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How to approach drying the body correctly?

If you are actively involved in sports, then sooner or later you will surely come across such a process as drying the body. This method is used by many athletes and professional bodybuilders in order to give muscle definition. Let's find out what it is all the same.

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Body Drying Principle

Drying the body for women is a complex consisting of exercises and a special diet aimed at actively burning body fat.

How to approach drying the body correctly?

Many people think that this is also the process of removing fluid from the body, but this is absolutely the wrong approach. When drying the body, muscle mass is not lost - it only acquires a beautiful relief. The main principle of this method is to reduce carbohydrate intake while maintaining physical activity and switching to aerobic activity. In this mode, the body will realize that it does not have enough energy and will begin to expend its fat reserves - and this is what we are trying to achieve.

So let's dwell on this issue in more detail and determine what a woman needs to do in order to perform effective body drying both when working with a trainer and at home.

Before talking about what you need to do to remove excess fat from the body, it should be noted that this method is not allowed for everyone.

The diet can only be used if you do not have the following problems:

  • Diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract;
  • Acute renal failure;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Work that requires high brain activity and increased concentration of attention (in some cases, a diet can have a negative short-term effect, since the body has not yet had time to get used to it);
  • Deficiency of muscle mass.

Body Drying Diet

It's no secret that the success of getting rid of subcutaneous fat is proper nutrition and a skillfully selected diet. However, many women approach this issue incorrectly and choose a fasting diet. This leads to rapid weight loss, but in a short time and not at the expense of fat loss.

As you know, muscle mass breaks down much faster than fatand I. With starvation diets, this is exactly what happens - weight loss by reducing muscle mass. We want the exact opposite result.

The first and most important factor on the way to your goal is proper nutrition. At this point, you need to pay special attention. It is necessary to ensure that the body consumes more carbohydrates than it receives, and all this happens at a high metabolic rate. This is easy to achieve - just split your menu into many small meals.

The diet should be arranged in such a way that by the end its carbohydrates are reduced to a minimum amount. It is worth noting that this is a long process that can last up to one and a half months, and all this time it is necessary to control the amount of calories in food and not forget about physical activity.

harmful products for drying the body

The following is a list of foods that must be categorically excluded from the diet for the period of body drying:

How to approach drying the body correctly?
  1. Foods containing fast carbohydrates. These include all flour and bakery products, sweets and any other food with a high content of sugar and flour;
  2. High fat dairy products. Women cannot completely abandon dairy products, because these are the richest foods in calcium, which is very important for maintaining the integrity of bone tissues and the proper functioning of the body as a whole. However, you should forget about sweet yoghurts and fatty dairy products. You can only eat low-fat milk and the same cottage cheese;
  3. Fatty foods. These include fatty meats, lard, products cooked in oil, etc.

Allowed foods for body drying

For men and women, the list of permitted foods is approximately the same.

The basis of any diet for drying the body is made up of proteins - egg, chicken (breast), low-fat cottage cheese, fish. Also, the menu should include various cereals, pasta and vegetables. In this case, food should not be cooked in oil, but steamed or by cooking.

The following is a sample menu.


  • oatmeal porridge, white of two eggs, tea;
  • protein omelet, low fat milk;
  • water-boiled buckwheat porridge, one boiled egg.

Any breakfast can include vegetables and permitted fruits, some dried fruits (no more than 1 time per week).


  • boiled chicken (breast) and cucumber salad;
  • boiled beef and vegetable salad of pepper and parsley;
  • fish soup, fish, tomato and cucumber salad;
  • boiled or stewed squid and salad;
  • mushroom soup, boiled chicken breast and salad;
  • steamed fish and vegetables

There are various variations on the theme of meals for women during body drying. The main thing is to remember the basic rules. Meat and pThe yba should be boiled or stewed. Salads should contain no more than two or three types of vegetables and be exactly vegetable. Soups should be low-fat.


How to approach drying the body correctly?
  • boiled fish;
  • curd;
  • salad;
  • soup.

The rules are the same as for lunch.


  • stewed fish with cabbage;
  • cottage cheese with kefir;
  • buckwheat and chicken breast.

In any case, dinner should have a minimum proportion of carbohydrates, and even better, if they are not at all.

In addition, the daily menu should include at least 2 liters of water. Food should be excluded 2 hours before training and for the same period after.

time to dry the body

6 weeks is the approximate duration of body drying, so get ready to work on yourself for a long time.

2 g per 1 kg - this amount of carbohydrates is allowed for consumption in the first 2 weeks of drying. That is, just multiply your body weight by 2 and you get the desired value.

less than 1 g per 1 kg - this amount of carbohydrates is allowed for consumption by the end of the diet.

50% is the amount of protein in the daily diet.

20% is the amount of fat in the daily diet.

30% is the amount of carbohydrates in the daily diet.

Women's mistakes during drying

First, the complete elimination of carbohydrates from the daily menu. This is unacceptable because the body needs fuel to function properly. As a result, this will lead to the fact that by introducing carbohydrates back into the daily diet, you will give your body a signal to accelerate the deposition of fatty tissues in case of a new fast.

Secondly, aerobic training until exhaustion. For most women, even strength training is the same cardio load, only aimed at endurance. Therefore, it is worthwhile to control your exercises well in order to prevent burning of muscle mass and other problems that may arise in the female body.

Body Drying Workout

As already mentioned many times, you need to exclude food intake 2 hours before training and during the same time after.

Aerobic exercise is best for removing fat from the body. The beauty of this method is that you don't have to sweat in the gym, but you can go out to practice in the fresh air - in the park, for example.

Running, cycling, swimming, kicking, etc. give excellent results.

In addition, doing any kind of active sport or hobby - skiing, skating, rollerblading, etc., will be an excellent load.

How to approach drying the body correctly?

If you are a young mother and do not have a lot of free time, then you can combine training with classes with your child - all kinds of outdoor games. If your child still walks only in a stroller, then add a stepand walking at that pace is also a great cardio workout.

For those who prefer classes in the gym, fitness aerobics, dance aerobics are excellent helpers.

If you like dancing, it is fashionable to choose active dance directions and practice, combining them with basic training.

For those women who prefer power loads, there is also a special style of training. It consists in reducing the weight being lifted, but at the same time increasing the number of approaches and performing them more intensely. Do not forget about the benefits of a treadmill, exercise bike and ellipsoid.

Body drying is a process that can be turned into pleasure. The key is not to focus on the tipping points. Although the diet with this regime does not differ in variety, you can turn your attention to the variety of possible workouts that will not lock you in the four walls of the gym.

Although daily training is not recommended, you can alternate it with much less aerobic activity, such as walking or hiking, to achieve great results. A short weekend hike will do the trick.

To achieve the best result, remember not only that there is the right menu, but also about sports nutrition. Among them you can find one that is specially created for drying the body. Go to your goal - and you will succeed!

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