Graduation Hair Tutorial

Hair graduation - make your hair look chic!

Graduating hair, or in other words graduation, is the most popular way to change the length of curls lately. The name of the hairdressing term comes from the word degree and consists in a gradual transition from long hair to short.

Hair graduation - make your hair look chic!

There are also graduations with a sharp change in length. It is often confused with a cascade or ladder , but in vain. Graduation is a separate hairdressing technique that can be applied to different hairstyles and hair lengths. The advantage that this method gives a haircut is obvious.

This gives even more volume, which was especially liked by the owners of thin hair. Also, this hairstyle allows you to make curls healthier, eliminating the problem of split ends.

Selection of the type of graduation

Depending on the structure of the hair, the graduation gives the styling either elasticity or volume. This is a versatile haircut and suits everyone, but looks most advantageous on women with an oval or rectangular face. When calibrating, you should also not be mistaken with bangs. For owners of cheeks and rounded features, a graduated hairstyle with oblique bangs will give grace.

But for girls with high cheekbones on their face, it is better to choose the option with straight bangs. She will emphasize the correctness of features and indicate the cheekbones. Owners of an elongated face should complement the hairstyle with bangs combed to the side and make it thicker. This will visually reduce the face.

A graduated haircut on long hair will hide such a shortcoming as a short neck. It also softens large or harsh facial features. It should be noted that such a haircut is especially popular with middle-aged women, as it gives them a youthful look and can significantly reduce the years.

As for the structure of the hair, the thinning of the ends of thin curls requires special attention, since you can damage them and spoil the styling. For thin hair, the thinning should be delicate to make the transitions smooth.

There are some difficulties with a step haircut for curls curling from nature. For them, this haircut is ideal, as due to the reduction in weight, the hair becomes elastic. But when trimming curly curls, their length should be taken into account. Graduation for curly short hair can lead its owner to a sad resemblance to a poodle.

It is also successful to emphasize the texture of the hair when graduating for medium or short hair, you can use coloring in different shades. Methods such as highlighting, coloring or bronzing will add volume to the hairstyle, successfully emphasize facial features, or, conversely, help to distract from imperfections.

Basic rules for a haircut

Hair graduation - make your hair look chic!

If you are seriously thinking about changing your image, but are not ready to sacrifice a single centimeter of hair length, then graduation is the best choice for you. After all, when cutting, the master will cut off only the upper strands for you, leaving the inner layers intact.

With this method of cutting, the ends of the hair are arranged one above the other in a kind of waves. This will significantly liven up any hairstyle and give it the missing volume.

And to create the perfect hairstyle, the master must follow the basic rules:

  • Thickness can only be achieved by lifting the strands at an angle of 90 degrees while cutting;
  • volume in the back of the head will give a pulling back of the strands at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • high graduation can be achieved by pulling curls parallel to the floor.

Even the position of the master's hands has a great influence on the haircut. The fact is that the angle at which the hairdresser's hand holding the curl is located is also important. It is considered ideal if the barber's fingers are at an angle of 60 degrees to the base of the strand.

Failure to comply with this rule threatens that the hairstyle will fail. Graduation can be sharp or, conversely, weak.

There is a different approach to stepped haircuts for curly and straight hair. When cutting curly strands, a smaller angle of rise of the strands is optimal, with straight strands - a larger one. This different approach is explained by the ability of curls to shorten when they dry.

A graduated haircut for medium hair is considered quite complete. And with the help of styling products such as wax or gel, the curls are given additional volume. Although this is optimal only for straight strands, if you ruffle curly curls with your fingers, you can only achieve that they will curl even more.

Hair graduation - make your hair look chic!

The styling method is also of great importance for a graduated haircut. A great option would be a retro hairstyle or Greek styling. You can also curl whole curls or one ends, give a different direction to the strands.

With a graduated haircut, there is a vast field for experimenting with the image. You can become a sexy doll, a socialite, a romantic young lady, a modest charm and all with the help of graduation.

Don't be afraid to experiment, try different styles and hairstyles and you will definitely create your own unique look!

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