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How is the sanatorium useful for pregnant women?

Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the sanatorium, and if so, why? If there is no threat of miscarriage, then the sanatorium for pregnant women is the place where a woman will carry her baby in ideal conditions.

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Why pregnant to go to a sanatorium?

How is the sanatorium useful for pregnant women?

At home and at work, even if the environment radiates only positive energy, it is impossible to be always calm. During pregnancy, the sensitivity of the nervous system is exacerbated, and even small troubles can lead to a nervous breakdown.

In addition, no one exempts from everyday household chores, which now require a lot of power and time, communication with others, which is not always positive. And the city air is saturated with toxic compounds that are not very useful for the development of the future fetus.

Expectant mothers in the sanatorium live in comfort and silence, protected from overload and stressful situations. In addition, most medical institutions are located in ecologically clean areas, which increases the comfort of a sanatorium rest.

How to get to the sanatorium

Whether or not pregnant women should have a sanatorium is decided by a special commission of the Ministry of Health. The doctor of the consultation where the pregnant woman is observed can only recommend a spa treatment. He has nothing to do with issuing a free ticket.

Most often women are sent for rehabilitation in a satisfactory condition after undergoing inpatient treatment.

The duration of the voucher is at least 21 days, this is the time the recovery program is designed for. The free voucher includes accommodation, meals, the cost of the prescribed procedures. If the treatment is prophylactic or the woman wants to receive additional services, she can pay extra from her own funds.

A working woman with a gestational age of 12 to 30 weeks can go to a sanatorium, provided that there is no threat of miscarriage, but the diagnosis is at risk.

While in the sanatorium, a certificate of temporary disability is issued, which is paid in accordance with the established procedure. An extract from the spa card is brought to the antenatal clinic, where they are observed during pregnancy.

The decision on how a pregnant woman can get to a sanatorium is made by the social insurance fund at the place of her territorial residenceania. If there is a lack of budget funds, free treatment may be denied.

Which sanatorium are pregnant women sent to

There are special medical institutions only for pregnant women and sanatoriums, in which a special program has been developed to support the health of expectant mothers.

The staff of the medical institution includes psychologists and obstetricians-gynecologists - the latter are prepared to act in emergency situations.

You can take older children or other family members with you to most medical complexes. Of course, you will have to pay for their accommodation yourself.

Programs for pregnant women in the sanatorium include:

  • talking to a psychotherapist or psychologist;
  • prenatal training courses;
  • breathing exercises;
  • complexes of various physiotherapy;
  • exercise therapy classes.

Specially developed nutrition for expectant mothers, taking into account the special condition.

Which sanatorium can a pregnant woman go to, if there are several institutions with similar specifics, the doctor decides. The choice is justified by several factors:

  • history of diseases;
  • the opportunity to travel with maximum comfort;
  • how long will the treatment take;
  • range of services.

Indications and contraindications for spa treatment

The following conditions and diseases are indications for referral to rest and rehabilitation in a sanatorium:

How is the sanatorium useful for pregnant women?
  • hormonal imbalances of various types;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • treatment of placental insufficiency;
  • lack of water or polyhydramnios;
  • lack of weight;
  • catastrophically increasing body weight;
  • late or early pregnancy;
  • a history of uncomplicated uterine fibroids;
  • uncomplicated anemia that does not pose a threat to gestation;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs in stable remission;
  • a history of fetal malnutrition;
  • vegetative or neurocircular dystonia;
  • uncomplicated malformations of the uterus or postoperative scar on it.

Contraindications for spa treatment are:

  • over 30 weeks of pregnancy;
  • threat of miscarriage for any reason;
  • late gestosis;
  • acute and chronic diseases;
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • pregnancy with complications.
  • severe or late toxicosis.

All of these conditions - except for exceeding the gestational age - require constant medical supervision or inpatient treatment.

Maternity treatments

What procedures for pregnant women are usually offered in the sanatorium?

The following items have no contraindications during pregnancyProcedures:

How is the sanatorium useful for pregnant women?
  • Therapeutic gymnastics of various types, specially designed for a particular condition: yoga, Pilates, water aerobics. If you managed to get into a sanatorium, which has a pool, you should not give up water aerobics. These exercises most effectively relieve the muscles of the musculoskeletal system, calm the nervous system, and strengthen the muscles necessary for future labor;
  • Pregnant women are offered to drink herbal teas and oxygen cocktails, which have a tonic effect and increase immunity;
  • Massage treatments are limited to head, legs and chest massage;
  • Restricted dry salt baths, during which feet walk on coarse salt;
  • Of physiotherapy, only electrophoresis is allowed;
  • Procedures in the hydropathic establishment are prescribed taking into account the diseases present in the anamnesis.

Procedures using currents of different purity are strictly prohibited. A woman can make a decision to visit the spa, sauna and steam bath only after consulting a doctor who monitors the course of pregnancy, who will adequately assess her health.

If the sanatorium has been established, but for some reason it was not possible to get into it, you should not be upset. Surely at the place of residence there are dispensaries and health groups that help pregnant women to cope with the difficult period and prepare for childbirth.

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