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Haircuts for blondes: elegant and creative options

It is the hair that gives the female image elegance, femininity and beauty. A properly chosen haircut and shade of curls can make any woman attractive.

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Women's Haircuts

Fashion trends in hairdressing in 2015 apply to any hair length.

Haircuts for blondes: elegant and creative options
  1. Short haircuts look playful, they have charm and charm, they are easy to style.

You can make square - smooth, with bangs and layered. Bob with side bangs, one side longer, smooth, textured. Graduated hairstyles are very trendy and popular this year. Layering gives the strands extra volume;

  1. There are many hairstyles for medium hair. With them, you can do different styling every day, create original and luxurious images. Medium length is ideal for creating haircuts for blondes. Ideal are square , cascade , gradation, two-tiered asymmetric options;
  2. Long hair has always looked luxurious and fashionable.

Fashionable and stylish haircuts for blondes, modern coloring, individuality and creativity

Haircuts for blondes: elegant and creative options

In 2015, natural colors are popular - blond, chocolate, black, red. Blond will always be a trendy color, it looks natural and beautiful. Popular shades are wheat, gold, caramel, copper, creamy, bleached flax. Blond gives the face freshness, youth, makes the image more sexy.

Nowadays, blonde is more than just a shade of curls, it is a lifestyle. Today, blondes often prefer creative hairstyles, they add personality to the image and style. Fashionable women's hairstyles can have smooth or abrupt transitions in color, style.

The advantage of blonde beauties is that any hairstyle suits them, short, medium, long, with thin or thick curls.

Haircuts for blondes withx fine hair, various designs

Fine curls require a professional approach when creating a beautiful hairstyle.

The most suitable options are medium and short curls.

Haircuts for blondes: elegant and creative options
  1. Graduation . It is important to choose the right type of graduation, the shape of the future styling, taking into account the density and texture of the strand. Cascading and layered hairstyles require regular trimming of the ends, so they will look more voluminous. Cascades and layered styling on long hair are irreplaceable. Weak, split ends are trimmed, overall length remains the same;
  2. Flat cut . A win-win option for thin strands, an even cut adds density to them. Volume and density are also obtained using long massive bangs with an even and blunt cut;
  3. Bob and bob bob . Suitable for short curls and shoulder-length strands. These hairstyles come in many different styles. For example, bob with elongated side strands or oblique massive bangs makes the look romantic;
  4. Tested short haircuts . Obedient and thin hair allows you to create different fashionable styling on short hair;
  5. Creative . Creative ideas change the image, emphasize its individuality. Ripped contours and long strands, fashionable this year, make the appearance eccentric and expressive, the image is young and flirty.

Spectacular short haircuts with bangs for blondes, trendy options

Short haircuts on girls with light brown curls look very touching, give the image of romance and femininity. Stylish styling this year, almost all have a bang, it can be oblique, long, short, asymmetric. Bangs can be present on bob , bob , it hides minor imperfections on the face and makes the image more original.

Trendy haircuts for medium hair for blondes, benefits, selection rules

Medium length curls are considered ideal for creating stylish and beautiful hairstyles for girls with light strands.

Haircuts for blondes: elegant and creative options
  • Medium length benefits. Shoulder length is universal, suitable for everyone and for any shade of strands, age, type of appearance. Installation is quick and easy and has many different options. Medium length hairstyles look as voluminous as possible due to the blonde shade;
  • Selection rules.

Choosing a haircut depends on the following criteria:

  1. styling.
  2. general image;
  3. curls texture - straight, curly;
  4. forehead height, cheekbone width;
  5. type, face oval;
  • Round and square face shape. Cascade looks great with any face shape, but the layered hairstyle is especially beautiful will appear on a face with a round or square shape. bob at medium length;
  • Square . Has a massive chin and wide cheekbones. Here it is advisable to hide the lower part of the facial area with torn ends, bangs can add weight or, on the contrary, hide flaws and slightly raise the back of the head;
  • Round shape . A bang is needed here, but only long and oblique, which will smoothly merge into the torn ends. Most of the graduation is in the middle of the cheeks;
  • Oval and triangular face shape . Hairstyles with creative mess and delicate curls are perfect for this shape;
  • Triangular shape requires a chin highlight. The best option is torn strands at its level and straight bangs;
  • Oval shape - any styling is suitable for a classic oval, from square to asymmetry with torn strands;
  • Curly strands . Curls hide small imperfections in the face, make the image more feminine.

Stylish haircuts for blondes for long hair

Glamorous simplicity, which characterizes long strands, is considered fashionable this season. Long hair makes the appearance attractive, corrects facial features, its shape, they can be easily assembled into any style.

Haircuts for blondes: elegant and creative options
  1. Long bob, bob bob . Layered structure, oblique bangs, long side strands,
    graduated strands, bangs with a blunt cut, all this makes such haircuts spectacular and beautiful;
  2. Cascade . Layered cascade without bangs is a stylish and effective option. The combination of asymmetrical and straight lines gives the hairstyle an original look;
  3. Parting and straight strands . Strands are even and graduated, the parting is straight, can be slightly beveled to one side, be curly;
  4. Creative . Creative and vibrant options are leading the way in 2015. Long curls in combination with one shaved temple are especially popular. Suitable for brave girls.

As you can see, there is a huge selection of hairstyles for blondes for different hair lengths.

The main thing when choosing is to take into account the thickness, shape and oval of the face, so that the haircut completes the image and gives it luxury, and not vice versa, makes itit's ridiculous and funny.

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