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How can you travel around Europe by car?

A car is no longer a luxury and not only a means of transportation. For especially dedicated motorists, this is already like a family member, with whom it is difficult to part, even on vacation. If you are one of them and have already traveled across the vastness of your homeland, as they say, up and down it's time to pave the way to Europe. But, before taking a road trip through Europe, let's dispel some myths.

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People who have never traveled in this way mistakenly believe that it is only suitable for those people who just want to save money on vacation. This is far from the case. Traveling by car is very often more expensive for tourists than regular package tours.

How can you travel around Europe by car?

There are many toll roads in Europe, and if you add parking and refueling a vehicle to this, then for a tour you can run up a decent amount and this is only for travel.

Complete freedom of movement and action. I wanted to turn - turned. Where he wished, he stopped there. If you want - sleep in a tent, if you want - in a car. In fact, everything is much more prosaic. In order to obtain a travel visa, you need to draw up an automobile travel route. What it is? This is a detailed itinerary for your trip. Where are the details of the places you plan to visit, the hotels where you will stay.

Not only that, hotels should not be easy to book, but also paid for! Western Europe is already tired of people who illegally try to cross the border and are very reluctant to open a visa for people who cannot accurately indicate the time of their return to their homeland.

Vehicles that are called Soviet times are not allowed abroad. Or rather, they are not allowed there. Of course, this has not been officially confirmed. And if you bring your Muscovite to such a state that it can correspond to certain frames, then - please. But I want to note that the path is not short, it can be thousands of kilometers.

How can such a load be reflected on the vehicle? And it is unlikely that in the suburbs of London or Paris there will be spare parts for Muscovite .

Stocking up gasolinem in advance, so that there is enough for the whole trip and a little more. And again a mistake. As the experience of experienced auto travelers shows, European countries such as Germany and France will offer you gasoline at a more pleasant price than, say, Poland and Hungary. There is no need to talk about Russia.

Border guards with a particular bias will search your personal belongings in search of prohibited goods. Usually, residents of border zones who constantly wander from one country to another, clearly not for tourist purposes, are subjected to such a procedure.

Myths have been dispelled. And if you want to travel by car, it's time to start preparing.

create a travel itinerary by car

Use the guidebooks from the series ... eleven places worth visiting , or you can use, so to speak, already beaten path precisely with the help of motorists, travelers who are happy to share their impressions on forums on the Internet.

There you can ask all your questions and get comprehensive answers to them. Information about the quality of roads and the performance of repair work on them is of particular value. After all, you need to accurately calculate the time you plan to spend on the road. Once the route has been drawn up, it's time to take care of your accommodation.

Choosing a hotel by car

Again, the Internet will provide you with an irreplaceable service, such sites as booking hotels and many others will offer you a complete and detailed list of hotels and introduce you to the pricing policy for them. You can also book and pay for a room without leaving your home.

Before choosing a particular hotel, I suggest carefully reading the reviews of people who have already had the pleasure of being there and were able to experience all the delights of the service for themselves.

After you cross the border, the most important thing is to stick to your travel schedule. If you, due to the fact that you decided to stay for a day in one of the picturesque European villages, arrived at the hotel one day late, get ready for the fact that you will have to pay a good amount.

This is especially true for the autumn season. It is in the fall that a number of exhibitions are held in Europe, which attract people from all over the world. And hoteliers, taking advantage of this, do not hesitate to double prices for hotel rooms.

Car Travel Budget

The costs of the trip itself are your main budget:

  • gasoline;
  • auto maintenance;
  • possible penalties;
  • toll;
  • food;
  • accommodation;
  • cultural program.

Having analyzed each line of expenses point by point, feel free to double the amount, this will be your budget. Be sure to take a plastic card with you to store your emergency supply.

Documents for travel by car

Insurance, registration certificate, international law - these are the most important documents that you should always have with you.

A passport with an already pasted visa is not even negotiable. Speaking of a visa, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you need to apply for a visa in the country where you plan to stay the longest.

Mandatory documents include:

How can you travel around Europe by car?
  • medical insurance;
  • a foreign passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months;
  • Green Card vehicle insurance;
  • international driving license;
  • certificate that the vehicle is registered;
  • the entire set of medical insurance documents for travel participants.

It is advisable to have with you:

  • papers confirming the hotel reservation;
  • photocopies of all pages of the passport and driver's license.

There are also a number of requirements for the car.

The following things must be present in the car:

  • car first aid kit;
  • emergency stop sign;
  • active fire extinguisher;
  • rope;
  • bulbs for headlights and lanterns;
  • spare wheel;
  • tread depth not less than 4 mm;

Vehicle must not have:

  • mechanical damage to the body;
  • glass cracks;
  • if the car has tinting, remove it, if it is factory go to the service station, let them take it off;
  • radar detector;

Follow the rules:

  • If you entered the territory of Hungary, you must remember that regardless of the time of day, the dipped headlights must be on;
  • Poland daytime running lights, from October 1 to April 1;
  • Be sure to turn on the headlights when moving in tunnels;
  • Seat belt must be fastened;
  • It is prohibited to use a mobile phone while driving;
  • Children under the age of 12 can only be transported in a car seat.

For those who already have a car trip across Europe, this is a passed option. Then maybe it's time to travel around the world.

Drive around the world

According to people who have already made a trip around the world, not in their dreams, but in reality, a period of the year is considered optimal for preparing for such a big trip. Of course, it is difficult to calculate everything in advance, so when planning your trip, concentrate first of all on the key points.

The main criteria for your car should be reliability and enduranceawn. The most popular car brands are Mitsubishi L 200 and Toyota Land Cruiser. Why exactly are they? It's simple: on the road you don't have to worry about finding an additional set of spare parts for your car, since these cars are indestructible.

Now the route. No matter how carefully you plan it, you still need to create a temporary gap just in case. Or use the advice seasoned .

How can you travel around Europe by car?

Kitchen. I want to warn you right away that you need to be very careful with the local national cuisine. Since you are travelers, your body, and in particular your stomach, may not be ready for gastronomic experiments. Therefore, when tasting the local cuisine, find out in advance what it is made of.

When packing for the trip, you don't need to calm yourself down with the phrase well, we won't carry it in our hands and cheerfully fill the trunk with unnecessary trash. Follow the calendar and let minimalism be your watchword. When choosing things, keep in mind that they should be washed well and in which case you could part with them without unnecessary sentimental emotions.

And remember during its existence the world has changed, now such an element as clothing can be bought everywhere, even in the most seemingly untouched by civilization places. Wish you a pleasant trip!

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