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How is deep bikini waxing different from classic shaving?

A procedure called deep bikini is becoming more and more popular every day, but still not everyone knows what a deep concept means. Girls want to look well-groomed every day, not just on the beaches. But conventional depilation is time-consuming and has a short-term effect. At the most inopportune moment, the girl remembers that not all parts of her body are perfect, so she has to change her plans.

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What is it?

How is deep bikini waxing different from classic shaving?

Hair removal is not only an aesthetic issue, but also a concern for personal hygiene. While the process is painful, the result is worth the sacrifice. What is the difference between a deep bikini and a classic one?

Many girls have heard about this procedure, but not everyone knows what the concept of deep bikini means. Deep hair removal means that hair will be removed from the entire crotch and even from the crease between the buttocks. But before signing up for the procedure, check the details of its implementation in a particular salon.

Deep hair removal is divided into types:

  • Removing with wax;
  • Shugaring;
  • Brazilian hair removal.

The most popular is waxing. After it, the woman has smooth and clean skin, hairs do not grow for a very long time. But these are not its only advantages.

The pros of wax

Wax hair removal has undeniable advantages over other procedures. The bikini area stays smooth for quite some time, up to four weeks. It depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the hormonal background of the woman.

A deep bikini differs from a classic shave in that the hairs that grow back after epilation are very soft and sparse. With each procedure, they become less and less, they are weak and light. There is no such stiff stubble that occurs after shaving with an epilator, so a woman is not ashamed to show her deep bikini area to her partner.

The wax removes dead cells, exfoliates the top layer of the skin, so the skin becomes soft and velvety.

How to get ready?

How is deep bikini waxing different from classic shaving?

Before going to the salon, you mustmake sure the master has experience, guarantees quality and safety.

Visit a dermatologist or cosmetologist - he will determine if there are any contraindications, tell you how to take care of your skin.

The procedure is traumatic, so a few days before it should be limited to staying without swimming trunks in the sun or in a solarium.

Just before your procedure, shower or use intimate tissues to keep the area clean.

Are there any contraindications?

Epilation is not done if the following diseases are observed:

  • Acute genital herpes;
  • Elevated blood sugar;
  • Damaged skin in the perineum;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Hair too short;
  • Allergic reactions.

How is the procedure going?

How do you make a deep bikini? The girl must completely free the lower body from the clothes. The procedure is performed on a cosmetology couch, all items must be disposable: napkins, sheets, gloves, spatulas.

Hair is removed with hot wax. It is desirable that its heating takes place in front of the client. Its temperature can be from 55 to 600 degrees. Thanks to this, it grabs the hairs tightly and removes them efficiently and not so painfully.

How is deep bikini waxing different from classic shaving?

Before getting down to business, the master applies a special lotion to the skin, and then sprinkles the skin with talcum powder. Only then can the wax be applied. It is better to do this with a wooden spatula in the direction of hair growth. When distributing wax, the master must perform all movements with pressure. It must be removed against growth. When waxing, keep in mind that hairs can grow in different directions.

To reduce discomfort, the master pulls the skin with one hand, and then with a sharp movement rips off the wax. This will give you better epilation.

After the procedure, a cream with a cooling effect should be applied to the skin. It will soothe, reduce irritation, reduce redness and help the skin recover faster.

Do you need pain relief?

Many girls are very difficult to endure epilation, because the skin in this place is sensitive, especially near the labia. The first procedure is the most painful, and with subsequent sensations dull.

If a woman does not tolerate pain well, then the master can use external anesthetics: Anestol , Lidocaine , Emla . Half an hour before the procedure, you can drink Tempalgin or Ibuprofen - they will reduce discomfort, but do not forget about side effects and contraindications to these drugs.

There are a few little tricks to make the discomfort less pronounced:

How is deep bikini waxing different from classic shaving?
  • It is better to carry out deep hair removal in the first week of the cycle - at this time the highest pain threshold;
  • Tune in positive;
  • Before epilation, have a good rest and sleep. Stress lowers pain threshold;
  • In a few days, start following a plant-milk diet so that the internal environment of the body becomes alkaline - so it will be easier to endure pain;
  • Take a deep breath as the master rips off the wax.

Can I do it myself?

The procedure is quite simple, so some women do it on their own. But the labia area and the fold between the buttocks are areas where hair removal is difficult. If the manipulations are carried out incorrectly or carelessly, the pain can be very severe. At home it is better to practice on a deep bikini with an epilator - it is less traumatic and less painful.

If a woman wants to correct the vegetation, but there is no way to visit the master, you can resort to using cold wax. It is sold in tubes, cans or strips. Before use, carefully read the instructions and carefully follow all conditions.

What to do after?

How is deep bikini waxing different from classic shaving?

At first, the skin will be irritated, there may be painful sensations, redness. It is better to come to epilation in the evening so that you can put on loose underwear and go to bed.

On the first day, it is worth giving up the hot bath and sauna, because the red dots will become even more noticeable. The skin needs to be scrubbed so that the hairs do not grow in. Ointments with calendula or chamomile soothe and relieve irritation. On the third day, treat with a mild scrub and then apply a moisturizer.

The following side effects may occur after the procedure:

  • Minor burns;
  • Light skin lesions;
  • Irritated;
  • Small hematomas;
  • Ingrown hairs.

If you take a responsible approach to choosing a master, then such consequences can be avoided.

You will forget about unpleasant stubble and daily shaving forever. But remember that it is not recommended to do a deep bikini at home, as it can injure the skin.

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