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How to achieve this goal?

The birth of a new person brings hope to this world that he will become happy and will be able to achieve a high goal in life, no matter how difficult, no matter how the road to the top was not a thorny one.

As a child, we dream of becoming astronauts or firefighters, doctors or builders. But as a rule, few achieve the goal.

How to achieve this goal?

Of course, this happens primarily because at a young age a person still does not understand what he really wants from life.

Schoolchildren who have to choose a university and a further direction in education, it is often difficult to understand their inclinations and abilities, it is not easy to decide on a future profession.

How to achieve your goal if you are not completely sure that it will bring you happiness? It turns out that first of all it is important to decide where to go, and only secondarily - to act.

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Clarifying our goals

Before you outline a clear plan for how to achieve your goal, you need to formulate it correctly. The desired result should appear before your inner eye with a concrete picture.

A smart target must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be specific. It's not enough to say to myself: I want to lose weight. If at the same time a person loses, for example, 3 kilograms, will this be the achievement of the planned? Will such a result bring satisfaction? It is much more practical to write down a clear and specific task on a piece of paper, for example: you need to weigh 55 kg for your birthday on such and such a date, so that the red dress fits like a glove.
  • Weigh how important the fulfillment of this desire is for your life. If you are passionate about reaching new heights, you will sooner get what you want. It makes no sense to set tasks, the solution of which will not bring pleasure.
  • It would be good to break down large and long-term tasks that you set for yourself into subtasks. Only in this way, with small steps, you can reach the top. It often happens that a person dreams of something, but does not bother to think about where he needs to start. This leads to the fact that the desired remains unattainable.
  • Better to set challenging but realistic goals. The point is that each person has their own launching pad. Tasks that do not take into account the realities of life can only demotivate the unlucky dreamer. Assess all the pros and cons, the main difficulties on the way to what you want, and only then begin to realizepull out your plan.
  • Finally, everything in our life must happen on time. How to achieve your goal if you are sick, and the task requires physical strength, or you are in the process of learning, and you do not have the necessary skills to realize your desire? Sometimes it's better to wait for the right moment and only then act.

There is a great trick to help you focus on a task and attract positive energy. This is visualization. Let a photo, a magazine clipping or a picture remind you of your desire all the time before your eyes.

Next to the picture, let the wording be written in words: what, in what time frame, with what result you want to achieve.

You need to understand that the task that a person sets before himself in life should be significant enough and, perhaps, even seem unattainable. It is impossible to get something really meaningful without leaving your comfort zone.

actions towards the goal

How to achieve this goal?

You have thought in detail what you want. Now the question arises how to achieve your goal. If we are talking about some important achievement in life, you cannot do without a strategy. It is necessary to draw up an action plan, specifying the intermediate tasks. As soon as it becomes clear what the next step needs to be taken, it is better to act immediately, without waiting for Monday, the first day or New Year.

The path consists of small steps that must be taken slowly but surely.

There is a phrase to eat an elephant. If the task is difficult and seems overwhelming, it is recommended to break it into small pieces and eat the elephant piece by piece. Thus, an initially impossible, seemingly, task can be mastered over time.

The most difficult and unpleasant tasks are recommended by time management experts in the morning, when a person is full of strength and energy. By the evening, the motivation to do difficult things usually decreases.

In order to reach heights in life, you have to struggle daily with the desire to postpone important things until tomorrow. But they must be done in the first place in order to achieve the goal as quickly as possible.

Years pass, and if you don't leave your comfort zone, start working on yourself and take real steps towards your dream, it can remain a beacon in the distance.

Don't get distracted by goals

If you are determined to get the desired result - to go to study abroad, learn how to drive a car, or perhaps get married - it is important to concentrate on the desired picture.

When a plan of action is developed, it is very important not to be distracted and stick to the chosen line of behavior. Only hard work will help you achieve victory.

Obstacles can appear at the most inopportune moment, taking away the strength, time and resources so necessary to fight. At this time, it is important to be able to give up unnecessary throwing, concentrate on the goal and, as quickly as possible, overcome barriers.

time management tips forgoals

There is a whole area of ​​business training called time management. Coaching advice is also great for personal time scheduling. With the tips of the time management gurus, you can make your dream come true.

Here are some good guidelines:

How to achieve this goal?

  • be able to say no if you are asked to do something that conflicts with your strategy for success;
  • try to refuse to do unimportant and non-urgent matters;
  • delegate those tasks that are not important for you, but urgently need to be completed: let the child walk the dog, the subordinate will prepare a report, the husband will take the child from the kindergarten;
  • jot down a to-do list for the day on a piece of paper, prioritize important and urgent tasks;
  • leave part of the day unplanned, as no one is immune from force majeure;
  • draw energy and motivation from the biographies of famous people: notice their extraordinary actions that set them apart from the crowd and allowed them to reach heights;
  • enlist the support of loved ones and friends: the more people you tell about your dream, the more likely it is that you will receive unexpected help in the form of valuable advice, start-up capital or the opportunity to act in a given direction;
  • do not forget about the importance of short-term intermediate results, do not hope for a lucky break, as not everyone has it in life;
  • don't be afraid to reconsider your desires; it is quite possible that over time the dream of becoming an astronaut will lose its relevance, it will be replaced by a more adequate and suitable one in terms of abilities and aspirations;
  • it is sometimes difficult to achieve success without risk; make difficult decisions to see significant results;
  • experimenting will be good for the cause, because the lack of action is much worse than a mistake;
  • try to get rid of distractions while you are doing something important: turn off your phone, ask colleagues not to bother you at certain times, teach family members not to ask you for help at these times.

It's so nice to dream. It is even more pleasant to see the result of your actions and be proud of your achievements! Each of us has the strength to do great things. And even if it is not easy for everyone to define their mission in life, everyone is obliged to search for it. Otherwise, a person's path becomes a waste of time.

Achievements define personality. Creating a family, giving birth to children and grandchildren, creativity, career, charity - these are the milestones that make our lives meaningful and happy. Therefore, you need to discard laziness and throw all your strength into achieving a meaningful and important goal.

Planning, punctuality and willpower are your helpers!

How To Achieve Your Goals

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