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Hardening - rules and recommendations

What is hardening of children and why is it necessary? This is not just pouring cold water daily , but a whole range of healing procedures, which consists in the effect of contrasting temperatures on the body. Actions are carried out in order to increase resistance to adverse environmental factors - hypothermia, overheating and the like.

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Principles wellness treatments

Hardening - rules and recommendations

Knowing how to temper a child correctly, you can increase his immune status and ensure that, even with a viral infection, the disease is mild.

You need to warn parents right away - a hardened baby gets sick less often, but temperature effects do not save from the invasion of a viral infection. You should not expect a miracle from hardening, and refuse it when a child gets sick with chickenpox or rubella. If the child's daily regimen is not systematized, there is no adequate nutrition and rational physical activity, health procedures will be ineffective.

In this matter, it is important to follow certain rules:

Hardening - rules and recommendations
  1. Gradual. The temperature decreases or increases gradually, from class to session. The exposure time also increases;
  2. Consistency. Hardening children is an ongoing process. It is worth stopping the procedure, the baby's immunity will immediately decrease. In children under one year old, adaptation to temperature changes is lost within 4 days, in preschoolers - within a week;
  3. Pleasure. The method of hardening a child at home is chosen taking into account his desires. If the baby cries continuously during class, there will be no sense from them;
  4. Health. If the baby has a cold or is sick, hardening procedures are not carried out. Some
    supporters of a healthy lifestyle believe that cold water and continued hardening in case of illness are beneficial, but there are already many medical works of authorship, where it is proved that such methods of treatment have a pathological effect on the organic systems of children. The work of the cardiovascular and urinary tract is disruptedmental systems, intelligence suffers;
  5. Individuality. When choosing healing procedures, you need to take into account the state of health of the child.
  6. Complexity. Do not get hung up on dousing or air baths only. How to temper a child correctly? To teach his body to adapt to temperature influences, which are carried out in various ways.

Local influences must be combined with general ones.

Before you start hardening a child with weak immunity, you need to carry out preliminary preparation - to consult with a pediatrician, find out the state of the body at the moment, bring the body to procedures, performing approximate effects, but without changing the temperature regime.

How to heal a newborn

Hardening procedures can be started from birth. This will help not only quick adaptation to new conditions, but also accelerate physiological development.

How to temper a child from birth?

Immediately create adaptation conditions that will not pamper the baby's body:

Hardening - rules and recommendations
  • the temperature in the room is kept stable - from + 20 to 22 ° C;
  • sleeping in the fresh air - walking from - 10 to 30 ° C;
  • air baths - duration from 4 to 7 minutes;
  • washing with cool water - + 27 - 28 ° C;
  • bathing in a bath with a water temperature of + 34-35 ° C.

The baby grows up - 6-12 months of life - and the temperature regime and the duration of hardening procedures change. The temperature in the room and the obligation to sleep outside remain in effect, the time for air baths is increasing - it is now 12-15 minutes; water for washing is cooled gradually to + 20 ° C; after bathing, douches are performed. Water for douches should have a temperature of + 32 ° C. It is imperative to wipe the body with a waffle towel mitten.

In the morning, the mitten is moistened with water - the temperature is 30 ° C, after 6 hours the little body is simply rubbed. If possible, the baby's body should be exposed to indirect sunlight for 10 minutes.

Hardening the child - ages from one to 3

In the room where the child is, the temperature is also maintained from + 20 to 22 ° C. The temperature range for sleeping is expanding - from -15 ° C to + 30 ° C.

Hardening - rules and recommendations

The kid should also take air baths, during which he should play outdoor games or perform a set of exercises - a short lesson, no more than 15 minutes.

The temperature of the water for washing can already be reduced to + 16 ° C, and the water for bathing to 32-33 ° C, when doused with a temperature of + 24 ° C.

Of course, all reductions are carried out gradually, by 1 ° C in 5 days. The hardening is complemented by sunbathing and long walks in the fresh air.

Say No to Angina!

Often sick children, the healing of the body begins with procedures that temper the throat.Temperature and health effects are easy to carry out at home. They begin to harden the child's throat as soon as he can rinse it on his own. Kids learn this action at the age of 3-4.

A contraindication to the procedure is ill health. If the child refuses to gargle, alternative methods of hardening can be found.

Methods of thermal effects on the vocal cords and tonsils.

They begin to rinse proudly with water with a temperature of + 38 ° C and gradually reduce the temperature value to + 12 ° C. To strengthen the vocal cords, you need to master the following exercise - while the water flows down the throat, you need to pull the sound A . Better to use boiled water.

As soon as the baby stops swallowing liquid during the procedure in large quantities, the water is replaced with herbal infusions of chamomile, sage, calendula, oak bark. It should be borne in mind - sage and chamomile have a weak choleretic effect, oak bark - strengthens.

Hardening - rules and recommendations

Once the rinse has cooled to near its minimum temperature, replace the rinse with sucking ice cubes.

If a child refuses to gargle, then he can make ice tablets from juices, and start hardening from them - gradually the size of the ice tablet increases, which means that the procedure time is lengthened. Icy medicine can be frozen using medicinal herbs.

Contrast rinses effectively strengthen the immune system.

The temperature difference builds up gradually to the following values ​​- in one glass water with a temperature of + 38-40 ° C, in another - + 15-17 ° C. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, sea salt or table salt and iodine are dissolved in water. For 250 ml - a tablespoon of any salt, add 2 drops of iodine to the usual table salt.

Another alternative to rinsing caprice is ice cream. Begin to introduce it into the diet with a spoon, and at first only Sundae or Creamy . When the baby gets used to the tasty product, you can switch to ice pops.

For a hardened child, only milk is heated before use. All other drinks can be served immediately from the refrigerator.

You need to be careful with milk: it has a dangerous property - when cold, it can spasm the larynx not only in children, but also in adults. With the help of temperature effects on the tonsils, they solve the problem - how to temper a child with weak immunity.

Basic tempering techniques

It is necessary to dress the baby correctly - always according to the weather, i.e. easy and convenient. Overheating or hypothermia, sweating of the body and legs should not be allowed. Outdoor walks should be combined with physical activity. The room must be ventilated - at least 5 times a day in winter; in summer, the window can be left open.

Air baths are carried out after waking up, a light version of clothing is used during outdoor games.

It is advisable to teach your baby to walk barefoot indoors. On the street they go barefoot whenever possible. You can purchase a special embossed mat to stimulate the reflex zones. On the street they walk on sand and gravel.

If the baby walks barefoot at home, you must carefully monitor the cleanliness of the floor.

Nuances of a wellness event

If the baby is sick, but there is no temperature, the water for rubbing is made warmer by several degrees, and the rinse liquid is replaced with an infusion of herbs. They refuse to pour over, but the hardening is not interrupted.

At high temperatures, quenching is required to be abandoned, then start, deviating from the achieved results for 2 weeks, the water temperature should be lowered from that time period.

Tempering procedures should bring joy to the baby, so you should focus on his tastes. Stressful conditions lower the general immunity - tantrums during hardening activities reduce their benefits to zero.

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