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Hair lamination with gelatin at home

Home lamination of hair with gelatin is an excellent alternative to expensive salon procedures. Regular care with gelatin masks in a short time will restore elasticity, silkiness to the hair, make each strand perfectly smooth and obedient.

Hair lamination with gelatin at home

If your hair is frizzy, laminating your hair with gelatin will turn tangled curls into luxurious, sleek curls and also prevent split ends.

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Benefits lamination with gelatin at home

The effect of a home procedure lasts no less than a salon sealing with vegetable resins - a course of 8-10 masks will last for six months or a year, depending on how often you wash your hair and use a hairdryer and iron.

Lamination with gelatin at home is recommended for those whose hair:

  1. tangled, torn under the comb;
  2. electrify, take off and stick to the face after brushing;
  3. split, break at the ends and along the entire length;
  4. overdried with a hot hair dryer, iron;
  5. affected by staining, sunlight, seawater or swimming pool;
  6. fragile, dull, naughty, lifeless.

Natural collagen, the source of which in this case will be regular gelatin, forms a breathable protective film on each hair. The scales, usually raised, prevent the hair from sliding and expose its shaft - it breaks, splits, gets tangled in the strands. The smooth film smoothes the scales without weighing them down, and the hairstyle becomes neat and well-groomed.

How to properly prepare a gelatin base

For lamination to be successful, the base must be of perfect quality. For this purpose, you need to usecall only fresh gelatin no older than one year from the date of issue.

The proportion for the base will always be the same - for 1 tablespoon of dry gelatin, you need to take 3 tablespoons of cold water.

Hair lamination with gelatin at home

Fill the gelatin granules with water, leave to swell for 20 minutes. If you shorten this time, then the mixture will take in lumps.

A cup with swollen gelatin should be placed in a bowl of boiling water, i.e. in a water bath, and, stirring constantly and vigorously, bring the mixture to almost a boil.

The cooled gelatin is ready to be applied in pure form or to prepare a variety of masks with a healing or toning effect, depending on the recipe you choose.

For a smooth, gel-like foundation, just follow the rules:

  1. pour gelatin with cold water only;
  2. gelatin should not boil.

How to make a gelatin mask for hair lamination

Even a clean foundation works wonders for your hair, but you can enhance its benefits by preparing a mask using one of the recipes below.

The finished base for lamination easily becomes an oil emulsion, a liquid mask with a decoction of herbs or a dense mixture with yolk, sour cream, henna powder.

The basic recipe consists of properly brewed gelatin and mixed conditioner - whatever you are used to using. This component is necessary for the mixture to wash off easily.

All components should only be added to the cooled gelatin.

For short hair, an amount prepared from 1 tbsp will be enough. l. gelatin and 3 tbsp. l. water. For shoulder length, you can increase this amount by 1.5 times, for long hair - 2 times.

Lamination procedure

Apply a mask according to the selected recipe to cleanly washed and wrung out hair with a towel. We distribute the mixture, starting from the ends, trying to do it as evenly as possible, without rushing.

Hair lamination with gelatin at home

In addition to the mask with burdock oil , apply the gelatin mixture before reaching the roots about 5 cm.

Then we cover the head with a film, a hat or a bag, and if the recipe does not contain coloring components (henna, carrot juice, chamomile, nettle, etc.), then you can wrap your head in a towel.

The action lasts 1 hour, taking into account the time for application. Rinse with warm water and dry as usual. After lamination, you do not need to use the balm, as the hair will be soft and silky.

Gelatin lamination of hair should be done after each wash, but not more often than 2 times a week. A course of 10 masks will completely restore your hair.

Other Gelatin Masks

Natural Oil Healing Gelatin Mask

For dry and prone to hair loss, burdock oil is suitable, for oily at the roots and dry at the ends - mindal or grape seed oil.

Ingredients: gelatin base + natural oil + table vinegar

Proportions: 3 tbsp. l. we take the basics 1 tsp. oil and 0.5 tsp. vinegar.

Caring gelatin mask with essential oil

Hair lamination with gelatin at home

Recommended for flexibility, shine, pleasant aroma and freshness.

Ingredients: gelatin base + conditioner + lavender (rosemary or jasmine, rose, lemon, sandalwood) essential oil

Proportions: 3 tbsp. l. add 2 tsp bases. conditioner and 3 drops of essential oil.

Regenerating Rose Water Mask

Perfect for problem hair: dry, oily, damaged, tired.

Ingredients: gelatin base + conditioner + rose water (hydrolat)

Proportions: 3 tbsp. l. bases - 1 tsp air conditioner and 1 tsp. rose water. After washing and before applying the mask, spray damp hair with rose water from a spray bottle to enhance the effect.

Tinted gelatin mask with herbal decoction

For those who wish to combine lamination with a light shade. With regular use, a decoction of chamomile gives a golden shine to blondes, and a decoction of nettle gives a chestnut shade to brunettes.

Ingredients: gelatin base + chamomile or nettle decoction + conditioner

Proportions: take 1 tbsp for the broth. l. dry herbs for 0.5 cups of boiling water (brew for 30 minutes, filter), for a mask - for 3 tbsp. l. we take the bases from gelatin 1 tsp. air conditioner and 1 tbsp. l. broth. If the mixture is thin, wear a bathing cap over your head to prevent it from draining.

3-in-1 Softening Gelatin Mask

Hair lamination with gelatin at home

An excellent remedy for hair that has become hard from dryness and stick out in different directions. This lamination will not only seal the scales, but also make the hair more flexible and pliable.

Ingredients: gelatin base + egg yolk + mustard powder + colorless henna powder

Proportions: 3 tbsp. l. we take the bases 1 yolk, 1 tsp. dry mustard and 1 tbsp. l. henna. If the mixture is too viscous for you, add a few drops of water.

Honey Gelatin Mask

Gives strength, shine, silkiness, saturates with vitamins and minerals. Use only natural unsweetened honey.

Ingredients: gelatin base + shampoo + water + honey

Proportions: 3 tbsp. l. add bases in 1 tsp. shampoo and water and 2 tsp. honey. Shampoo is needed so that the mixture rinses off easily.

Try different recipes and you will surely find the perfect one for yourself. Feel free to experiment with filling mixtures using lemon, carrot or apple juice, kefir, whey, various oils.


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