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Head and torso tilts: execution technique

Bends are an invariable part of any workout, including side bends. As a result, neck muscles such as the belt, subcutaneous, sternoclavicular, etc. work. As a result of such massaging of the cartilage, their elasticity remains for a long time, and the recovery process after serious changes is faster. And if you perform backbends with the upper body, you can pump the oblique muscles of the abdominal press, thereby improving your figure and making your waist more expressive.

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Exercises for pumping neck muscles

This kind of workout should definitely become a part of your daily warm-up, regardless of whether you plan to work out your neck muscles that day or not.

It runs like this:

Head and torso tilts: execution technique
  • stand up straight, put your feet about the width of your shoulders, and let your arms down freely. Relax the muscles in the shoulder girdle and neck. Slowly bend your head to the right, trying to achieve maximum stretch. Without stopping at the extreme point, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise in the other direction;
  • The
  • UI is the same as in the previous exercise. Slowly bend your head down, trying to touch your chin to your chest. Without stopping at the end point, return to the IP, fix the head in this position for literally a couple of seconds, and bend it back in the same way. Then return to the original.

Side bends: technique of execution

How to do side bends correctly?

Head and torso tilts: execution technique

First of all, don't take on too much. If you immediately take dumbbells weighing 3 kilograms or more without preparation, you can not only injure the muscles, but also get the opposite of the expected effect - that is, pump the oblique abdominal muscles too much, as a result of which the waist will not decrease, but increase. p>

Although, in order to achieve such a result, months of intensive training are needed, and only a few can withstand such a pace. But in any case, you should not risk it and girls are better off starting a workout with 1.5 kg dumbbells.

If you study at home, you can pour water into 1.5-liter bottles and use them as a load.

Side bends to level the waist can be done in several ways.

Firstly, standing and sitting, with a barbell instead of a dumbbell, and with two more dumbbells at the same time, or with only one of them. In the first case, they will create a counterbalance for each other, which will bereduce the load and effectiveness of the exercise. Therefore, professional athletes recommend doing the exercise with one dumbbell.

Options for doing the exercise side bends:

Head and torso tilts: execution technique
  • when training with one dumbbell, you need to take it in your hand with a regular grip, in which the palm is turned inward. The free hand must be placed on the waist or behind the head. Inhaling, slowly lower your hand with the dumbbell down, sliding along the side of the thigh. In this case, the body must be bent in a strictly lateral plane. It is not allowed to bend forward or backward. At first, the exercise is best done in front of a mirror. The load should be flush with the knee and only after that you can return to the IP. After completing 10-15 repetitions, change hands;
  • perform side bends with two dumbbells in the same way, with the only difference that they need to be done alternately, first in one direction, then the other. Watch your posture: the head should be raised, the gaze is directed forward. Making backbends while sitting on a chair, try to lower your arm with a dumbbell as low as possible, and do not forget to linger at the bottom point for a short while, trying to achieve maximum contraction of the oblique abdominal muscles;
  • You can start performing side bends with the kettlebell when enough time has passed and your body is used to the dumbbell load. You can also gradually increase the load by performing this exercise with a barbell on your shoulders. Hang one pancake on each side, secure them with a lock, put the barbell on your shoulders and, grabbing it so that your palms look forward, begin to bend in one direction or the other. If you want to achieve the effect of doing side bends for the sides with one dumbbell, then hang only one pancake and work first one side and then the other.

How else you can work your abs

It is very useful to perform torso turns on a special flat metal round apparatus.

If not, do twisting bends called a mill .

Here's another good exercise: Place your feet a little wider than your shoulders and bend alternately to your left leg, then to the center and to your right leg.

Do three sets of 15 times at a moderate pace. This will allow you to work out not only the abdominal muscles, but also the muscles of the back, or rather, the lumbar spine.

Combine such workouts with a special diet and after a couple of months you will see the result not only on your scales, but also on the centimeter, which you regularly measure your waist with. Success!

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