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How are tonsils treated?

Glands are lymphoid formations located at the junction of the mouth into the pharynx. Each of us knows about their existence, only they remind someone of their presence almost every month, while the rest do not know about the existence of gargling solutions, various antiseptics for the throat and the pain that accompanies every piece of food swallowed .

How are tonsils treated?

And, nevertheless, this paired organ, we will not be afraid to call it that, has a huge task: it has to be almost the first to repel the attack of pathogenic microscopic organisms, which, together with the air, try to enter the body.

It turns out that the tonsils are an outgrowth of human immunity, and it needs to be constantly cared for and cherished, and not cut out by the roots, as it has become fashionable today.

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Why do they get inflamed?

Well, if the tonsils can retain microbes and viruses on themselves, then why the question of how to cure the tonsils on your own remains relevant for many years in a row.

It turns out that the health of these formations is undermined by several factors, namely:

  • Contact with an infected person;
  • Inflammation already occurring in the nasopharynx or mouth;
  • General hypothermia of the body;
  • Working in a highly smoky or gas-filled environment;
  • Lack of protein in the diet;
  • Drinking cold and raw water;
  • Immunocompromised.

Moreover, a person whose mother has not cured the inflammation of the tonsils in the process of gestation will be concerned for life with the problem of how to permanently cure the inflamed tonsils. It turns out that heredity and predisposition also have their, albeit minimal, negative impact.

Self Diagnosis

How are tonsils treated?

Those who have long been trying to cope with constant inflammation of the tonsils alone know its main symptoms by heart.

Beginners often manage to confuse them with anything but an approaching sore throat.

To cure the disease as quickly as possible, you need to start taking therapeutic measures at the first sign of trouble.

And they look like this:

  • The lesions change their original pink color to the red color inherent in the process of inflammation;
  • Tonsils are palpable inare magnified. In advanced cases, they can reach the size of a walnut, and interfere with full breathing and swallowing;
  • Scars form in the space between the palate and tonsils;
  • Stale breath with putrid notes escapes from the mouth. Their source is the white bloom that appears on the tonsils;
  • Lymph nodes located just below the jaw and cervical region also enlarge.

Along the way, inflammation of the glands is accompanied by fever, brittleness, chills, sore throat and headache. Some symptoms may persist even after several days of active therapy.

How and how to treat?

Bacterial infections detected at the initial stage are often eliminated by washing the tonsils with various antiseptic solutions, and homemade - as well. Gargling is done every hour, and after a while the tonsils are lubricated with a medicine, the main ingredient of which is iodine.

How are tonsils treated?

Usually, Lugol's solution is purchased for this purpose, but doctors focus on the unpredictability of the behavior of the human body, and the possibility of allergic reactions.

Inflammation of an infectious nature is treated simultaneously in two directions: the accompanying symptoms and the cause of the disease are removed. If the therapeutic tactics are chosen correctly, then recovery will not be long in coming.

In a hospital, the main way of how to cure severely inflamed tonsils without a full-fledged operation is the same rinsing, but with specific disinfectants. Along the way, a person is prescribed drugs that reduce pain and remove painful signs of pathology.

In advanced or difficult cases, when the inflamed tonsils are covered with a purulent bloom and discharge of pus, the patient is prescribed antibiotics, which significantly accelerate the healing process.

Piggy bank of folk recipes

Due to the fact that our ancestors did not know about the existence of antibiotics, we can now avoid encountering harmful drugs, and use more loyal recipes for how to cure inflamed tonsils at home. Since such therapy is based exclusively on herbs and inflorescences with healing properties, it is quite possible to combine it with prescribed medications, achieving the fastest possible recovery without disastrous consequences.

In addition to the standard soda-saline rinsing of the throat, you can recommend the following options for how to personally cure inflamed tonsils at home:

  • Herbal gargle containing propolis, clover, chamomile, elecampane and sage;
  • Warmed drinking liqueurs containing honey, lemon and milk;
  • Freshly squeezed beet juice;
  • Rinses that are made on the basis ofall the same fresh beetroot juice and edible vinegar;
  • Children who are not yet able to gargle themselves, or who refuse to use unpleasant drinking tinctures, can be advised several times a day to generously lubricate the tonsils with a mixture of flower honey and agave juice (aloe).

Practicing on yourself all possible recipes for how to independently cure tonsils with folk remedies, along the way, follow these general recommendations:

  • bed rest, minimal physical activity;
  • drinking plenty of fluids and antipyretic drugs - as the body temperature rises;
  • regular throat flushing;
  • use of antibiotics as prescribed by a doctor;
  • consent to carry out operations, which is given for chronic and acute forms of the disease that cannot be treated folk methods and medication means.

Removal of tonsils is a procedure that is carried out in extreme cases, and not when you are tired of endless flushing and other unpleasant procedures. Remember that removing them, you deliberately reduce the defenses of your body, and how it will end - no one knows.

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