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How important is sleep?

How important is sleep in a person's life? If you distribute the vital components vertically, there will be air at the very top, since without it a person cannot live even a few minutes. In second place will be water. Without moisture, a person can live a maximum of 3-4 days. Night rest takes the third position. Science has proven that having lost it, a person dies in 5-6 days.

Therefore, we can safely say that this is one of the vital human functions.

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What is the use sleep

How important is sleep?
  1. People who have regular and long rest are less prone to colds and depression;
  2. Fitness trainers are convinced that for those looking to shed a few extra pounds, the first thing to do is get enough sleep. Therefore, the correct metabolism also depends on how much time you spend at night;
  3. Has a beneficial effect on the entire nervous system and has a positive effect on the brain;
  4. People who get enough sleep are more attractive in appearance.

How sleep works

Even at night, at rest, the brain does not turn off, but continues to be active. This theory was helped to prove by tests aimed at studying brain biorhythms.

Thanks to such studies, scientists have been able to determine that recreation is divided into two categories:

How important is sleep?
  • slow sleep, it is also called deep sleep. During this period, the active growth of the whole organism takes place, and the nervous system at this time is in a state of maximum rest;
  • fast is needed so that the brain can organize and organize all the information received during the day. In scientific circles, this part of the night's rest is called paradoxical. The person is asleep, and the brain is active.

Science has begun to study this issue relatively recently, so there are still many unresolved points.

But a fairly large amount of information has already been investigated. For example, scientists have proven that the duration of basic rest in a person directly depends on the state of his nervous system and age.

So let's say, in infants, the sleep phases have a duration of 13-14 hours out of 24 per diem. For people aged 25 to 50, the time for rest is already 7-9 hours. For older people, 5-6 hours is enough. The older a person becomes, the less timehe spends money on rest. And some even begin to suffer from chronic lack of sleep.

Violation of the night rest regime can occur for two reasons:

  • Psychological internal imbalance.
  • Physiological disorders in the normal functioning of the human body.

Physiological disorder, in other words chronic lack of sleep, can have very serious consequences in the future, namely:

How important is sleep?
  • already after 1 week of chronic lack of sleep, brain function is reduced by 30%;
  • oxidative processes gradually begin to occur in the brain, which lead to the destruction of the organ or the formation of malignant tumors;
  • the cardiovascular system suffers;
  • after 1-2 years of lack of sleep, irreversible consequences occur in the nervous system, which lead to chronic lack of sleep.

Therefore, if you systematically deprive your body of the hours it needs to rest, you need to urgently change the situation before it's too late. In order for a symptom like lack of sleep to start bothering you as late as possible, you must follow some rules.

Night rest hygiene

Chronic lack of sleep, according to statistics, affects approximately 8% of people inhabiting the globe. A higher propensity for this problem is observed in people who have reached the age of 50. This is due to the fact that nerve cells, so to speak, have their own service life .

To ensure that your sleep is not interrupted, follow these rules before resting at night:

How important is sleep?
  • it is advisable to stop eating in 3-4 hours. At night, the metabolism is at rest;
  • control your drinking regime. Thus, you will protect yourself from the possibility of getting up at night to relieve natural needs;
  • 1-2 hours before bedtime, try to finish watching TV and working at the computer. If the body requires intellectual food, read a book;
  • ventilate your rest area, fill it with oxygen;
  • psychologists recommend sleeping in darkness and silence. Forget about the addiction of falling asleep under the TV;
  • there is a misconception that for deep dreams it is better to drink a little alcohol, it is not. The effect of alcoholic beverages disrupts the natural phases of sleep, and such rest will not benefit the body;
  • for a person suffering from insomnia, strict adherence to the time regimen during which he falls asleep is more effective than taking sedatives.

If you have frequent nightmares, this indicates a malfunction in the cardiovascular system.

Based on the above, we can conclude that night rest is health, and in order for us to feelGet yourself well and were full of strength and energy, you need to get enough sleep. Unfortunately, at this time, not everyone can afford the luxury of going to bed early. Therefore, the morning awakening for most people turned into a real torture. To solve this problem, the smart alarm clock was invented.

Alarm clock

How important is sleep?

In order for your morning to always start cheerfully and in a good mood, a smart alarm clock was invented that controls the phases of sleep. Since the time of night rest is conventionally divided into two parts - this is the phase of REM sleep and the slow one, the distinguishing feature of the smart alarm clock from the outdated analogue we are used to is that it can calculate the phases of a person's sleep. All you need to do is set a time period during which you need to wake up, and the alarm clock will choose the right moment for this.

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, the device can determine when the human body is in the active phase. Therefore, with the help of such an alarm clock, waking up is soft and comfortable.

At the moment, there are two stationary types of such smart devices:

  • AXbo;
  • Sleeptracker.

AXbo does not differ in appearance from a regular electronic alarm clock. But this is only outwardly. It is equipped with two touch sensors that detect human movement. Based on the data obtained, the calculation is carried out. Also included are two wrist bracelets. The alarm clock emits sound signals, and the bracelet creates a slight vibration, this is guaranteed to help a person get out of sleep on time. The disadvantage of such a model is a rather high price.

How important is sleep?

Sleeptracker looks like a wristwatch. Depending on the manufacturer, it can have a function such as transferring information to a mobile phone or laptop. It also makes calculations based on the number of movements that a person performs per night. The model is convenient for travelers and people with an active lifestyle. The price depends on the model and its capabilities. Apps for smartphones are gaining more and more popularity, which work on a similar principle.

To do this, at the initial stage, a spreadsheet is filled and, then, for several days, the data must be continued to be recorded. Based on these readings, the application will calculate the time phase table of a person's sleep and the optimal time for him to wake up. Such programs are free and generally available.

But here, too, there is a minus and it is very significant. As soon as the phone enters lock mode, the app will automatically shut down. All modern androids have one common weakness - batteries. Therefore, if you opt for an electronic application, you will in any case need to keep the phone on charge all night, which is not always convenient.

Considering the aboveThe following tips will help you sleep sound and healthy. And your awakening will be easy and natural.

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