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Features of cooking red borscht with beets

Borsch is one of the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, somewhat reminiscent of the Italian Minestrone soup with its richness and aroma. By the way, it is thanks to such an amazing combination of various vegetable ingredients that this soup will be very tasty, even if you do not add meat to it. And one more feature: you need to cook this soup in large pots, because after a night in the refrigerator, this dish becomes even more delicious.

Features of cooking red borscht with beets

There are quite a few ways to prepare borscht. The most interesting thing is that if you make according to the same recipe as your mother, then the taste will still be different. So it turns out that every housewife puts a piece of her individuality into this type of soup, making it unique.

Now let's talk about some cooking secrets. To begin with, all products must be fresh, of high quality and prepared in advance, so that you do not rush around the kitchen in panic looking for potatoes or beets.

Speaking of beets, if you want to add a red color to your soup just by using beets, then you need to choose darker table varieties. But if you decide to include tomatoes in the list of ingredients, then you can opt for pink soup beets. The same goes for the consistency, if you chose a boiling variety, the soup will be thick.

As for meat, it should be fresh and clean without any streaks. If you like rich borscht, then it is desirable that the meat contains a small amount of fat. But this is entirely optional.

If you decide to make chicken broth soup, then it is better to opt for poultry. She's not that fat. In order for the broth to turn out strong, the meat must be cooked for at least two hours.

And one more little piece of advice: in order for the broth to turn out transparent, cook it over low heat, not letting it boil. Otherwise, foam will form and the broth will turn out cloudy.

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Several features of cooking borscht

When you start cooking this dish, you need to know that acidic foods such as tomato or acidified beets slow down the cooking of cabbage or potatoes. Therefore, you should add these ingredients at the very end so that all other products have time to cook.

The same slowdown occurs if the dish is salted too early. Therefore, try to add spices five minutes before the floornoisy readiness. And one more thing about spices: when cooking borscht, you should not add too many spices.

The best choice would be bay leaf (do not forget to throw it out later), black pepper, herbs and garlic. Of course, you can add some more spices, but be careful not to spoil the taste and smell of the dish.

As for the thickness, then you need to cut all the ingredients into large pieces, because otherwise your soup dish threatens to turn into porridge. And in large pieces, more vitamins are stored, so this soup will even be much healthier.

How to serve red borscht correctly

Features of cooking red borscht with beets

It is best to serve borscht hot, because this way you can convey all the subtleties of the taste of your dish. In addition, you can add fresh herbs, finely chopped boiled egg to improve the taste.

Instead of bread, you can serve unsweetened pastries such as rolls, unsweetened cheesecakes, garlic donuts.

Particular attention should be paid to the dishes, they should keep the temperature well, so that the soup does not cool down quickly and your household or guests can stretch the pleasure as long as possible. After all, such a culinary masterpiece should be eaten slowly, enjoying its unique taste. And now we'll talk about several recipes for making borscht.

Red Siberian borscht with beets

To prepare this type, we need 800 grams of beef broth, 80 grams of cabbage, 50 grams of onions, one tablespoon of vinegar, 20 grams of ghee, 40 grams of beans, two small cloves of garlic, 150 grams of ground beef, two or three potatoes , one carrot, two beets, 30 grams of tomato puree, a small bunch of dill, one egg.

Now let's proceed directly to cooking:

  • Beans should be soaked in cold water for about eight hours. After this period, rinse it under running water, fill it with hot water and cook until tender, without adding salt;
  • Finely chop the onion and carrot. First, fry the onion until golden brown, then add the carrots to the pan. The total browning time should be approximately five minutes. After the onions and carrots are ready, add tomato puree to the pan and heat the resulting dressing over low heat for another three to four minutes;
  • It's time to get busy with beets. Cut it into strips, put in a skillet with a little ghee and lightly fry over low heat. Then add a few tablespoons of broth, a teaspoon of sugar, a third of the vinegar. Stew the beets until they are almost completely softened.

While our dressings are stewing, put a large saucepan with broth on the fire and add cabbage to it. After the broth has boiled, add the potatoes. Bring the broth to a boil again. After ten minutes add the cooked dressings, beans, garlicok and spices and cook the soup for another ten minutes.

And now the fun part: making meatballs. To do this, you need to pass the minced meat with onions through a meat grinder, and then mix with a raw egg, water, salt and pepper. From the resulting mixture, form meatballs and cook them for fifteen minutes in slightly salted water. Meatballs are put into borscht when it is already poured into a plate.

To enhance the taste, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs on top and add a spoonful of sour cream. So our Siberian borsch is ready!

Red borscht recipe with prunes and beets

This recipe is radically different from the previous one and will appeal to real gourmets. To prepare it, you will need four tablespoons of walnuts, 300 grams of potatoes, one bell pepper, 200 grams of beets, one tablespoon of tomato puree, several sprigs of parsley, 200 grams of cabbage, one onion, some vegetable oil, 200 grams of prunes, sour cream, salt, pepper.

Features of cooking red borscht with beets

We start cooking with prunes. You need to wash it thoroughly, remove the bones, pour cold water and boil. While our prunes are boiling, put a pot of water on the fire, bring the water to a boil.

Throw in the finely chopped potatoes. After about ten minutes, add cabbage grated on a coarse grater to boiling water with half-boiled potatoes.

At the same time, we are preparing a dressing of onions, carrots and tomato paste. Five minutes until fully cooked, add the cooked dressing, prune water and finely chopped pepper to the pan. Cook for another five minutes, then salt and pepper to taste.

Serving red borscht in this case looks like this: pour a little soup into a plate, add one tablespoon of chopped walnuts, a few prunes and a little parsley. So our borsch with prunes is ready!

As you can see, making red borsch with beets according to the recipe is quite easy. It only takes time, strength and desire. Everything else will get better with practice. Good luck with all your culinary delights!

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