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Fats on the face

Quite often, young and mature people from time to time appear wen on the face. This common problem can occur in other areas of the skin as well. Small white nodules often appear under and around the eyes, on the cheeks, or above the eyebrows. Such small subcutaneous formations in medicine are also called milium or lipoma. Their appearance is associated with blockage of the sebaceous glands.

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Typical features

Fats on the face

Unlike blackheads, removing wen on the face by squeezing is ineffective. You can remove white formations in other ways, which will be discussed below.

The moment of the appearance of a fat lump may not be noticed, since in its initial form it is a small seal. In the final form, it can be from 1 mm to 10 cm in diameter.

Lipoma is a benign fatty tumor that can form at any age.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is harmless to humans and is just a cosmetic defect. Fats on the face or other parts of the body appear in both women and men. It is especially important to carefully remove lipomas on the face as they can leave small scars.

Removal of wen on the face is usually carried out in order to remove the unaesthetic formation under the skin. At the same time, treatment is recommended to be carried out in order to exclude, albeit small, but the risk of degeneration of benign cells into liposarcoma. Unfortunately, such cases are known in medicine.

Reasons for the appearance of education

There are various theories explaining the problem. It is not known for certain why she appears. Scientists differ on this score. According to one opinion, lipomas are a hereditary problem.

If a mother has a predisposition to the formation of fatty formations under the skin, then with a high probability it can be argued that they will appear in her child. According to another version, wen on the face appear as a consequenceno metabolic disturbances in the body or hormonal disruption.

Treatment - pros and cons

Often, men and women who are faced with the problem of the appearance of a lipoma on the face are wondering whether to leave everything as it is, or still remove the neoplasm. Everyone decides this issue individually. Still, there are more arguments for getting rid of the unaesthetic ball.

Fats on the face are absolutely painless, do not harm the body. On the other hand, it is not entirely correct to treat them exclusively as a cosmetic defect. It makes sense to remove the nodule before it starts to become inflamed and grow, threatening to turn into a real problem.

Fats on the face

Rubbing lipomas with cosmetics is not recommended. Masking with cosmetics can initiate inflammation of the formation, which, in turn, provokes its accelerated growth.

With inflammation, redness may form on the skin, most likely, aching pain will appear. In this state, the lipoma cannot be operated on. Removal of wen on the face is possible only after the inflammatory process has stopped and the swelling has subsided.

Folk remedies to relieve inflammation

In traditional medicine, there are recipes and recommendations for all occasions. The treatment of wen is no exception. The Kalanchoe leaf compress is the most effective way to remove swelling and inflammation caused by lipoma.

It is necessary to make a longitudinal section of the Kalanchoe leaf and attach a piece of plant to the site of the nodule formation. Cover the top with cling film. Keep such a compress for a long time - at least ten hours. Then the procedure is repeated.

The Kalanchoe leaf must be replaced twice a day. The procedure is carried out at least for a week, and if necessary, even longer.

An alternative way to stop the inflammatory process is treatment with golden mustache leaves. Applying compresses with this plant, you can completely remove the white subcutaneous balls on the face.

The protective film is removed from the golden mustache leaf and the resulting pulp is applied to the affected area. Cover the sheet with cling film and cotton cloth from above. Thus, a bathing effect with healing properties is obtained. You need to change the compress twice a day, carrying out the procedure as much as necessary, until the lipoma completely disappears.

Facial Cleansing Techniques

It is widely believed that you can remove lipoma with the help of mechanical face cleansing. However, in practice, this method is completely ineffective. Mechanical (or otherwise hygienic) facial cleansing is carried out after steaming the face. Specialists remove common acne on the skin with a special spoon, but do not affect the subcutaneous formations, which are the wen on the face.

What to do if mechanical cleaning in a beauty salon does not solve the problem?

Fats on the face

Can be cutHave a fat nodule in a hospital or cosmetic clinic with the services of a specialist surgeon. The complexity of the mini-operation will depend on the location of the formation and its size. First, it will be necessary to conduct a small study, pass the necessary tests to make sure of the benign nature of adipose tissues. It is important to be sure that removing the wen on the face will not harm the person.

Usually there are several possible treatments:

  • easy removal - carried out within ten minutes, if the formation is small;
  • endoscopic method - a quick way to hide scars from surgery;
  • laser treatment - more expensive, but the most effective and painless;
  • piercing with a special needle with the introduction of a special drug.

The downside of simple removal is the risk of scarring at the incision sites. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia (and sometimes under general anesthesia if there are many formations on the face). After the adipose tissue is scraped off, a cosmetic scar remains.

With the endoscopic method, the incision is made slightly from the side, and not on the fat globule itself. An incision scar can be hidden behind the ear or under the hairline. Thanks to the endoscope inserted under the skin, the specialist sees the whole picture from the inside and quickly scrapes out the lipoma capsule.

Laser treatment has the undoubted advantage that it does not leave scars and marks on the face. This method becomes a real salvation if the ball is formed under the eye or in the area of ​​the lips. The operation is completely painless.

Finally, piercing the wen is also a good alternative to solving the problem. A special preparation that is injected under the skin promotes the absorption of subcutaneous fat.

The procedure is painless with a single drawback - it will take about a month or two to wait until the nodule disappears.

Treatment at home does not always have the desired effect. Squeezing and attempts to pierce the skin with a needle can lead to lipoma suppuration, inflammation, redness and marks at the problem area. The general recommendation for the appearance of wen is to consult a specialist.

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