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How the dudes dressed

Not so long ago, the movie Hipsters was released, which allowed modern youth to plunge into the atmosphere of 50-60 -s. The popularity of the once widespread and forbidden style today is such that it has become fashionable to host themed parties, reviving the image of the stylish in clothes and demeanor.

How the styles appeared

How the dudes dressed

At that time, Western fashion trends began to seep into the Soviet Union. Soviet youth was shocked by the relaxedness of the West and quickly picked up ideas. This concerned not only freedom of speech, but also freedom of dress.

The news coming from the USA has become especially relevant. Each film was watched several times, and the clothes of the characters were carefully copied. Do not think that the emergence of a new subculture has gone unnoticed. Styles were reprimanded by right-minded youth representatives, expelled from the Komsomol, expelled from the walls of higher institutions. Parents watched closely how their offspring dressed.

However, the style that defies monotonous everyday life did not diminish its popularity. In most cases, fashionistas openly wore rather ridiculous costumes, used words like dude and chucha. In this they found an outlet that allowed them to somehow show their individuality.

If initially the trend spread among representatives of the golden youth, who have more opportunities to get acquainted with Western culture, gradually less intelligent and educated people began to join the ranks of the dudes. This has led to the style gradually losing the meaning of the protest.

Mass has ruined the style. Soon, the Soviet industry began to produce a limited range of products that vaguely resembled wardrobe items used by dudes.

9 Signs of How Styles Wore

The youth style was so bright that it was not difficult to recognize it.

Against the background of light summer dresses and modest shirts of a strict cut, the style of dressing the dandies could quite pass for a parrot one:

How the dudes dressed
  • Elected youth representatives promoted joy and life satisfaction. Not surprisingly, they used a real riot of colors in their dressing style. At the same time, different colors could contrast sharply and cut the eyes. The combination of three or more colors was considered normal and disharmony did not cause embarrassment at all;
  • Printed fabrics were widely used. Particularly popularThey used prints in the form of stripes, large peas, and cages. Since it was not recommended to dress in the style of dandies, the drawing was sometimes truly flashy. For example, a black dress with white polka dots with a prominent bright scarlet petticoat. Men could well have dressed up in a jacket of a rich yellow color with a green check, from under which the collar of a pink shirt peeped out;
  • The style of how the male dudes dressed, as a rule, included tight trousers, popularly called pipes . Women's outfits were more diverse - skirts and dresses with crinolines, petticoats, the length of which sometimes barely covered the knees. At the same time, bodycon dresses and belts of contrasting color came into fashion;
  • It was important for dudes to have elegant shoes. Men preferred semolina - boots with rubber soles and contrasting laces, with a neatly rounded toe. Women's sandals were sure to have a bright palette with a small heel;
  • One of the most condemned wardrobe items is stockings with a seam at the back. It was incredibly difficult to acquire such a detail. Therefore, women of fashion of those times, going to a party, often drew a seam on their legs, and then put on simple stockings. By the way, this was a certain advantage. The seam did not twist during movement, and there was no need to be afraid that the symmetry would be broken during the dance;
  • Any clothing must be complemented with accessories. The girls adorned themselves with bright multi-colored jewelry. Large beads made of round beads of the same color and size were in fashion. The most suitable accessory for men was a flashy herring tie with a pattern;
  • It is impossible to imagine how the girl's dudes dressed and looked, if you omit such a detail as the hairstyle. Highly raised curls, a ribbon in a contrasting color, or hair neatly styled with a crown of the world with a smooth bangs, exquisitely complemented the overall look. Strong and no less stylish floor was worn by cook ;
  • The hat was an indispensable attribute of that time. Depending on the gender, the dudes paid tribute to straw, felt, velor hats, which could be one-color or embroidered with colored patterns;
  • The unsurpassed art of catchy, but not vulgar makeup, distinguished girls of fashion at that time. Thick hblack eyeliner, a layer of mascara visible from afar, and pink or red lipstick have become the standard for a long time.

It became more and more prestigious to dress in the latest fashion. Therefore, over time, certain elements of the image became quite familiar and did not cause sharp denial.

In addition, it became easier to breathe in the Soviet Union. Stylish youth grew up, and their children found new idols to follow and gradually forgot how the dudes dressed.

Signs of this style are considered relevant today. Using the description of how the dudes dressed for the party, it will not be difficult for modern youth to copy the image. And if you have doubts about the correctness of the chosen wardrobe, you can always consult with your grandparents. Surely, at least one of them was a real dandy.

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