3 Exercises to Tone Up Your Legs According to Your Leg Shape

First steps to a perfect body: correcting problem legs

Among the fair sex, there are rare persons who are completely satisfied with their figure. Moreover, it is not only plumpers who crave body correction, but their thin opponents . Usually, overweight in a woman is localized in three main areas: the shoulder girdle, waist and hips. Less common are problematic knees and calves.

First steps to a perfect body: correcting problem legs

However, such a defect still exists, and it is sadly the hardest to deal with it. How can you lose weight in knees and calves? Undoubtedly, an integrated approach is important here, as in any other weight loss.

Getting rid of body fat by testing different thermal belts and miracle pills from the pharmacy, zealously advertised by manufacturers, is impossible.

Therefore, prepare yourself in advance for a rigorous dietary, lifestyle and exercise routine.

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Nutritional advice

Every nutritionist and fitness instructor knows that knees and calves are the hardest to correct. Moreover, excess body fat accumulates in these zones not at all due to banal physical inactivity or overeating.

This is due to fluid retention in the lower extremities. Few people know that it is for this reason that flabbiness and orange peel begin to appear on their lovely legs, and the caviar is filled with volume, acquiring an edematous and massive appearance. It is much harder to get rid of excess fluid than to get rid of excess fat, although the former provokes the latter.

How to lose weight in your knees by rationalizing your diet?

First steps to a perfect body: correcting problem legs
  • The first thing that you will have to resolutely refuse is products that retain water in the tissues. These include all pickles, pickled vegetables, smoked meats, sausages, too spicy, salty and spicy dishes. Canned food should not be eaten, and this applies not only to canned fish or meat, but also corn, green peas, beans, etc .;
  • You will also have to limit the amount of salt you consume to a minimum. We understand that this is not easy, but nevertheless, you should make an effort on yourself and try to give up the white death at least for a while. If you are completely unbearable - buy yourself iodized sea salt, and add it to your meals a pinch. In any case, it is much more useful than ordinary table or table salt;
  • Sweet and starchy foods are the cause of almost all the troubles of the beautiful half of humanity. On the other hand, what girl doesn't like chocolate? Be smart about your choice of sweets. Replace white sugar with unrefined brown sugar and try to limit your regular intake. Instead of rolls and sweets, lean on fresh fruits and dried fruits, but eat them wisely - mainly in the morning. From gastronomic sweets, bitter concentrated chocolate, Turkish delight, marshmallows, marmalade and marshmallow will suit you. Snack on nuts or natural yogurt;
  • Any problem of excess weight is solved by strict restriction of animal fats. If you have problems with obesity, you will have to give up fatty dairy and fermented milk products, limit the consumption of red meat, completely exclude butter and margarine from your menu. At the same time, the deficiency of unsaturated acids will be compensated for by the same nuts (optimally - cashews, walnuts or almonds; it is better to refuse hazelnuts), as well as unrefined vegetable oils (olive, flaxseed, etc.). The latter should be consumed one tablespoon per day in pure form;
  • Increase the amount of pure protein in your diet and stay moderately low in calories. Alas, without limiting calorie intake, fat will not rush to leave the problem area, even if you tirelessly exhaust yourself with exercises and eat only in the morning.

You should also limit yourself to some drinks. For example, high-calorie alcoholic drinks are unlikely to contribute to slimness. But clean drinking water can organize it by itself.

Be sure to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of purified non-mineral water per day. It is also worth starting the day with a glass of water - drink it without getting out of bed, and after 20-30 minutes start breakfast.

If diet doesn't work?

First steps to a perfect body: correcting problem legs

How to lose weight in the legs above the knees if diet does not help? If you really adhere to all the rules of a healthy diet, but the fat does not even think to leave your legs, it is advisable to do zonal exercises that dry out the muscles and give them relief.

If this option also turned out to be powerless against the fullness of the legs, you should contact an endocrinologist: it is quite possible that the reason for your testslemma lies not at all in nutritional factors, but in hormonal imbalance.

And most importantly, in order to avoid further weight gain, you must choose the optimal long-term diet for yourself. No need to go all out and starve your body.

Such measures are good only for a short distance, and your task is not only to achieve, but also to maintain the effect. Therefore, a healthy balanced diet should become your basic rule for a long period of body correction.

General Sports Rules

The ideal foot sport is running. It helps to quickly lose weight in calves and achieve results in a short time. Of course, we are not talking about sprinting, but about jogging long distances.

First steps to a perfect body: correcting problem legs

If you are unable to run, practice at least race walking. Try to walk more often - this is the best dosed exercise option, allowing you to gently get rid of the fat layer in the calves.

Be sure to do yourself a nightly massage to normalize lymphatic drainage in the lower extremities. Actively stroke and massage from the bottom up - from the ankle to the knee.

A contrast shower may not completely solve your problem, but it will certainly do you a good service in eliminating sagging skin and relieving fatigue from your legs.

Isolated leg correction exercises

The area of ​​the knee joint is surrounded by the muscles of the lower leg and thigh, which should be worked out to make the legs slim and attractive. The problem of massive calf muscles and flabby knees, oddly enough, is often faced by athletes.

First steps to a perfect body: correcting problem legs

If you were engaged in intense activity, and then abruptly stopped them, do not be surprised at the appearance of fat in these parts of the body.

Everything lends itself to correction if you approach it wisely. Just pumping your muscles will not achieve anything, or even harm the aesthetics of your figure. Subcutaneous fat always accumulates around a dense muscle, which makes it even more massive. Therefore, it is so important to combine dosed isolated loads with a sensible diet.

What local knee weight loss exercises should you do?

  • Stand on your toes and stretch your torso up. In the same position, start walking in place. Move smoothly to run, raising your knees as high as possible. Exercise starting from 1.5-2 minutes, gradually adding 30 seconds per day;
  • The static plank exercise known to all fitness queens and ordinary housewives can help you. Just hover off the floor, resting on your socks and forearms. Hold in this position for at least a minute. Add time daily;
  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. It is desirable that you have a large mirror in front of you when performing. Pull your knee towards your chest, then turn it to the side and gently lower your leg. Do 15-20 reps per kawaiting side, preferably at a fast pace;
  • Stand up straight on your toes. Stretch up, then sit down and transfer your weight to your heels, smoothly returning to the starting position;
  • Lie on your back and bend your legs so your calves are parallel to the floor. Stretch your legs one by one and try to reach with your toes towards the ceiling. Do 50 reps on both legs.
First steps to a perfect body: correcting problem legs

Be sure to use massage rollers and gloves when heading to the shower. Rubbing with salt and coffee scrubs with the addition of citrus essential oils helps well.

And in the fight against problem calves, an ordinary trivial rope is perfect for you. True, you should not overdo it with its use - long-term intense vibrations are not very useful for female gynecological organs.

Yoga, Pilates, Callanetics and Step Aerobics are ideal for leg correction.

Remember: the main thing is to get down to business with intelligence and proper motivation. Let your feet match your inner standard!

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