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Hat with cat ears: an original headdress with your own hands

In the cold season it is simply impossible to do without hats. It is for this reason that a hat is a very necessary item in your wardrobe. It not only saves you from the cold, but if you have chosen it correctly, it is a fashionable addition.

Women's hats and caps are always relevant and therefore fashion designers in their fashion collections always pay special attention to this accessory.

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Fashion options

Accessories are so diverse in their styles, styles, forms that any fashionista will always find a suitable option. But when choosing, you must take into account the oval of the face, the shape of the head and other parameters. Don't forget about age. After all, a frivolous acid-colored hat with bombon looks rather strange on a woman after fifty.

As for the latest fashion trends, the following are relevant in the fashion world:

Hat with cat ears: an original headdress with your own hands
  • classic knitted models with a variety of decorative details - bows, flowers, pins, gathers. They can be worn both with regular raincoats and with coats of strict styles;
  • knitted, crocheted or cashmere berets. Gloves and a purse should be included for completeness. Pay attention to the color of the product. In this case, the best choice would be calm pastel colors, combined with almost everything;
  • fur is an always relevant headdress. But at the same time, do not forget that after the end of the season, a fur hat cannot be simply put on the shelf. Fur needs special care, without which it wears out very quickly and the hat becomes unpresentable;
  • hats with pompoms, turban hats. These hats go well with everyday style. But in combination with a classic coat, such a model will look rather strange;
  • knitted hats. The trend is volumetric patterns with embossed braids, bumps. Attention! If you have large facial features, then it is better to forget about massive patterns. In this case, it is recommended to opt for models with thinner and more delicate patterns.

As for the latest fashion trend, this year they are knitted hats. The undoubted advantage of choosing such a headdress is the fact that you can buy a similar hat in a store, or you can use the numerous video tutorials on the Internet and knit an original model with your own hands.

As for fashion trends among young people, it is especially popular this season.Hats with cat ears are used. Of course, when buying such a hat, you should understand that it will not be combined with a beautiful cashmere coat. But a down jacket or a short padding polyester jacket suits such a headdress the best way possible.

Women's hats with cat ears: why you should buy them

Sometimes people say about a woman that she is graceful, affectionate and very wayward, just like a cat. With the advent of a hat with cat ears, every woman can try on an image with the character of such a cute fluffy. And all you need to do is knit or buy this nice little hat. So let's talk about such an unusual headdress.

As for the material, such a hat can be fur, knitted, or felt. By giving preference to such dense materials, you get a versatile headpiece that can be worn in any weather. As for the age at which such a headdress will look appropriate, these are teenagers and girls with a cheerful character. Such a headdress is distinguished by its touchingness, brings some notes of playfulness to your image.

Knitted hat with cat ears is a rather bold, extraordinary accessory. Complementing the look with pipe jeans, high boots and a sheepskin coat, you will look very stylish. Having put on a model with ears, you can go to school, for a walk with friends. It is suitable for sledding, ice skating, and skiing. But you cannot go to a festive event, to a restaurant. There is a specific dress code for such outings. And, believe me, such a hat has nothing to do with him.

Hat with cat ears: an original headdress with your own hands

Now let's talk about the color scheme. When choosing such hats, you should give preference to such colors as black, gray, white. But if you prefer bright shades, then you can opt for red, green, blue, yellow colors. After all, such bright shades bring joyful, cheerful notes to our life.

But remember that the color of the hat must be combined with your outfit. Otherwise, you will be like a traffic light, which will not add to you a good attitude from the people around you.

Of course, the ideal choice would be the colors inherent in the cutest creatures-cats, their natural colors. These can be color options such as cream, light gray, white. And always with a slight haze.

Hat with cat ears: how to knit it

Of course, such a model can be bought in stores at an attractive price, but our women are needlewomen. And it will not be difficult for them to knit a cat's hat with knitting needles. Tied with her own hands, she will be in a single copy, which cannot be said about purchased hats. And the knitting process itself will give you real pleasure. Such a hat can be created from woolen or semi-woolen threads. Both mohair and fur yarn will do.

Before buying yarnbe sure to decide on your color type. Knitted hat for girls like winter should be cold shades, but if you belong to the type summer or Autumn , choose yarn in warm colors. And remember that by choosing such a hat, you can become the object of increased attention.

You must not only have a certain temperament and mischief, but you must be brave enough. Not everyone will share your opinion: someone will calmly react to a hat of this style, and someone will be categorically against it. Some may just laugh. So if you are not sure that you will be able to maintain your positive mood after the reaction of others to your hat, then it may be worth postponing such experiments.

Regardless of what image you choose: classic, sporty or romantic, women's hats with cat ears will beautifully emphasize it, bring a kind of mystery and mystery that every cat possesses. To complete the image of a cat girl, complement it with a scarf, warm mittens.

But how to knit such a headdress with knitting needles? And is there a special scheme for this?

First of all, we need to deal with the materials. To create such a thing, you will need thick yarn and large knitting needles.

Hat with cat ears: an original headdress with your own hands

Now, regarding the knitting pattern for a hat with cat ears. You can download it on the Internet from special sites. But pay attention to one nuance, if you want the ears to be more rounded and keep their shape, knit them with a crochet hook. But the hat itself can be knitted with knitting needles.

There are several simple ways you can link such a model. In the first case, knit a pipe of the required length with circular knitting needles. Then sew the last row while closing the loops. It turns out a kind of bag. We turn the product inside out and, using a hook, make two seams at some distance from the edge (to the height of the ears) and, as it were, separating the corners from the main canvas.

At the same time, we try to make a kind of rounding. We turn it out onto the face. That's all, the hat is ready and at the same time the ears stick out fervently. In the second case, the piece itself is knitted separately, and the ears are tied to the finished product. And just in this version, it is better to crochet the ears.

As you can see, you can crochet and knit such a hat using different patterns that you can choose in knitting books. In general, choose your option and go to conquer the world! Good luck!

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