Light Brown Henna on Natural Hair

Henna brown: a natural color for all time

Henna and basma are the first paints that young girls got to know for a long time. Today, you can find on sale compositions for dyeing hair from a variety of manufacturers, in most foreign ones, in connection with which the brainchild of domestic concerns faded into the background.

However, the fashion for everything natural has also affected the sphere of beauty, but how else, because the fair sex wants to be outwardly attractive without harming their health, which means that the notorious and well-known henna has many fans around the world. Brown henna is especially popular.

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Composition of the product and the staining result

Henna brown: a natural color for all time

The product contains cocoa butter, indigo, henna, ground coffee, algae powder, clove bud oil, ground nettle, citral, geraniol, eugenol, limonene, linalool and aromatic additives. Brown henna for hair does not contain synthetic additives, preservatives, etc. This is a completely natural product. In this regard, it does not give the choice of color: the hair for the most part acquires a reddish tint and shine. However, much depends on the original hair color, its structure and dyeing time.

Experienced users have learned to achieve other, somewhat different from the usual reddish-red, shades. In particular, to obtain a light golden hue, it is recommended to dilute henna not with water, but with chamomile decoction. Indian brown henna dyes hair in a shade close to the color of chocolate, so those who have purchased ordinary dye can enhance its effect with indigo powder, coffee or black tea brew. A stronger reddish tint can be obtained by increasing the concentration of natural henna. Amla powder will provide the coldest shade.

Stages of staining

How to properly dye brown henna?

The amount of preparation will depend on the original hair length. If you have a haircut square , then one cube of the product may be enough. Break off as many cubes from the whole tile as you need and fill with very hot water, almost boiling water. Stir well. The consistency should be similar to sour cream. After 10 minutes, apply to previously washed and dried hair.

Henna brown: a natural color for all time

Cover your hair with plastic and tie a towel or hat on top.

The exposure time is from 2 to 4 hours. Finalhair color will depend on the duration of the dye on the head. The longer you keep the composition on your hair, the darker and richer the color will turn out. Then rinse your hair with warm water and try not to wash it for 3 days, as this time will take the color to fully deepen and establish.

Mehendi is a fashionable modern trend

Mehendi is the ancient art of decorating the body with special paints and, in particular, henna. In ancient India, specially invited women decorated a girl preparing for a wedding with intricate patterns and ornaments, applying them mainly to her hands and feet. Today, both stars and ordinary people adorn themselves with such temporary tattoos.

After all, this opens up ample opportunities for self-expression and each time you can come up with something new without worrying about where the next pattern will be applied, because mehendi lasts only about a month.

Indian, Iranian or any other henna can be used not only for dyeing hair, but also for drawing on the body. The most popular are bracelets on hands and feet, ornaments on palms and feet, shoulders, etc. At the same time, you can choose a pattern that suits the style of your outfit in Indian, African, Indonesian or oriental themes - there is simply no limit to fantasy.

How to make purchased brown henna mehendi:

Henna brown: a natural color for all time
  • the place where you plan to do the biotattoo should be clean and smooth. Accordingly, if there is hair on it, it is necessary to remove it, and then wash the skin with soap and dry;
  • sift henna in the amount of a cup to make mehendi. Add to it the juice of one medium lemon, a cup of strongly brewed tea, 3-4 tsp. sugar and a couple of drops of vegetable oil;
  • rub olive oil into the dried area on the skin and start creating the pattern by placing the composition in a syringe or a special cone for applying paint. If you are not good at drawing, buy special stencils: they greatly facilitate the work and exclude damage to the drawing.

During work, periodically moisten the drawing with lemon juice or a special paint cleaner. After 8 hours, when the paint is completely dry, you can wash it off and enjoy the effect produced on the surrounding.

When bathing, try to rub less with a washcloth, otherwise it will not last too long on the skin.

Coloring the eyebrows

Brown henna is also used for eyebrows. Painting them is a popular salon procedure. Natural blondes rush to make their eyebrows more expressive by dyeing them one or two shades darker than the original hair color. And unnatural blondes are forced to first lighten their eyebrows, and then dye them in a more natural color, because black eyebrows in combination with a white shade of hair look too theatrical.

Henna brown: a natural color for all time

Henna is a safe and effective way to give your eyebrows the desired shade - beautiful and long-lasting. To dye at home, you don't need to have seven spans in the forehead. Purchase a dye, dilute it with water to a porridge consistency and apply to washed eyebrows.

The exposure time, as in the case when you dye your hair with henna, is selected individually. For darker eyebrows, keep the formula longer and apply the product not only to the hairs themselves, but also to the skin under them. This will make the brows more expressive and the color deeper.

However, in just a few days the skin will regain its previous shade, and the hairs will remain colored for another 2 weeks. That's all the recommendations for using this paint.

Try, experiment and don't be afraid for your health, because this is a completely natural product, of which there are very few left on the shelves of our stores. Good luck!

How to dye hair brown using henna (whole experience) / Apply henna to brown hair

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