How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks On The Greek Diet

Greek diet - eat deliciously and lose weight

It is known that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region suffer from diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, obesity, and diabetes much less often than the population of the rest of Europe. And also, according to statistics, fewer others suffer from cancer. And the reason is not only in the southern maritime climate, but also in the special diet that has developed on the Balkan Peninsula.

Nutritionists have called this system the Greek diet. They also argue that the nutritional system that helps to lose weight and improve the body as a whole is available to other inhabitants of the Earth. Especially it has a positive effect if you make food on it a way of life forever.

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Basic rules

Greek diet - eat deliciously and lose weight

The main difference between the Greek diet for weight loss from others is that it does not guarantee quick results and promises no more than two kilograms of weight in one week. Since its main task is not to lose excess body weight, but to re-adjust the digestive system.

The basis of Greek nutrition is foods rich in carbohydrates - coarse bread, durum wheat pasta, cereals, soybeans and legumes.

The Greek diet divides food into distinct groups. The main group means foods that are eaten every day. The next one contains those that you need to eat every other day.

And the last group contains products that are allowed no more than 1-3 times per month:

  • The first group is durum wheat pasta, black bread, various cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits; the list also includes nuts and seeds, herbs, milk and yoghurts, olive oil, cheese and dry red wine - 2-3 glasses a day, water - 8 glasses;
  • The second group - fish and seafood, eggs, sweets;
  • The third group - poultry and meat, preferably lean fillets.

As you can see, the main set of products is quite affordable for our compatriots, and, in principle, often appears on our table.

Greek diet menu

Due to the variety of permitted products, you can easily compose a complete menu, which will include all the necessaryvitamins and nutrients that are useful for human life.

According to nutritionists, the main meal is breakfast. Everything eaten in the morning is easily digested and is not stored in fat reserves. Therefore, almost everything is allowed for a Mediterranean breakfast - cereals, pasta, sweets, potatoes and bread.

And the task of the next meals - lunch and dinner is to provide a person with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Greek diet - eat deliciously and lose weight

Therefore, the dishes should be low-fat, easily digestible, in the form of vegetables, boiled or stewed, supplemented with fish or seafood. Fruits, berries and nuts are best used for small snacks throughout the day.

In order for the body to get enough fat, it is best to eat nuts, avocados and salads seasoned with vegetable oil. A minimum of salt and sugar is allowed here.

Greek salad diet

One of the varieties of Mediterranean diets is meals based on the famous Greek salad. It also belongs to the category of slow diets. You won't lose weight instantly on it, but it still promises its adherents a stable two kilograms per week. The main principle of salad food for weight loss is to improve the work of digestion.

At the beginning of the diet, you need to revise your diet and delete from it such foods as sweets, flour products, fatty and spicy foods. Alcohol is allowed only in the form of a glass of dry red wine in the evening.

Place products with negative charge should replace those beneficial to the body. These include rice, fish and meat fillets, seafood, vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts. The staple food is Greek salad or the ingredients used to prepare it. Also don't forget about olive oil, cheese and feta cheese.

Breakfast with this diet can be left as old as you were used to before trying Mediterranean food. It would be a big plus to include vegetables or fruits, but that's up to you.

Second breakfast should include nuts and fruits. Lunch consists of the Greek feta cheese salad , olives and olive oil. Stew vegetables or a piece of lean meat as a side dish.

An afternoon snack resembles a lunch - berries, fruits, nuts. Dinner also includes Greek salad. It can be diversified with lettuce leaves, herbs, and served with fish or seafood as a side dish.

The diet is accompanied by plenty of drinking. From teas it is better to leave green, to exclude coffee altogether. The basis of drinking is ordinary filtered water or mineral still water.

Greek Sheep Yogurt Diet

A yogurt diet should lead to significant weight loss, so it is suitable for those who do not want to wait long for results. The yoghurt diet is divided into two different types of food. One of them is the crash diet. In this weight loss method, only yoghurts are allowed.

It is limited in time and should last no more than two weeks. Its base is low-fat, naturally sugar-free, low-calorie, low-fat sheep milk yogurt.

Greek diet - eat deliciously and lose weight

The second - a safe yogurt diet - can last at least a lifetime. It includes the use of yogurt in food only three times a day, the rest of the diet should consist exclusively of natural and fresh low-calorie foods - greens, fruits, vegetables, seafood, fish, etc.

Yogurt can be eaten as an independent dish, or you can add it to various vegetable and fruit salads, use in preparing main dishes.

How are Greek diets different from others? The fact that they include a variety of products and offer not only healthy but also delicious dishes.

With such a diet, of course, you won't lose weight quickly, but you won't stay hungry and angry either. In the opinion of many nutritionists, he is an excellent example of proper nutrition. Well, the reviews of women who tried it are the most positive. Try it yourself. Enjoy your meal and lose weight!

Lose Weight & Eat Like a God/Goddess | 'The Greek Diet' by Maria Loi & Sarah Toland

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