8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Quitting Sugar - What If You Stopped Eating Sugar

Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Chocolate, sweet rolls, pastries, cakes, sweets fill life with joy. The sugar in their composition excites the parts of the brain responsible for feelings of pleasure. As a result, the person's mood improves for a short time. But this is the only positive effect that sugar has on the body. There are many more negative effects. Let's figure out what happens if you completely abandon sugar.

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The effect of sugar on the human body

The negative effects of sugar:

  1. Disruption of the endocrine system, resulting in diabetes mellitus, psoriasis and other diseases.
  2. Increased pressure.
  3. Decreased immunity.
  4. Provoking cardiovascular diseases, cancers, brain diseases.
  5. Memory impairment.
  6. Digestive upset, bloating.
Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Sugar promotes the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Heavy morning awakening, poor sleep, unreasonable daytime fatigue can all be caused by eating sweets.

Sugar also leads to a decrease in the natural production of dopamine, which leads to depression, depression and blues.

A lifeless complexion, bags under the eyes, pigmentation - the so-called sugar face - are also manifestations of excessive consumption of sweets. This effect is obtained by triggering an inflammatory reaction - glycation.

Sweet foods increase the production of insulin, which prevents the body from using fat as fuel. As a result, sugar becomes fat and increases weight (especially around the hips and waist). The exclusion of sweets from the diet normalizes the processes associated with the production of insulin - the body begins to burn calories, and the weight returns to normal.

The negative consequences of avoiding sugar. Breaking

A quick rejection in the first days can be painful. The condition resembles drug withdrawal. There is a desire to consume carbohydrate food, which compensates for the lack of sugar and improves mood for a short time. After a while, it becomes necessary to repeat the sensations. This is the standard dependency diagram. When refusing sweets, hot temper and even aggressiveness may appear.

How to make rejection easier

Is it possible to give up sugar forever? To the sweet mangets used to it since childhood. For a painless refusal, experts recommend gradually reducing the amount of its consumption.

  • Find the reason for your sweet tooth. Its use is often associated with a bad mood. To minimize consumption, replace chocolate or bread with something that will also bring positive emotions.
  • Set up a diet: eating 5-6 times a day in small portions with breaks of no more than 4 hours
  • Monitor your hidden sugar intake in sauces, ketchup, breads and other foods.
  • Include more healthy carbohydrates in the diet - they prolong the feeling of fullness.
  • Replace sugar with honey, sweets - with fruits and dried fruits. The fructose they contain is not only beneficial, but also satisfies the body's emotional need for sweets.
  • If it is difficult to give up right away, you can reduce the amount of sugar gradually, for example, to one spoon instead of two.

The benefits of avoiding sugar for the body

The best motivation to give up a bad habit altogether is to know the result. And it includes:

  1. Weight loss.
  2. Boost immunity.
  3. Normalize sleep.
  4. Increase concentration of attention.
  5. An elastic, toned face, smooth, clean skin with natural radiance due to the cessation of collagen destruction.
  6. Healthy teeth. Most of the sugar you eat remains on your teeth as plaque. Oral bacteria interact with it to form an acid that destroys tooth enamel. It begins to flake off and break off even after brushing.
  7. Improves liver function.

To summarize, I would like to highlight only some of the positive changes that will happen to your body: your skin will improve, you will feel a surge of energy and strength, your immune system will become stronger and healthier, and your brain will begin to remember even the most complex information.


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