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Glamorous girl: image, style, character

The image of a glamorous girl includes shiny well-groomed hair, perfect hairstyle and manicure, relaxing in nightclubs, fashionable clothes, jewelry, well-groomed face and chiseled figure. Glamorous phones are even produced for such girls.

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What means a glamorous girl?

Glamorous girl: image, style, character

The concept of glamor is constantly used in the daily life of modern people.

It's just not clear where the meaning of this word lies? Translated from English glamor is translated as charm, captivity, charm, romance.

So what does a glamorous girl mean? This is the girl who captivates and enchants everyone. She is seductive, fashionable, showy, chic.

Meanwhile, this word does not mean something new. Such women existed even before the formation of the term glamor . They called themselves differently and met not only among actresses, but also in ordinary life. They were characterized by the same outstanding beauty and well-groomed appearance.

What difficulties do glamorous beauties face?

Merlin Monroe is considered the first such girl. She had all the signs of glamor: she had a bright as a flash, but a short life, filled not only with fame, but also with tears.

Unfortunately, glamorous girls nowadays have many problems with their personal lives, namely:

Glamorous girl: image, style, character
  1. Women. Glamorous beauties do not have real friends, but only those who are not inferior to her in fashion. The rest, having met better, begin to hate them. Firstly, for the impudent character, whims and constant dissatisfaction with something. Secondly, any normal girl will have a negative attitude towards a more attractive competitor, since it is her that male gaze will always be directed;
  2. Men. They like to look at such girls, even in the presence of their own wife, but not everyone can have one. Mostly men are afraid of strong and independent girls, because they need to match, which is not very easy.

How to become a glamorous girl?

First of all, you need to forget about all the frank and cheap things. Stylish people wear only expensive and branded clothes. Therefore, such a girl needs to distinguish between high-quality and good things, carefully studying the label, understanding modern brands.ah.

A stylish girl should always look well-groomed and be dressed in neat clothes. Preference is given only to natural materials from cotton, silk or wool. It is recommended to avoid synthetics.

Glamorous girl: image, style, character

When choosing clothes and phones, you should not pay attention only to fashion trends. If, for example, jeans do not fit a woman's figure, but are the trend of this season, it is better to refuse them. Things should fit the girl perfectly, hiding flaws and highlighting her dignity.

Particular attention is paid to accessories - expensive and stylish. It should be remembered that the main advantage is quality, so a pendant made of expensive metal will look much better than cheap plastic earrings studded with rhinestones.

Do not overdo it with makeup. It is necessary to emphasize the natural beauty, not paint the face. Do not forget about your hairstyle, your hair should look well-groomed and healthy. Natural hair color looks very fashionable.

To look trendy and modern, you can take style lessons from established fashion experts.

As a rule, these are famous actresses and singers.

Signs of a glamorous girl

The first sign of a glamorous woman is femininity, so it's better to forget about sports style. Glamorous clothes for girls should consist of classic skirts, trousers and dresses that will be combined with high heels. It is not necessary to wear high heels, medium heels will do.

The second sign is romance. Lightweight fabrics, neatly styled hair will help create just that style. The third sign of a glamorous girl is a seductive appearance. The main thing is to avoid clothes that are too revealing, otherwise the image of not a glamorous, but a slutty girl will be created.

So, to understand how to look a really glamorous girl, you need to follow 5 rules:

Glamorous girl: image, style, character
  • natural beauty;
  • a sense of proportion and taste;
  • selection of expensive and stylish things;
  • focusing on the best examples of fashion;
  • knowing your personality.

Becoming glamorous is not easy, but possible. Just don't lose your personality. After all, having only a bright appearance, you can be considered a beautiful doll that is fashionable to dress and no more.

Only having your own flavor can you become the subject of male sighs and an example for others.

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