Motherwort Tincture Preparation

How and when to take motherwort tincture?

Motherwort - a medicinal plant - was necessarily included in the assortment of potions that healers used to eliminate ailments since ancient times. Medicines made from this herb have a pronounced effect on the nervous system: they soothe, have a mild hypnotic and choleretic effect, and regulate the work of peripheral vessels.

The drug is taken in the form of tablets, tincture, decoction, tea is brewed from it. But still, most often, motherwort tincture on alcohol is used for treatment. In this case, the main beneficial substances: essential oils, saponins and bioflavonoids are not lost, and work with full efficiency.

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Instructions for using motherwort tincture

It is recommended to drink motherwort tincture under the following conditions:

How and when to take motherwort tincture?
  • with neurocircular dystonia of the hypertensive type - the drug reduces tension in the peripheral vessels;
  • with neurosis - the tincture helps to reduce excitability, relieves insomnia and helps to eliminate depressive syndrome;
  • with neurasthenia;
  • to eliminate withdrawal symptoms;
  • with bronchial asthma;
  • Graves' disease;
  • to eliminate flatulence.

How many drops of motherwort tincture to drink depends on the individual reaction to the medicine, the patient's weight and his condition. The medicine is taken 15-30 minutes before meals, a dose of 15 to 40 drops per glass of water is prescribed.

Alcohol is not prescribed for the treatment of children and patients coded for alcohol dependence.

Herbal raw materials in basic dosage forms

If the selected dosage forms are in the form of a decoction, tea, tablets or an extract, which is produced at pharmaceutical enterprises, then the dosage is different.

Tablets are taken 5-10 minutes before meals, 1-2 tablets.

If you have brewed tea, then it is better to drink it after a meal in 45 minutes, 1/3 cup at a time.

Motherwort broth is used for children - 2/3 cup should be used in equal portions a day - but you need to know that after boiling, useful substances have a less pronounced effect.

If children are treated with tincture, then 20 drops of an alcohol solution are diluted in a glass of water.

30% motherwort tincture relieves heart pain neurogenicallyth character. 35 drops in a glass of water before bedtime helps to improve vision in the development of glaucoma.

How long can you take motherwort? With regular use of the drug, it should not be introduced into therapy for more than 4 weeks. If the use is symptomatic, one-time, then it can be drunk for a long time, unlimited.

Natural preparation during pregnancy and lactation

Instructions for taking the drug also indicate precautions for use.

One of the contraindications for taking the drug is pregnancy. However, gynecologists prescribe medication for women carrying a baby, even at the earliest possible date. Why is this happening?

Doctors believe that the use of motherwort during pregnancy does not affect its course, does not have a pathological effect on the fetus, but, on the contrary, helps to stabilize the general condition:

  1. With the help of motherwort tea, the tone of the uterus is reduced;
  2. If you know how to take motherwort tincture, you can get rid of insomnia and nervous tension, which is caused by anxiety for the development of the unborn baby;
  3. Together with Valerian, it helps stabilize blood pressure;
  4. In the last trimester of pregnancy, it becomes difficult for a woman to breathe - the culprit of the condition is the pregnant uterus, which supports the diaphragm, which causes a rapid heartbeat - tachycardia. Using motherwort tincture - 20 drops in a glass of water 2 times a day - helps to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system.

With the same symptoms, motherwort is prescribed when breastfeeding.

The benefit of the medicine lies in another property of the tincture - in a positive effect on digestion: it prevents bloating, relieves flatulence.

There is another way of unconventional treatment with this herbal raw material, which is recommended for pregnant women to eliminate anxiety and insomnia - to make gauze pads and fill them with fresh dried grass. You just need to consider your reaction to the smell of the plant.

Folk healers also advise adding plant materials to hot dishes, but this is not recommended during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. An overdose of herbal raw materials can be harmful.

Do not use motherwort in the form of drops during pregnancy - alcohol has a negative effect on the development of the child. During pregnancy, it is necessary to purchase the medicine in the form of pills.

In some cases, you can use an alcoholic tincture, just before use it should be poured into a hot spoon. Alcohol evaporates, but nutrients remain.

Cautions when using motherwort

Taking motherwort tincture can be not only beneficial, but also harmful if you exceed the recommended dose. In this case, the medicine washas a sedative effect, can provoke drowsiness and even provokes urinary retention.

Also contraindications to treatment with natural raw materials are:

  • low blood pressure;
  • bradycardia;
  • heavy periods;
  • work that requires quick response.

Since motherwort has a mild choleretic effect, in case of exacerbation of stomach ulcers and erosive gastritis, the use of the drug must be abandoned.

You cannot be treated with motherwort if you are going to a solarium or relaxing in a resort area, taking sun baths every day. This remedy increases UV sensitivity.

If you follow the dosage, there is no addiction to the drug.

There is another secret of the popularity of motherwort. In addition to its beneficial properties, it is one of the cheapest medicines, the effect of which is felt immediately after use.

So, in Russia, the most expensive tool can be purchased for 25 rubles. So the popularity of motherwort tincture can also be explained by its availability.

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