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Flowers for balcony boxes

It is much easier for residents of private houses and owners of private plots to create a paradise from flowers, which cannot be said about apartment owners. But if you do not have your own land, you can plant flowers right on the balcony in decorative boxes. A mini flower garden will allow you to create coziness on the balcony and decorate the facade with a carpet of a wide variety of colors.

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Flowers for balcony boxes

Planting ornamental plants does not take much time, and with proper crop care, the balcony can be completely transformed in a couple of months.

How to properly plant flowers and ornamental foliage plants in balcony boxes? In fact, the process is very simple, so even those who first decided to start breeding flowering plants will cope with it.

It is easy to plant ornamental crops, but it is advisable to follow a few simple rules that will allow you to tastefully arrange flower arrangements. The very same planting of balcony flowers takes place in three stages:

Create drain

As a rule, decorative flowers are planted in special boxes. To do this, small pieces of bricks, expanded clay, and gravel are placed on the bottom of the container. In this case, you need to ensure that the holes made in the boxes are not clogged, otherwise excess moisture will not escape from the container.

Such a system allows you to remove excess water from the soil, and also helps to protect it from drying out. The drainage layer should not be too thick, no more than 4-5 cm. This is enough to protect the plant roots from rotting.


It is also necessary to distribute the soil in the box correctly, this will allow ornamental vegetation to take root faster.

It's done like this:

  1. First of all, a little nutrient soil is laid on the drainage layer. To do this, you can use both the land purchased in the store and collected from the garden;
  2. Next, you need to try the plant. At the same time, the nutrient layer should be at least 1-2 cm below the side of the container. This procedure is simply necessary, because when planting the above level, the plant risks drying out, below it - rotting.


Flowers for balcony boxes

This stage is finalm, it is he who assumes the planting of crops and the design of flower arrangements.

In this case, it is imperative to take into account the height of the plants, especially if you use wide boxes, where flowers are planted in several rows. Ampelous plants will look best in the foreground, tall flowers in the background, and low-growing decorative bushes in the middle.

Compositions in which there is no clear geometry look good, so it is advisable to plant crops not in even rows, but mixed. Then, in the islets not filled with bushes, you need to fill up the soil at the level with the edge of the box. After that, you should water the newly formed flower bed, but only so that the soil is not wet, but moist.

Composition options

For a competent floral design of balconies, it is advisable to use certain planting schemes that allow you to create a harmonious atmosphere and comfort. In this case, it is necessary to select the right plants for one composition.

The most interesting planting schemes, discussed below, will help you not only beautifully decorate a window sill or facade, but also bring your own creative ideas to life:

Flowers for balcony boxes
  • Composition for sunny places: Recently, asymmetric placement of decorative crops has come into fashion. The red zone on the right side is represented by pelargonium and kufei, which are harmoniously combined with a yellow spot in the center of bright evening primrose. The immortelle with silvery flowers makes this idea especially attractive;
  • Fragrant composition: Purple and fragrant geranium inflorescences (1) are perfectly combined with a blue scevola carpet (2), and they are complemented by a pale pink ampelous geranium (3), which is the first to catch the eye;
  • Floral minimalism: Ample petunia in delicate lilac tones looks charming surrounded by purple flowers. These cultures are practically not afraid of bad weather, so they will delight you with their beauty even on rainy days. A bright accent of the minimalist idea is the yellow immortelle, which blooms until the last months of autumn;
  • Ampel ensemble: Lush bushes contrast beautifully and create a wonderful composition. This fabulous performance of ampelous plants is ideal for semi-shaded places.

What crops to grow on the balcony?

Many growers, carried away by the process of breeding ornamental bushes, forget that a lot of space is needed for the normal development of crops. But it is precisely this feature that does not allow placing a large number of different plants on the balconies. At the same time, experts do not recommend planting flowers closely, because then the soil in the boxes is quickly depleted, and crops do not give abundant flowering.

Flowers for balcony boxes should be chosen wisely so that their decorative role in the interior is 100% fulfilled:

  • Annual cultcheers. Flowers such as marigolds, godetia or nasturtium are ideal for decorating a loggia or balcony. Despite the fact that crops are annual, their rapid development will only delight you. For growing flowers, it is best to use purchased seedlings. Then the inflorescences will appear quickly enough. Otherwise, you will have to buy seeds that need to be sown around March, and stored in a cool and bright place until sprouts appear;
  • Carpet cultures. For a beautiful design of facades, it is best to use curly types of decorative vegetation. Annual vines are perfect for these purposes. To give them the desired direction of growth, special lattices and supports are used.

Balcony flowers are a wonderful way to decorate balconies, loggias and window sills. This activity will bring not only a lot of pleasure, but also benefit. After all, with the help of ornamental vegetation, you can beautifully decorate balcony railings, creating original compositions from climbing and bush crops.

Floriculture will appeal to many hostesses who seek to create harmony and comfort in their home.

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