5 Tips To Enjoy Sex

How can a girl enjoy sex?

Do you know what a girl who is not satisfied in bed by her chosen one does? She either starts to simulate an orgasm, or starts looking for a new lover. Agree that both cases are not entirely pleasant, especially if your relationship is based not only on sex, but also on spiritual intimacy.

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Reasons for dissatisfaction

How can a girl enjoy sex?

To successfully solve such a really serious problem, you need to know its original sources. There may be several of them:

  • You are not suitable for each other in temperament or physiological characteristics;
  • The lady is trying to compete with her partners in terms of experience in love pleasures;
  • A woman tries to quickly adjust to the behavior of her chosen one, losing herself.

Considering all this, the question of how a girl can cum very quickly should be solved together with her sexual partner, so to speak, by joint efforts.

How can a woman reach orgasm?

So, here are some tips on what to do for a lady who wants to have an orgasm as soon as possible:

  • Shortly before the prelude, eat chocolate and drink sweet varieties of red wine. Be sure to indulge in seafood, cheese, caviar and other aphrodisiacs, but only in moderation;
  • Try the effect of perfume with pheromones;
  • A girl should tidy up the vegetation on her body: shave her armpits, eliminate pubic hair or make an intimate haircut on it. It is believed that a woman ends up much faster if she completely lacks vegetation in the intimate area, and all erogenous points are previously lubricated with stimulating creams;
  • Masturbation is considered one of the most effective ways to learn how to finish quickly, and a girl does not have to be a guru in this matter. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of a lady's orgasm and self-gratification techniques, apply the most suitable of them immediately before intercourse, without bringing yourself to an extreme degree of arousal. If this works out, then it will be possible to finish literally after the first seconds of intercourse with a man;
  • Sometimes it is possible to quickly reach the climax of sexual intercourse only if the girl takes a dominant position, and she herself begins to direct the actions of her partner in the right direction. In this case, she herself will have to change the poses, the rhythm and depth of penetration, to excite herself and her chosen one;
  • It is believedthat a girl who just a few days ago ended her period, orgasm occurs in an extremely short time. Try to experience a similar feature of the female body.

If during the first sexual intercourse it turns out that the man is quickened , do not rush to give him a red light. It is possible that after resting, he will definitely bring you to orgasm the second time. In such a situation, it is recommended to delay the process of ejaculation by herself, getting off the partner's penis at the peak of the moment, and giving him a chance to regain his composure.

How to make a girl cum: tips for men

How can a girl enjoy sex?

Representatives of the stronger sex most often have to be puzzled by the question of how to quickly get a girl to finish as soon as possible and more natural, since their pride and confidence in their sexual capabilities depend on it. Here you could get by with standard advice like: kiss behind the ear, whisper tender words, penetrate deeper.

In fact, there are a great many secrets of how a girl can be helped to finish quickly, and the final version depends on the individual characteristics of her body, psychological state, atmosphere and other nuances.

Here are some good recommendations on what can make a lady fake an orgasm:

  • The vast majority of guys love it when their partner throws her legs over their shoulders. In this case, the hips of women are strongly clamped by the elbows of men, which leads to the most disadvantageous position of the body. In this position, the lady will not only not get her long-awaited orgasm, but will also feel like a prisoner;
  • To bring a loved one to ecstasy does not mean that her buttocks should be squeezed with great force, pinched or patted. Only a few people like such experiments, but they make others feel confused and awkward;
  • A girl should not be thrown into her favorite positions. According to unspoken statistics, most guys love it when their partners' legs are lifted almost to the ceiling. In this position, the clitoris gets the minimum amount of friction on the penis, and there can be no question of any early orgasm;
  • Women are more likely to end if they feel that they are not the rightful mistresses of the situation, but the most beautiful, liberated, sexy and attractive. If a man manages to learn to play side roles from time to time, then the movements of his chosen one will become rhythmic, wavy and leading to an early onset of ecstasy;
  • For many women, moaning does not mean at all that they will end here and now, this very second, but a sign that they are incredibly good at the moment. It's a pity that the overwhelming majority of the stronger sex are convinced that they need to penetrate more and deeper into the vagina, accelerate the rhythm of their movements and bring themselves to the end of sexual intercourse in every possible way;
  • In no wayThe best way is to make sex look like an interrogation or a continuation of a date. This means that in the process you should not ask your partner any clarifying or other questions, it is better to learn everything at the level of intuition, sighs, looks and facial expressions. This gives the woman the opportunity not to be distracted by thinking and looking for the right answers, but just enjoy what is happening.

The most interesting thing is that there is also a completely opposite situation in which a man has to decide what to do if his girlfriend ends up too quickly when he just starts to taste. First, you need to figure out why the girl ends up quickly, and whose fault is it.

How can a girl enjoy sex?

The first reason can be considered too long foreplay, after which overexcitement sets in, and the woman ends in just a few frictions.

In such a situation, you do not need to ask your partner whether all the girls finish quickly, or only she is alone, but boldly continue sexual intercourse, since ladies are able to experience several ecstasies in a row. Better to just ask the girl to warn you in advance about the upcoming moment X, and arrange an intermission, lasting a few seconds.

Also, the answer to why sexual intercourse quickly ended due to the woman reaching her orgasm may be hiding in the joint position you have adopted. In some of them the clitoris is very strongly stimulated, and the excitement very soon reaches its climax. In this situation, it is enough just to change your position and enjoy sex further.

By the way, it will be said that an extremely fast orgasm in a girl may be the result of alcohol consumed before sexual intercourse, or a side effect of her physiological characteristics. In the latter case, everything can be fixed by using specific sex toys that prolong mutual pleasure.

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