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Green dress: how to choose the right color and style

Clothing plays a significant role in every woman's life. With it, you can change your style and stand out from the crowd. The palette of the clothes you choose affects the mood, and if the color is chosen correctly, then in such an outfit you feel like a queen.

Green dress: how to choose the right color and style

And the topic of our conversation today is a green dress. An outfit of this tone is elegance, stunning look, positive emotions. Of all the known shades of green, the most popular are aqua, mint, emerald green and dark green.

It is worth noting the fact that such an outfit will look appropriate in any situation, since this palette is quite practical. So it is great for both office work or corporate parties, as well as for a regular daily walk. But remember that green clothes, for all their brightness and freshness, pose a certain danger.

For example, a wrong shade, accessories or makeup can cause a girl to become like a Christmas tree and lose her originality. That is, the image as a whole will turn out to be incomplete.

The only ones who may not worry too much are the owners of brown and red hair, for whom all shades of this tone are ideal. Well, everyone else will have to work a little - find their own, suitable shade that will perfectly match the color of the eyes, hair and skin.

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Green dress to the floor: features

Basically, most girls wear a floor-length outfit for such special occasions as corporate, wedding, anniversaries. It is not uncommon for secular ladies to have floor-length items in their wardrobe. This is due to the need to look very elegant, feminine at all receptions. After all, an evening dress of this color suits almost all women.

Among other things, by wearing such an item, you can disguise some flaws, for example, tight legs and full hips. But in this case, the main thing is to choose your tone and not be mistaken with the style. This is the reason why you shouldn't be shy about shopping. If you are in doubt as to whether this style suits you, then ask a consultant for help.

Green dress: how to choose the right color and style

Now for the choice of fabric and cut. In principle, it doesn't really matter which fabric you choose - satin, silk or knitwear. By the way, the cut in this case can be the simplest. As for the jewelry, then they may not be at all, because correctly selectedthe shade and style will definitely make your look elegant.

The question is also quite interesting: what to wear with a green dress. As for accessories, their choice should be treated very carefully. For example, choosing shoes of the appropriate tone is easy if the outfit has inserts or straps of a different color, for example, black or brown. Well, if there is nothing like this, then you should pay attention to the shoes of light brown, golden, and light beige.

Choose a handbag to match the tone of your shoes. If we talk about jewelry, then you can't do without earrings in this case. An outfit with a deep neckline suggests a necklace. Graceful bared wrists accentuate the bracelets.

It is worth noting the fact that accessories in silver, brown, red, gold and even black harmonize well with a green dress.

But it is better not to use gray for creating an image, because in this case you will look rather dull. For a dress of such a dark tone, you can pick up jewelry with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires.

Makeup for a green dress: how to choose it correctly

In this case, there is one iron rule for choosing makeup: for an evening green dress, you should choose mostly neutral shades. You should not focus on bright colors, because in this case, your image will turn out to be rather vulgar. And we want to look elegant.

Do not forget the main rule of make-up - we emphasize either the lips or the eyes.

Green dress: how to choose the right color and style

For lips, use lipsticks in coral shades or pastel colors. However, it is best to avoid shades such as red. For the eyelids, use green eyeshadow, but do not use glitter eyeshadow.

And makeup under a green nude dress is ideal for blondes or brunettes and, in addition, you can use the colors of your chosen accessories in your makeup. But at the same time, you need to ensure that the makeup is not too bright, because in this case the outfit will merge with it and the image will turn out to be overloaded.

By the way, red eyeliner goes well with a green dress. But this look is only suitable for lovers of bold makeup. You must admit that such arrows look quite extravagant.

As for the choice of lipstick, the image with a green dress is perfectly complemented by the following shades:

  1. plum and red shades - ideal for owners of normal and dark skin;
  2. pink shades - for girls with pale skin.

Green wedding dress: how to choose a party outfit

When choosing a wedding dress nowadays, the bride may choose not the generally accepted white version, but prefer other colors, such as emerald, blue, gold. If you choose a wedding dress in greenshades, then according to folk signs it will symbolize the guarantee of a happy family life, confidence in the future.

Of course, not every bride decides on such a choice of dress color. And only those who are distinguished by non-standard thinking and, frankly, courage, having chosen the right shade, will look irresistible and will make an unforgettable impression on all those invited. So if you want your husband not to be able to take his admiring gaze away from you, try experimenting with an outfit in this color.

As you can see, a green outfit can perfectly complement your look. Moreover, if you want to look more original, then you can complement the dress with the help of accessories that match a similar color. In general, look for your image, pick up makeup and be happy. Good luck!

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