Horned root

Ginger in Sanskrit means horned. Most likely, this root received this name because of its unusual shape. This perennial plant with bright red flowers has long been used in cooking, aromatherapy, medicine and cosmetology.

Horned root

Even in ancient times, people used it to prepare meat dishes, sweets and alcoholic beverages. Also, this root has amazing healing properties. The unique chemical composition makes it an excellent remedy for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. The oriental spice is very popular these days. In addition to the original taste, it also helps to easily endure heat, has an antiseptic effect and is an indispensable tool in the fight against excess weight.

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Useful properties of ginger and contraindications

The healing properties of ginger are effective in treating a huge number of ailments. It is a first aid remedy for toothache, pain in the abdomen and purulent skin diseases.

Do you often suffer from colds? Are you tormented by headaches and fever? Then ginger root is exactly what you need to always have on hand. It is enough to chew a bite several times a day, and you can forget about the suffocating cough and sore throat.

Horned root is used to treat and prevent inflammatory processes in the body, normalizes metabolism and improves blood circulation. Do not forget about the protective properties, which are especially relevant during influenza epidemics.

This miracle root is also suitable for improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Add it to food, and you will forever forget about the feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating. Its use is also effective in case of diarrhea.

It is quite natural that the use of ginger root has some contraindications.

Its use can be harmful in such cases:

Horned root

1. You suffer from a peptic ulcer;

2. Serious abnormalities in the work of the cardiovascular system are observed;

3. Gallstone disease diagnosed.

It is not recommended to abuse this remedy for pregnant women, as in large doses it can cause bleeding. Allergies also occur.

Therefore, the use of ginger root for medicinal purposes should be done carefully and in small portions.

Special Benefits for Women

First of all, ginger has undoubted benefits for pregnant women. Despite the fact that in large quantities it can cause miscarriage, occasional consumption of a small bite can relieve attacks of toxicosis.

This remedy has found its application in cases of infertility. But it is not recommended to use it here without consulting your doctor. The fact is that there are many reasons for infertility, and they are all treated with different medications.

And the combination of the root with drugs of some pharmacological groups can cause severe allergies. The cosmetic properties of this plant are also noteworthy. Loaded with antioxidants, horned root has a beneficial effect on the entire body and slows down the aging process.

A mask of ginger and pomegranate juice - excellently helps with aging skin. And together with sour cream, honey and lemon juice, it will quickly get rid of acne. It can also be used as a face and body whitening product. Effectively helps with hematomas, vascular reticulum and sagging skin.

The benefits of this wonderful hair root are undeniable. A mask made from this oriental spice, mixed with sesame oil, will reduce oily hair, relieve dermatitis and dandruff. This mask will leave your hair smooth and shiny, and even lighten a little.

Horned root

If you have blonde hair, the systematic use of ginger-based masks will give your hair a beautiful honey tint.

Ginger root has a tremendous pain relieving effect during menstruation. You no longer need to look for analgesics in pharmacies that can relieve you of menstrual pain at least for a while.

It is enough to brew ginger tea and take it three times a day half an hour before meals.

Slimming Ginger Root

Who among us girls doesn't want to look slim and beautiful? But with the modern pace of life, time for daily exhausting workouts and diets for weight loss may simply not be enough. An indispensable assistant in the unequal struggle with extra pounds is the ginger root.

You can use ginger root for weight loss to reduce appetite. It also helps in removing toxins and excess water from the body. The ability to speed up metabolic processes is most often manifested through the use of ginger tea.

Here are some recipes for weight loss from ginger root:

1. Classic ginger tea: pour boiling water over 1 tablespoon of grated root. Add some honey and a slice of lemon. In 5 minutes this wonderful drink with a spicy aroma is ready to drink;

2. Ginger tea with mint and cardamom: pour boiling water over chopped mint leaves, a pinch of cardamom and a piece of ginger root, and leave to infuse for 30 minutes;

3. Green tea with ginger: pour the already brewed green tea into a thermos and add a little of our spice to it. Infusion timeVania - half an hour.

The horned root gives an amazing taste to any dish, it can be used to prepare a real culinary masterpiece and give a touch of originality even to ordinary mashed potatoes.

To do this, boil the potatoes, mash them, add a little butter, grated ginger and nutmeg. Mix thoroughly and you can taste. Unusual taste, isn't it? Now you know how to cook ginger root and nothing prevents you from putting your knowledge into practice!

The benefits of ginger for kids

Reading about the undoubted benefits for the body, a natural question arises: is it possible to use ginger for children? The answer is simple: it is possible and even necessary!

The tea prepared according to the classic recipe will be an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, it will help protect your baby from numerous viral infections. A plus is the presence of all kinds of micro- and macroelements in ginger, and the necessary vitamin complex.

If the child is still ill, the horned root will be irreplaceable. Its expectorant, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant properties will help to significantly alleviate the course of the disease. The risk of complications will also decrease.

It has everything that is needed for the normal development of the child's body. But there are still a few rules. It is not recommended to give ginger root to children under three years of age: unpleasant consequences from the gastrointestinal tract are possible.

Also, it is a fresh product that is more useful for children, and not pickled or powdered. So consult your doctor and you can safely pamper your child with fragrant ginger teas.

As you can see, in everyday life, the benefits of ginger root have been proven, and its harm is almost imperceptible. Its medicinal properties will help to cope with many diseases.

In the morning, a cup of freshly brewed ginger tea will give you strength, and you will greet each new day with a smile and readiness for new achievements!

A Witch's View of the Horned One

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