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Hairstyles with artificial hair on barrettes

Nature has not endowed all women with thick and beautiful hair, but absolutely all girls strive to look attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. This problem can be dealt with in two ways: by resorting to building up or using special hairpins with overhead strands.

The first option will be quite expensive, besides, the extended curls require constant correction and careful care. Therefore, in this article we will consider an alternative and more budgetary option for creating fluffy hair - hairstyles with clips with artificial strands.

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What they represent are artificial strands?

Hairstyles with artificial hair on barrettes

To some extent, overhead curls on hairpins can be considered an express extension option.

Special clips with artificial curls can be pigtails, straight strands and even bangs that are attached to a plastic or metal base with a clip using a clip.

At the same time, a girl can choose accessories of almost any color and structure, thanks to which she manages to create more and more unusual images.

Jewelry with false curls can go with both natural and artificial strands. The first ones will cost a little more, but they will also look more natural.

These accessories, if desired, can be colored and even washed with shampoo, like regular curls. This allows you to create hairstyles with extra strands that are almost indistinguishable from your own hair.

Advantages of Express Build-Up

A hairstyle with false hair on bright hairpins will certainly appeal to girls who do not have their own chic hair, but have always dreamed of additional volume and beautiful styling.

The advantages of such accessories include:

  • Originality. Using clips with strands of different structures (straight or wavy), you can create new and unusual styling in a matter of minutes;
  • Security. Unlike real extension, the use of accessories with false strands does not harm the structure of your own curls and does not contribute to their loss;
  • Availability. Hairpins can be purchased at almost any store that sells hair accessories;
  • Large selection. Depending on the color of your own hair, you can chooset an accessory that will suit you in tone and color scheme.

How do I use these bobby pins?

Hairstyles with artificial hair on barrettes

It doesn't take a lot of time to learn how to make beautiful hairstyles with false hair on hairpins with your own hands. It is enough to practice everything a couple of times to master the express-extension technique.

When purchasing accessories, please note that most hairpins are sold in special sets.

The set includes clips with false strands of hair of various lengths and widths: some of them are for the temporal part, others for the back of the head, and others for the bangs.

To secure the clip with your own hands, simply lift the top section of your curls and secure the clip.

Then spread the extra strands evenly and see how much the hair has grown.

As you can see, the procedure does not require any special skills, but accessories should be fastened securely so that during wearing they do not fall off and make you embarrassed.

Types of hairpins

There are several types of clips with artificial curls, thanks to which you can easily make beautiful and unusual hairstyles with artificial hair on hairpins without any effort, literally for 15-20 minutes:

  • Twister. Using these types of accessories during the creation of styling, you can not worry about the fact that the hairstyle will fall apart, and the place where the hair clip is attached will be exposed. Often, such devices are used to create styling for special occasions and other important events. The clip is made in a small size, and a tight spring provides secure fastening;
  • create unusual styling for long hair. As a rule, they have a wide clip, so they are more suitable for girls with thick hair;
  • Easy Home. An accessory made in the form of a crab , in the middle of which an artificial strand is attached. Ideal for homemade uncomplicated styling.


The advantage of accessories with overhead strands is that they can not only be dyed, but also straightened or curled if desired. This significantly expands the range of possibilities when choosing the right styling.

So, let's look at some simple but original hairstyles with false strands on hidden hairpins:

Hairstyles with artificial hair on barrettes
  • Braids (first option). First of all, you need to collect your own strands in a high tight bundle at the back of the head. After that, you should select the central strand, to which the clip with straight curls will be attached. Mask the top of the hairpin with your own strands and braid;
  • Braids (second option). In this case, technically, the procedure is no different from the previous version, but the accessory can be taken with a bright color of curls. Then needlesArt is divided into two parts: colored and with a natural shade, after which a braid is braided;
  • Straight curls. This hairstyle will be the easiest to perform. Just collect all the strands in a ponytail at the top of your head. After that, under it, fasten several narrow multi-colored curls and dissolve the hair;
  • Horns . To create an original hairstyle, part your hair into two equal sections on either side of your head. Then collect two symmetrical ponytails, under which fasten the clips. Twist the strands in the shape of horns, and fasten the ends with ordinary bobby pins so that the hairstyle does not fall apart;
  • Ponytail. From your own strands, collect a high ponytail at the back of your head and secure with a regular elastic band. After that, attach a clip with additional curls to the elastic. To mask the place of the seam of artificial hair and your own hair, select a thin section of the hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.

A hairstyle with artificial hair on fashionable hairpins is an ideal solution for girls who cannot boast of the beauty of their hair. Thanks to such simple but easy-to-use accessories, you can create unusual and attractive hairstyles.

They not only allow you to expand the range of possibilities when styling your hair, but also significantly improve their appearance, thereby attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

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