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Feng Shui for home - basic rules and useful tips

Everyone should feel comfort, happiness and prosperity in their home. Unfortunately, in reality this is not always the case. In most cases, positive energy in our apartments is almost constantly at rest and cannot be activated on its own. To help her do this, it is necessary to organize the entire environment according to the rules of feng shui for the home.

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Golden Rules of Feng Shui for Home

First of all, in order to create an atmosphere of harmony and well-being in the house, you need to assess how the furnishings of your home correspond to the golden rules of feng shui:

Feng Shui for home - basic rules and useful tips
  • there should be no old, unused or broken things in the house. Collect all the trash in a large box and put it in the trash. This will create space in your home for new energy. In feng shui, this is also very important for attracting money to the house;
  • an octagonal or round mirror must be hung above the front door. This is a great way to get rid of evil eyes, damage and curses. In addition, if a person carrying negative energy enters your apartment, the mirror will be able to return it back to the owner;
  • in feng shui, the entrance to the house should be in the southeast, and the back of the house should be facing north. Unfortunately, in the conditions of modern life, in most cases, we cannot change the location of the house to the cardinal points, as is required by feng shui, but we can change other moments related to the situation in the apartment;
  • the front door must be made of wood. In addition, both inside and outside the entrance to the house must be well lit;
  • special attention should be paid to the living room and hallway areas when cleaning the house. These rooms should always be clean, light and free;
  • the furniture you sleep on should be close to a wall or any partition. There can be no empty space behind the headboard of your bed or sofa - it robs you of self-confidence and knocks out support from under your feet;
  • the oldest family members should sleep in the largest room in the house and vice versa.

What layout of the house should be according to feng shui?

If you are planning to buy a new apartment or build a house, try to immediately take into account some recommendations regarding the correct layout of the house. This way you can ensurecomfort, harmony, prosperity and well-being in your family.

The shape of a house or apartment should, if possible, resemble a square or be as close to it as possible.

Feng Shui for home - basic rules and useful tips

Don't build a building in the form of letters P , G or N - this makes it difficult to move the flow of positive energy.

Inside the house, the doors should not be located opposite each other. Also, do not place the door opposite the window. In this case, positive energy, getting into such a room, will instantly evaporate from it. If in your apartment the window is located directly opposite the door, and you can no longer change this, you can easily fix this by placing a pot with a large large-leaved flower, for example, ficus, on the windowsill.

According to Feng Shui, plants located in the house on the window are an obstacle to the flow of energy and prevent it from flying out of the room. In addition, when opening the front door to a house or apartment, you should not immediately see the kitchen. This can provoke a leak of financial well-being. An excellent solution would be a straight corridor connecting the hallway and the bedroom.

Finally, if you are building a two-story house, consider the following rule: placing the bedroom above the bathroom or toilet will definitely lead to sleep disturbances and a deterioration in the general well-being of the residents of the house.

Living Room Feng Shui

According to feng shui, the living room should be located in the center of the house. In addition, it should be the largest and most spacious room, because all family members and invited guests gather at a common table in it. The living room needs to be very well lit both during the day and in the evening. It is desirable that this room has a large window on the sunny side. A chandelier should be placed in the center of the ceiling, and other light sources on the sides.

Usually in modern families, the focus of energy in the living room is the TV or home theater.

Try to position this most important fixture according to the following rules:

Feng Shui for home - basic rules and useful tips
  • the south facing TV attracts respect, fame and recognition;
  • in the southeast - helps to attract money and financial well-being;
  • in the southwest - provides love, mutual respect and good relations between family members;
  • other directions in this situation will be neutral.

Upholstered furniture - sofas and armchairs - should be located with the back to the wall, so that there is no door or window behind it. In addition, there must be potted plants in the living room. Flowers with rounded or oval leaves that grow upwards should be preferred. The drooping leaves of plants are believed to ground energy.

How to decorate a dining room in feng shui?

According to feng shui, the dining room should be located as close to the kitchen as possible. It should be pretty simpletorn and light room. A cramped, dark and overcrowded dining room will attract poverty and financial insolvency into the home.

The dining table should not have sharp and right angles. A round or oval piece of furniture is best suited for this. A square or rectangular table should at least be covered with a tablecloth so that the corners are not visible. In addition, the table, window and door cannot be located on the same imaginary line.

There must be a mirror in the dining room. First, it is designed to double the amount of food on the table, thereby providing an influx of energy of financial well-being and abundance. Secondly, it contributes to the visual expansion of the room, making it more spacious.

Feng Shui for home - basic rules and useful tips

In addition, one of the main talismans of feng shui - moths - can be placed in the dining room. According to feng shui, moths in the house contribute to the flow of money and help to fulfill the cherished dreams of each of its inhabitants.

It is best to hang the figures of these insects on thin strings on a chandelier to create the illusion of their fluttering.

Moths also symbolize the wisdom of the main family member, so they must be placed in his bedroom or study.

There are many more different rules and nuances associated with the most favorable feng shui home environment. Some of them directly depend on the signs of the zodiac and the dates of birth of family members.

If you are seriously concerned about attracting positive energy and money to your home, invite a professional feng shui consultant who can quickly determine what needs to be changed in your home, which layout is best suited.

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