How to Use Beads in Your Hair and Braids

Hair hoop - stylish and effective decoration

Time is running inexorably, times are changing, almost every day wayward fashion dictates new rules to the fair sex. But despite this, one of the few accessories that remain relevant at any time is a hair hoop or, as it is also called, a headband.

Hair hoop - stylish and effective decoration

The hoop performs two functions at once - not only decorates its owner, but also reliably fixes the hairstyle, keeping it neat, elegant and attractive.

The prototype of the headband, a wreath of flowers, was worn by our great-great-grandmothers, once this decoration was considered a symbol of purity and innocence and a means of protection from evil spirits.

Today, of course, women do not pursue the goal of exorcising demons by wearing a headband.

It is noteworthy that you can wear the hoop anywhere: this accessory is also suitable for going out, for example, going to the theater, cafe, restaurant, and just for a quiet evening walk with your loved one. You just need to be able to choose the right accessory.

By the way, many ladies prefer to make hair hoops on their own, with their own hands, because in this way you can get an exclusive little thing that no one else has analogues.

Besides, making hoops is a very interesting and exciting activity.

Today we will talk about how to choose and wear headbands for your hair, as well as how you can make an original and beautiful headband yourself using improvised means.

Rules for choosing and using a hoop

Hair hoop - stylish and effective decoration
  1. If you are a happy owner of a face with absolutely correct features, you can safely open your forehead completely using the rim;
  2. For women with a narrow and / or elongated face, it is better to give preference to an accessory with a lot of decor;
  3. Ladies with long curls look good with wide headbands;
  4. You can visually distract attention from a heavy chin or square face with a massive and large hoop;
  5. A round face can be visually stretched with a hoop hairstyle, suggesting a little pile;
  6. When going to work, school or a business meeting, you should wear a thin or medium-sized, almost invisible headband in a neutral color and shape. A small decoration, however, is acceptable here - it can be an elegant flower or a geometric figure;
  7. A headband made of velvet, leather and decorated with sequins, precious or semi-precious stones or elegant feathers will help to decorate an evening dress. This accessory will suit any hairstyle - high styling, loose or skillfully braided hair;
  8. Floral hoops can help create a light, romantic or even playful look. Headbands with flowers and semi-precious stones perfectly complement long summer outfits, beach wearostums;
  9. Accessories in pastel, black or beige colors are to some extent versatile - they can be worn with a business suit or with a light summer sundress;
  10. Wide fabric headbands are suitable for sports. They are often made from scarves, shawls, or just pieces of fabric. It is advisable that such a product be made of natural fabric, since it absorbs sweat well;
  11. If you are a fan of retro style, a well-chosen headband will help in creating this look. Such an accessory should have a minimum number of decorative elements, only one bow or flower is allowed;
  12. Ornaments for hair with fresh flowers look very impressive. But, alas, cut flowers cannot last long , and your hairstyle in the literal sense of the word will simply fade in a few hours. Fresh flowers, as a rule, are used for exceptionally special occasions - at a wedding, graduation party, student initiation, etc.;
  13. It is also worth paying attention to the age limit. So, thin, non-massive hoops with a minimum of jewelry are suitable for young girls. Young women between the ages of 25 and 40, perhaps, can afford to wear any accessory - the main thing is that it fits the situation and is in harmony with the outfit. But for women of age, stylists are advised to give preference to exquisite headbands decorated with expensive stones. Cheap materials, such as plastic, for respectable ladies, as they say, will not be rolled;
  14. To make an outfit look spectacular and beautiful, take care of its harmonious combination with outerwear, a handbag or a belt. But to buy a hoop, belt, handbag and shoes of the same color is not worth it, because such an image can make a woman old for several years at once;
  15. A hoop with one large flower on the side can decorate even a simple hairstyle. True, such an accessory can only be worn by girls and young women, while older ladies should choose a less bright accessory.

DIY hair hoop

Well, to have a truly unique accessory, you need to make it yourself - even if you repeat someone else's idea, your work will still be unique.

To work we need:

  • a metal or plastic blank, you can purchase it at a craft store or in the market;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • threads with a needle;
  • decoration material.
Hair hoop - stylish and effective decoration

We carefully coat the plastic or metal blank with glue, carefully wrap it with a cloth. Smooth down the fabric with your fingers so that it fits snugly and sticks.

However, the fabric may not be put on glue, but simply fixed on the back side with threads. Alternatively, you can wrap the headband with fabric so that each new turn overlaps the previous one. Silk ribbon hoops look especially good.

Now we proceed directly to the decoration. You can use any materials for this purpose - beads, rhinestones, feathers, artificial flowers, etc., if you make a hair hoop with your own hands. Hoops with miniature cylinders or small hats look good.

These accessories are usually worn for going to themed parties. However, it should be borne in mind that such a headband should not get lost in a fluffy hairstyle, the base of the product must be visible on the head, otherwise others will think that this is not a rim, but a cylinder or a hat itself. p>

Artificial flowers in the accessory can be decorated with rhinestones or beads - this way the product will look especially bright and rich.

Hair hoops with various miniature artificial fruits or berries look very impressive - apples, pears, plums, apricots, cherries, etc. True, such jewelry should be worn in an informal setting - on a walk, on the beach, at a friendly party.

It's pretty easy to decorate the hoop with pearls or beads. To do this, glue pearls in the form of some kind of flower or pattern to the rag base (preferably made of natural material). It is very important to use high-quality waterproof glue so that the jewelry does not come off at the most inopportune moment.

You can also decorate a hair hoop with your own hands using such material as ordinary fabric. From any unnecessary piece of fabric, cut into long strips and braid them. You can use different types of weaving (the more original it is, the more beautiful the product will look).

Fasten the braid with threads at both ends so that it does not come loose, sew an elastic band of the required length and that's it - the stylish accessory is ready!

Such headbands are especially relevant for girls and teenage girls. If you have a little assistant growing up, you can do needlework together.

As you can see, making a stylish accessory is not difficult at all, you just need to put a little diligence and show your imagination. Try, experiment and be always irresistible!

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