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Hair growth mask with vitamins

Finding the perfect hair growth product is not easy. Every beauty who dreams of long flowing hair will surely agree with this. Growth activation is especially difficult if the hair is badly damaged.

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Can we leave everything as it is?

Hair growth mask with vitamins

Split ends tend to break off, so you can grow a dry shock of curls for ages. This is why, in an effort to grow a waist-length braid , it is extremely important to care for your hair along its entire length!

If you rub stimulants into your scalp, and the ends of your hair remain damaged and dehydrated, you will only lose time, funds and hope. Alas, newfangled conditioners do not have the ability to regenerate the cortex along its entire length.

Therefore, the best remedy that can be used in the fight for long shiny hair is a mask.

Preparing masks on our own

First of all, you should remember: if you are looking to grow long curls, apply homemade masks, starting with the scalp. Massage the activator into the hair roots. Natural stimulants, traditionally part of such products, literally will wake up your bulbs, saturate them with oxygen, and activate microcirculation of blood around the follicles. Then move systematically along the entire length of the hair to its tip.

And after rinsing, a special oil fluid with a thermal protection effect can be applied to the ends. This is especially true for those who are used to blow-dry their hair on a daily basis. For the mask to work properly, the head needs to create a greenhouse effect. For this, women use ordinary cling film, plastic bags and warm towels. Another condition for the quick and effective action of the mixture is a cleansed scalp.

Ideal if you massage it with an abrasive scrub before each mask application. Ground coffee, Epsom or sea salt, sugar can act as an exfoliant. Masks that activate hair growth almost always contain vitamins.

Hair growth mask with vitamins

If you have long dreamed of long hair, you probably know recipes for products based on niacin, or niacin. Indeed, vitamin PP (or B3) helps to accelerategrowth.

The fact is that nicotinic acid is responsible for the growth of healthy tissues in general, in addition, it is directly involved in all the most important metabolic processes. Vitamin PP controls the work of the sebaceous glands, regulates local blood circulation, enhances the transport of nutrients in the cells of the hair follicles.

Even diffuse and focal alopecia are successfully treated with them! In addition to B3, vitamins A and E are widely used in hair treatment. Their action is aimed at strengthening, increasing elasticity, enhancing the natural shine.

Oil solutions can be easily found at any nearest pharmacy. Well, ready-made solutions can be supplemented with live vitamins - citrus juice or aloe. You can also spice it up with essential oil for all-round benefits for scalp health and liveliness hair.

Nicotinic acid based growth activator

You will need :

  • Nicotinic acid (niacin, vitamin PP or B3) - 1 ampoule;
  • Vitamin B12 - 1 ampoule ;
  • Castor oil - 1 sc.;
  • Burdock oil - 1 tablespoon;
  • Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon;
  • Eucalyptus, mint or menthol essential oil - 3 drops;
  • Honey - 1 tablespoon


Hair growth mask with vitamins
  • Wash your hair and remove the stratum corneum from its skin. Optimally steam the scalp in a steam bath, or take a hot bath at home;
  • Mix vitamin solutions with fatty base oils;
  • Add honey to the mass, then add essential oil and lemon juice;
  • Shake all components thoroughly with a spoon to form a homogeneous suspension;
  • Rub the composition into the scalp with vigorous massage movements, but without excessive pressure;
  • Spread the mask over the entire length of the hair, wrap your head in several layers of cling film, fix a warm towel on top. Soak for at least 45 minutes, then wash off with sulfate-free shampoo. If your aspirations are aimed at the fastest increase in growth, resort to the procedure at least 2 times a week. A full course of treatment and strengthening will be 2-2.5 months. To maintain the result, it is sufficient to use the mask once a week on a regular basis.

Vitamin mustard mask for fast hair growth

You will need:

  • Mustard powder - 1 tablespoon;
  • Sugar - 1 tsp (the more sugar, the worse the effect of mustard will be);
  • Oil solutions of vitamins A and E - 1 ampoule;
  • Wheat germ base oil - 1 tablespoon;
  • Chicken egg yolk - 1 piece.


Hair growth mask with vitamins
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with cleansersohm and dry naturally until barely damp;
  • Mix mustard powder with sugar and dilute with a little warm filtered water to make a mushy paste. Then add all the liquid components into it and mix the mixture well;
  • Apply to scalp in vigorous circular movements. In no case, do not distribute this mask over the entire length of your hair - mustard can completely dry out the ends! If you plan to make such a mask all over your hair, exclude mustard and sugar from it;
  • Create a greenhouse effect on your head in a way that suits you. Better - a film and a towel;
  • Leave for 10 minutes. If you can tolerate the burning sensation for longer, be patient, but do not keep the mask on your head for more than 20 minutes in total. In addition, if the baking is completely unbearable, immediately rinse the mixture from your head and refrain from further use of the product;
  • To grow long hair quickly, just use it once a week.

Remember that without schematic application, there may be no results. Any treatment is designed for a specific period, and hair is no exception.

Use our provided masks and we hope that soon you will have smooth, manageable, shiny, and of course, long hair.

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