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For what reasons does the turtle refuse to eat?

pet most of us mean a cat or dog. But some people choose to become the owner of a more exotic animal - a parrot, lizard or turtle.

For what reasons does the turtle refuse to eat?

Domestic turtle owners often contact their veterinarians with a problem that they have stopped eating. Let's see what might be causing this change.

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What is the reason for refusing food?

Having discovered that the turtle does not eat anything for a long time, the concerned owner wants to know why this is happening. First of all, you should know that this exotic animal is cold-blooded, so its metabolism can be greatly reduced.

Adults at high temperatures - above 25 degrees, often refuse food for up to 2-3 months. During the period when the animal does not eat anything, it loses a third of its weight due to the burning of its own fat layer. It also happens that it refuses to eat in the spring, usually due to the development of certain diseases.

Fasting is not excluded due to the change in the conditions of its habitat. Veterinarians note that fasting in the autumn-winter period is considered a natural process due to the decrease in the amount of light.

If this factor is the reason for the hunger strike, you should increase the temperature in the cage, as a result of which the turtle will normalize its metabolism and will eat as before.

After an increase in temperature, a healthy animal usually starts eating after a few weeks, if this has not happened, you should take your pet to a veterinarian for examination. There is another problem that the domestic turtle can refuse to eat - constipation.

Puberty is an important factor affecting the appetite of an exotic pet. Males lose their appetite, however, during this period they behave overly actively, so there is no reason for concern. Often hunger is caused by adapting to new conditions, when a person just acquires a pet.

Why isn't the red-eared turtle eating?

The red-eared turtle is a whimsical exotic animal prone to various diseases. Often the owners of eof that pet complain about their friend's prolonged starvation. It should be remembered that a properly composed diet is the key to the healthy development of your pet.

For food, it is necessary to use special mixtures of plant and animal food, especially in young individuals, whose body has not been fully formed.

A common reason a red-eared turtle doesn’t eat is when it is prematurely switched to food intended for adults. Only adults and well-developed members of this reptile family can be given boiled or raw eggs and fish.

In order to exclude the development of problems with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract of this representative of the fauna, you should know what the domestic turtle eats, and what it needs to be protected from.

The diet should include:

  • algae;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • salad;
  • cabbage.

Some people feed their pets with dry food intended for dogs or cats, but this should not be done, since it contains the wrong trace elements that this animal needs. When asking your vet why your turtle isn't eating anything, make sure you feed it properly.

Land Turtle Fasting

For what reasons does the turtle refuse to eat?

The land turtle, unlike the water turtle, is highly susceptible to the development of various diseases. Due to improper nutrition, representatives of this species of animals may develop stomatitis, diabetes mellitus or eye diseases.

However, if your pet refuses to eat, this does not always mean that he is sick. The fact is that representatives of this species of reptiles are subject to stresses that arise against the background of a change in habitat, a change in weather, and a decrease in temperature. In addition, they may refuse to eat because the food you are offering simply does not suit them.

How do I get the animal to eat?

Everyone wants to know what to do if a turtle does not eat. If your turtle has stopped eating, check to see if it's time for it to hibernate. Usually these animals are active in summer, and in winter they go for a long sleep. But there are exceptions, so this pet can sleep at other times.

This happens if the animal ate well in spring and early summer. You just need to leave it alone, it is better to place it in a box with dry leaves and place it in a cool place without drafts.

If the animal is awake, but not eating, it is likely that you are giving it the wrong food. Try feeding your pet lettuce or dandelion leaves. It is possible that he will refuse this too, then give me a tomato.

Pet owners noticedand that the turtle always eats tomatoes with pleasure, but if the intestines are full, then it will refuse this product too. If the intestines are overcrowded, veterinarians recommend making a bath , for this, pour warm boiled water into a small container, place the animal in it so that its nostrils are above the water.

This procedure solves two problems: cleanse the intestines and quench thirst, since refusal to eat can be caused by the desire to drink.

Sometimes these cold-blooded reptiles do not eat due to the fact that their beak begins to grow, which must be carefully trimmed with nail tongs, but before that, be sure to consult a specialist.

A regrown beak can be a sign of calcium deficiency, the problem can be solved by such actions :

  • Give a piece of chalk;
  • Expose to the sun regularly;
  • Irradiate with ultraviolet lamp.
For what reasons does the turtle refuse to eat?

A pet will not eat if the temperature of its habitat is below + 18 ° C, because in such conditions its digestive enzymes do not work. It needs to be warmed up by turning on an ultraviolet lamp or heating device.

At low temperatures, food in the stomach is not digested and begins to rot. Knowing how much turtles may not eat, you can save yourself from worries about the development of diseases in your pet, however, you should immediately find the reason for this animal behavior.

If you have such an exotic animal in your home, and it refuses to eat, keep track of how long the hunger strike lasts to rule out the development of serious diseases.

How to get your turtle to eat. What to do if he refuses food.

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