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Flossing hair removal: a great alternative to tweezers

No one will ever know who invented such a way to remove unwanted hairs on the body, but there is a version that a similar method of depilation was invented in ancient Persia. The Persians attached particular importance to female beauty and smooth skin has always been their ideal.

If you can't get a good and high-quality tweezers, then you should master this simple technique and pluck eyebrows, remove hard and black hairs on the face above the lip with a thread. Plus, it's a great alternative to expensive salon hair removal.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method

There are many advantages to flossing hair. First of all, this procedure captivates with its cost, or rather, its complete absence, because there are threads in every woman's house, and nothing else is required for this.

Flossing hair removal: a great alternative to tweezers

In addition, owners of sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions can finally refuse to use chemical and mechanical means that injure the epidermis and adversely affect its condition. The thread allows you to remove hairs in any, even the most inaccessible places, and this is another plus.

Tweezers are not always easy to use, as they allow you to pull out only one, maximum 2 hairs at a time, and the thread captures several hairs at once and significantly reduces the time for eyebrow correction.

The disadvantages of this method include some pain, but it is inherent in any method of hair removal.

In addition, there are contraindications to the use of a thread to remove hair on a face covered with open wounds, as there is a risk of introducing an infection. It is not customary to remove vegetation from benign neoplasms - moles, papillomas, warts, etc.

Vegetation removal technique step by step

With regard to learning how to remove hair with a thread, there is nothing complicated here. You don't need to be a great mathematician or have seven spans in your forehead to figure out how to twist the thread and pick it up correctly. But this is not the starting point: starting with steaming the skin.

Hair removal, as well as other available means, involves taking a bath or shower. If you have a steamer, soak your face in its bowl for about 15 minutes. This is necessary so that the pores open under the influence of hot air, and the hair follicles can easily leave their homes under direct exposure.

Treat areas with vegetation with some kind of tonic, preferably alcohol for high-quality disinfection and degreasing.

Now start removing hair with a thread:

Flossing hair removal: a great alternative to tweezers
  • you will need a piece of regular thick cotton thread 55-60 cm long. Tie the ends together and insert your index fingers and thumbs into this makeshift ring;
  • stretch this circle and twist it about the middle 8-10 times. You should have an infinity sign with one part slightly larger than the other;
  • learning this process is easy. To remove hairs with a thread, it is necessary to press the twisted area against the skin covered with vegetation, and alternately bring and spread the fingers so that the center of this figure of eight moves, grabbing the ends of the hairs and removing them from the skin surface .

When mastering the technique of hair removal with a thread, first practice somewhere in a place that is more comfortable and invisible to the eye, for example, on your legs. Then proceed to the correction of the eyebrows and make sure that only unwanted hairs fall into the curled zone, and not those that enter the bulk of the eyebrows or, God forbid, eyelashes.

At first, working with a thread will be inconvenient and not everything will turn out smoothly at once, but over time you will get used to it, and removing hairs with a thread will become your favorite way of depilation. The main thing is to have patience and not try to manage too short hair, which has not yet had time to grow enough to get into the center of the twisted figure eight.

Now, anywhere and at any time, you can correct the shape of your eyebrows or remove hard black hair, it is not clear where it came from on your face at the most crucial moment, when there are no tweezers in your purse, and from minute to minute important negotiations or a date with loved one.

Ordinary cotton thread will allow you to always be at your best and look your 100%! Good luck!

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