competent mistress that she will allow her partner to stretch out the pleasure, will press various buttons on his body, gradually bringing the guy to a state of bliss.

So, one more rule on how to satisfy your husband in bed is: pay attention to foreplay. Make it truly unforgettable, full of tactile sensations and positive emotions.

Here are some tips:

How to Become the Perfect Lover?

  • The foreplay begins long before you're in the bedroom. A subtle compliment, a joke with a sexual connotation, a touch of the hand or a gentle kiss is already the beginning of the game;
  • Even a sexy silk robe can serve as a signal for imminent intimacy. Visual imagery works great on men, includes fantasy and desire. Do you want to knock your husband down, hit on the spot? Forget to put on your panties and secretly let him know that the path is open;
  • Guys love novelty in sex. Create a new look for yourself: a tigress lover, a nurse or school teacher, a helpful geisha or a stylish flight attendant. Remember if you did it in the bathroom, on the kitchen table, on the floor. If not, offer your partner a non-standard option for your couple;
  • Your husband is horny and wants sex here and now. It's time for gentle kisses, nibbling of the ear, erotic massage and the search for erogenous zones throughout the body of a loved one. Pay attention to theaffectionate caress, but you should not delay the process too much. It is important that the spouse relaxes and feels that he is loved. Watch for his signals. You will see if he is already ready to move on to the main course.

What should be kept in mind during sex?

How to satisfy a man for whom you want to be the only lover for the rest of your life? To do this, you will have to learn some of the subtleties of the wisdom of carnal love.

Every aspect of sex play is important:

How to Become the Perfect Lover?

  • Oral sex. Probably not to find a man who would not appreciate a blow job. Learn the technique of oral sex, and you will take your lover to the seventh heaven. Forget about your hands, here you will need to work with your mouth, lips, tongue and even teeth. It is important not to hurt your partner, move slowly but rhythmically, paying attention to different intimate areas.
  • Variety of poses. Take advantage of the comfortable riding position for both partners, when the woman is on top and moves rhythmically, or the famous 69 position, in which lovers caress each other at the same time. You can try the missionary style or partner in the back. Everything is in your hands - experiment!
  • Surrender to feelings, do not hold back. Do you want to moan? Moan. Do you feel like screaming and scratching? Do this, just do not overdo it - you do not need to frighten the unfortunate neighbors, do not scratch your spouse's skin to the point of wounds. Be honest, you don't have to moan if you are not really thinking about sex, but something distracted.
  • Don't be selfish. Try to make sure you both have fun. Listen to your husband's moans, movements and words. Rest assured, he will let you know in what position and how fast to move, whether you are being gentle or too aggressive.
  • Stop chatting in bed. Representatives of the strong half of humanity do not really like conversations when it comes to sex. Spare your spouse, save your outpourings for another occasion. You will still have time to talk after enjoying each other physically. But moans and a light whisper of incoherent words about love will be quite appropriate. Also, feel free to talk if you feel uncomfortable or want to change your posture. You can also use your hands to guide your partner, but quiet commands can help you please your husband.
  • If you are not married for the first year, sex has become insipid and uninteresting, try to diversify your intimate life. Dream up with your husband at your leisure. Ask what he would like to embody in the bedroom with a skillful mistress. Choose those options that are interesting to you, and feel free to experiment. Go to a sex shop and pick up an image for intimate games, buy some accessories. Read books describing oriental techniques seducing a man .

There is no such womanus who couldn't satisfy her husband. As a rule, a little practice and a sincere interest in your spouse lead to the fact that your beloved wife becomes a wonderful experienced lover, with whom you want to live your whole life.

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