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Greek style wedding dresses

What exactly do you associate Greece with? With olives, antique buildings, the Mediterranean Sea and masterpieces of painting? Yes, all this is true, but most ladies instantly picture in their imaginations a young girl dressed in flowing white clothes and a tiara of golden leaves. As well as all other jewels of Ancient Greece, the dress in the Greek style miraculously does not lose its relevance and demand for many centuries in a row.

The exception did not apply to wedding dresses, designed in the Greek style, since it is in their power to give the newlywed femininity, tenderness, freshness and romance.

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Grace and solemnity

Greek style wedding dresses

A wedding is an event that, in terms of its importance and excitement, can hardly be compared with any other event in a woman's life. Undoubtedly, moving up the career ladder, graduating from university or giving birth to a child also gives unforgettable emotions and can be identified with a holiday, but only the day of the wedding a young girl remembers in great detail, and for the rest of her life.

That is why, at the time of the official registration of relations with their chosen one, it is very important for ladies to be at their best, and wedding dresses in the Greek style will help her to reach the top of Olympus, which at the same time personify the severity of the lines, the solemnity of the entire silhouette and the grace of the flowing drapery. Great choice, isn't it?

Materials for sewing

What fabrics do you think are made of the very Greek-style evening dresses that can make a goddess out of a mere mortal? The answer is simple: all kinds of handmade and industrial lace, real satin and chiffon, the finest silk and much more.

Moreover, each type of fabric can be used independently, or be supplemented with other material. For example, chiffon often acts as a drapery adorning a bodice or a long skirt of a dress.

Fully laced long dresses in the Greek style look incredibly luxurious and delicate, and lace can be planted on a cover of an identical shade or used to trim sleeves, a belt or a bodice, not to mention openwork edging and frills.

Greek style wedding dresses

Regarding what color the most fashionable Greek-style outfits have, we can only say one thing: since in Ancient Greece it was extremely difficult to provide fabrics with a dazzling white shade, it was he who was valued above Total. White outfits were very expensive, and for a long time they werethe name of exclusively reigning persons and temple ministers.

The pattern of a dress in the Greek style is rarely superimposed on fabrics that fashion designers and designers call keeping in shape, unless, if necessary, make a tight bodice, a clear line of the neckline or support the chest.

Ideal materials are those that make it possible to get folds and draperies that easily, softly and naturally fall in the right direction. A flying, incredibly delicate and weightless image is exactly what every bride wants to see in the mirror.

Styles and silhouettes

Today, bridal trendsetters offer to buy a dress that is not only in that Greek style , which it was many centuries ago, but also survived some metamorphoses and alterations in a modern way.

That is why the spouses have the opportunity to make the right choice between the following variations of outfits:

Greek style wedding dresses
  • Prom and wedding dresses with a year skirt and top, decorated with straps or without them at all, look very aristocratic and sophisticated. Models that do not have straps at all are an example of solemn and truly royal vestments, especially if the neckline is additionally decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or openwork caps;
  • Greek style dresses for children and adults can be equipped with single and thin straps, or be complemented by wide, crossed and double straps;
  • Cutting of a dress, sustained in the Greek style, can provide for a low cut on the back, which will become its main and intriguing decoration. This design technique manages to emphasize the ideal skin color of the bride and the fragility of her figure. The neckline itself can be decorated with ribbons, lacing, stones, rhinestones and other elements;
  • Courageous and self-confident ladies can buy an outfit in which the open back will be even below the waistline, and the edges of the neckline are decorated with hand-made embroidery or openwork caps. In order for such an outfit to acquire the necessary rigidity in the upper part, the bodice is strengthened with hard cups, as a result of which the bride looks even more extravagant and impressive;
  • Fully lace dresses for children and adults in the Greek style - is an example of purity and tenderness. Usually, the cutting of such a garment implies open shoulders and arms, drapery with silk or chiffon, ornate folds and other decorative elements;
  • Greek dresses, equipped with long trains, surprisingly change a woman's gait, giving her a regal and smooth movement;
  • Since the main concept of Greek outfits is restraint and sophistication, it is better not to overload them with golden elements, but use silver trims in the form of scallops, buckles, beads, rimmed pearls, and so on.

Every year, Greek style wedding dresses undergo a new metamorphosis. And now dresses with the longest veil and transparent capes are considered the standard of beauty and chic. But no matter what option is chosen, a woman still gets a real opportunity to become like an ancient goddess, even if only for one day.

Top 20 Trendy Greek Goddess Wedding Dresses

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