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How can a woman sort out her feelings?

A woman is the only creature who is inherent in her whole life to doubt the correctness of her choice. Life constantly offers an ever richer assortment of men, professions, lifestyles, styles and other options for improving the existence, which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to make the only right decision.

How can a woman sort out her feelings?

But rushing from one temptation to another is also not an option. After all, if you can somehow agree with the exchange of a skirt or a car, then this method will not work with the choice of a life partner.

Those women who are confident in their emotions and feelings may well consider themselves completely happy, which cannot be said about those who are piled with doubts, reflections and assumptions every day.

How to sort out your feelings, test them for strength and not let your life go to waste? Read about all this (and not only) in this publication.

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Where from do you need to understand feelings?

Often, girls, especially young ones, confuse emotions and feelings for a person, which provokes false love. Basically, it occurs when, among a noisy and large company, a young man with the makings of a leader chooses only one lady, which is incredibly flattering to her.

But can this cause real and lasting affection for many years? Or is such attention just a chance to feel your uniqueness and exclusivity?

Almost the same difficult situation is inherent in couples who have been in a marriage union for many years. How to independently figure out your feelings for your husband, if everyday life ate them almost to the very root, the brightness of sensations and a spark of tenderness went out? Do I need to ruin my family and go in search of a new life partner?

To help yourself, and not to torment the person in love with you, subject your existing relationship to a deep, thorough and impartial analysis.

Problem solving techniques

Depending on the circumstances under which the connection appeared and developed, you can assess its truth and necessity in the following ways:

How can a woman sort out her feelings?
  • If a young man singled out one girl from the whole company, then we can understand his real intentions not by words, but by actions, for which we often have to use female cunning. For example, ask him for help, a favor or a favor, dedicate him to trouble or an urgent problem. Get a response - he doesn't need you for the sake of PR, the status of an experienced conqueroror as a sex tool;
  • Try to assess how close you are to your supposedly loved one, how quickly you get along with them, and points of contact . If a topic for conversation arises by itself, there are common hobbies, goals and interests, then drive doubts away. Otherwise, when the conversation starts with difficulty, quickly dies down, you feel stiffness and inner tension, give the guy a turn from the gate, and go in search of a new applicant;
  • Psychologists often recommend using this method of how to sort out your feelings towards a man. Break contact with him for as long as you can withstand. Don't write, don't call and go to him, let yourself know if you miss him or don't think about him at all. When you first meet after a long separation, listen to your own feelings. If they are close to indifference, everything falls into place;
  • It also happens that a break leads to even more confusion. Then a frank conversation with him will be an excellent option for how to sort out your feelings for a beloved earlier guy. It is possible that he is plagued by similar doubts, and together you will rather clarify the situation;
  • It also happens that a woman consciously becomes a mother for a man , takes care of him in every possible way, dissolves in him, losing her personality. In this situation, remember that both the husband and the new partner need to contribute to the relationship, otherwise he will not be a reliable companion.

Reverse side of the medal

It turns out that it is also inherent for the stronger sex to doubt the correctness of their choice, however, this happens much less often for him. How to understand the feelings of a beloved man? Observe him, and you can understand everything perfectly by the actions and behavior of the applicant.

So, you are not indifferent to him, if he:

  • gives you flowers with or without it;
  • tries to meet with work;
  • talks about a joint future;
  • responds normally to children from a previous marriage;
  • goes with you to your parents, mutual friends, parties and public events;
  • is trying to provide all possible help in the household;
  • sacrifices its own interests for you;
  • avoids quarrels and partings for a while.
How can a woman sort out her feelings?

It is much more difficult for a husband, who has to solve the problem of how to help his own wife understand her feelings for him.

The fact is that the stronger sex is not able to keep track of the changes in the consciousness, thoughts and mood of a woman, men are accustomed to act clumsy , ahead of time, trying to quickly establish the exact problem , and instantly get rid of it. As a result, things get worse.

What can you advise in this situation? Do not be ashamed to contact a family psychologist who will gently and unobtrusively find out the reason for the cooling of relations and help you find ways to eliminate it.

Dear ladies! Agree that very often it happens that feelings cool down not because of some objective reason, but because of the lack of fire in the relationship. Talk to your chosen one! Be honest with him! Look for adventures together, get positive charges together - this unites and strengthens the union much stronger than intimacy.

Harmony, explosions of positive and sparks of passion in your relationship!

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