Lotus Oil Benefits

Healing properties and use of lotus oil in home cosmetology

Lotus oil is a truly unique gift from nature, which helps not only to effectively care for the skin of the face and body, but also to normalize the internal emotional state. Agree, its name alone instills in us spiritual harmony and peace?

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Flower of beauty and harmony

Healing properties and use of lotus oil in home cosmetology

In the East, it is believed that this simple product gives strength and instills the energy of abundance in our subconscious. Those who practice aromatherapy meditation can hardly deny this fact.

It is important to know that lotus essential oil has long been used not only for relaxation or cosmetic purposes, but also as a medicine.

It helps to normalize respiratory functions, which is especially important for people with chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

If you want to experience its miraculous effect on your own health, just take a course of inhalations with a few drops of essential oil added to the water.

Still, this product has become the most popular in home cosmetology. Its emollient and regenerating properties help women fight a wide variety of problems, from dryness or dehydration to age-related changes. Its use is especially important for the owners of problematic and oily skin. Oil has the best effect on it: deeply cleanses, refreshes, tones, evens out the structure and microrelief, moisturizes and nourishes without unwanted fatty .

The spectrum of useful properties of lotus oil is truly rich and extensive, therefore, if you decide to use it, you are guaranteed to be on the right track, because such a valuable thing will definitely not become unnecessary garbage in your home.

Valuable properties of lotus oil

Lotus oil is extracted from its white, red or blue petals. The shade of this amazing flower depends on its origin. For example, blue lotuses live mainly on the Nile River, and a white lotus with wide petals came to Egypt from Persia. In general, the beneficial properties of the oil do not vary in any way depending on the type of flowers.

What is so special about lotus oil?

Healing properties and use of lotus oil in home cosmetology
  1. It helps to cope with pain and muscle spasms, improves tone and performance, instills positive energy, actively combats fatigue and loss of strength, creates an overwhelming feeling of vigor and freshness, helps to strengthen moraleand clarity of thoughts. For these reasons, it is often used in massage sessions;
  2. It promotes early recovery from stress, depression or chronic fatigue syndrome, helps to cope with psycho-emotional turmoil and overcome difficult life situations. Rumor has it that oil sharpens intuition and clarifies consciousness. For these purposes, you can use the product while taking a warm relaxing bath, or simply practice aromatherapy with a special lamp;
  3. It has become famous as a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates libido in both women and men. Therefore, its smell in your married bedroom will definitely not be superfluous;
  4. It helps to open and clear the lungs, therefore it is widely used in the treatment of acute or chronic bronchial diseases. Indispensable for bronchial asthma, especially if it has a somatic origin;
  5. It can eliminate cellulite, especially when mixed with base oils and other esters. Try this recipe: Mix a base oil (avocado, jojoba or grape seed oil is best) with a few drops of different esters: tangerine or grapefruit, mint and lotus. Apply the resulting mixture in a thin layer to the exfoliated area where the unattractive orange peel is localized. Rub the area vigorously for 10 minutes using a sharp circular motion towards your heart. Ideally, if you can get help with this massage. If you're having trouble, use simple rubbing and patting movements.

As you already understood, there are plenty of options for using lotus oil. But how to use it in home cosmetology, and how is it remarkable as an effect on the skin?

Lotus oil is suitable for any type of skin, as it has a complex effect. Its main action is to enhance local tissue metabolism. This promotes gradual rejuvenation, adequate nutrition and reliable protection of the epidermis from the influence of free radicals.

Lotus oil in cosmetology

The properties of lotus oil in relation to the skin are truly fantastic. In this section, we will give you a partial list of what this product will provide your skin.

So, lotus oil:

Healing properties and use of lotus oil in home cosmetology
  • Deeply moisturizes and nourishes;
  • Powerful cleaningem, refreshes and tones;
  • Activates metabolic processes in tissues and cells;
  • Promotes skin firmness, elasticity and natural turgor;
  • Effectively soothes and softens thin, sensitive and dry skin;
  • Slows down the aging process;
  • Eliminates sebaceous plugs and releases comedones from pores;
  • Evens out tone and micro-relief;
  • Brightens (relevant for women with freckles and hyperpigmentation problems);
  • Stimulates and regenerates cells;
  • Reduces the number of inflammations and sanitizes their foci;
  • Heals acne;
  • Minimizes the appearance of acne scarring.
Healing properties and use of lotus oil in home cosmetology

The use of oil in cosmetology is not only useful, but also pleasant. The product has a fine and delicate structure, easy to apply and spread over the surface of the skin, quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy marks. However, it is not recommended to use a concentrated product - it is important to dilute it with water or base oils (the second option is preferable).

With lotus oil, you can do rejuvenating facial massages, for example Asahi . When applied, the result will come faster and will be prolonged.

Of course, the best method of using it is to enrich the usual creams, serums and masks with oil. Just add a few drops of lotus essential oil to your favorite formula and you will instantly feel the strengthening of the usual action!

The product can be used to strengthen nails. In this case, it is best to dilute it with peach or apricot oil and rub into the base of the cuticle.

If you decide to treat your hair with this product, mix it with avocado oil in a ratio of 3 drops per 1 tsp.

Be cheerful, beautiful and young!

Lotus Flower: Benefits & Uses

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