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Family harmony is the key to a happy and comfortable existence

When people enter a long-term relationship, they - even if the couple have passionate feelings - begins a joint lapping . Only those couples who have learned to create relationships in their cell of society that are equally comfortable for both can preserve their initial feelings. It is in such relationships that the harmony of family life lies.

Both partners are interested in continuing to live together, do not create situations in which one party feels disadvantaged.

So how to achieve harmony in family life, to increase the degree of comfort in the relationship?

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The woman is the keeper of the family hearth

Family harmony is the key to a happy and comfortable existence

Although they say that a man's word is law, the harmony of family life depends on a woman. It is she who must create such conditions for a man to try to provide a reliable rear, to become a breadwinner.

It depends on the woman whether the household will respect the man, she develops a relationship strategy.

In modern families, economic relations develop in different ways. Sometimes it is the weak half that brings the main finances into the house. And it depends on how the relationship will be built, how comfortable the microclimate will be.

The distribution of roles should happen in such a way that the parties will be equal. Responsibilities will be divided so that both parties understand that their contribution to the family hearth is the same, no one owes anything to anyone, no one infringes on each other, the concessions are voluntary.

Personal separation

Harmony in a person's family life appears only when the level of personality of both partners is approximately equal. If there is a person nearby who is higher or lower on this level, it is difficult to be with him.

Above - you try to reach this level, you cannot relax, lower - it becomes simply uninteresting. Thoughts constantly come to mind: I deserve a better lot, why am I putting up with such a thing ? Consciously trying not to notice the imbalance in a relationship can lead to a nervous breakdown.

And a strong personality, unable to withstand the conventions that it creates for itself, periodically tries to crush the weak, neglect its interests.

Finding the golden mean in the family does not work, and from the outside you can see the following:

  • The weak side, despite the constant discomfort, is struggling to keep in touch with the strong, trying to make him fall in love, breaking his character and raping his own personality;
  • This leads to the fact that the strong, feeling pleasure from what is happening, tries to increase the pressure, but at the same time her interest in her partner decreases.

Of course, both sides fail to live in harmony with the outside world. And they take their mood outside, creating problems for others, especially people close to them. In the end, the family collapses, and both leave disappointed and broken.

Role Assignment

How is it that in a family people find themselves on different personal levels? Is interest at the initial stage possible only in persons of equal importance, with a similar life position?

Personal separation is manifested at the stage of development of relationships. A person's strengths and weaknesses are revealed sides of character , the other side begins to use its knowledge. Only by feeling that you are a harmonious person can you resist pressure. Unfortunately, they do not immediately understand this, they concede in trifles, and then they have to give up their positions in case of significant conflicts. By the way, they can be deliberately provoked by one of the parties, trying to dominate.

The best example is when a woman sacrifices her career for a child and then tries to keep her family together. The man, feeling himself the only earner, begins to neglect her interests. At the same time, he tries to forget that the original decision was well-founded and was made jointly.

Family harmony is the key to a happy and comfortable existence

How to find harmony in family life if you feel pressure?

At the moment when you understand that it is becoming uncomfortable, that giving in, you feel psychological pressure, you need to simulate the situation so that the other side takes a step back. Here it is important to show strength, to remind of the circumstances that were placed in unequal conditions.

If you give in at this stage, in the future you either have to obey always, or lose your soul mate: morally or realistically.

Close relationship

The harmony of intimate life helps to achieve mutual understanding in the family. A lot depends on it. Intimacy helps to strengthen psychological and physical health, and unites the family.

One attraction to each other is not enough. In this area, like in no other, it is important that partners listen to the desires of the other side and do not take a dominant position. Intimacy should be a pleasure for both partners. And this is possible only when the coexistence is comfortable.

A paradox arises: with intimate dissatisfaction, there will be no harmony in family life, especially in a woman. But with disharmony in the family, intimacy is perceived as violence.

So what dwant? Any insults, especially those that relate to the delicate side of the relationship, should not be tolerated from the first day. Finding out the relationship, finding out some kind of truth, if no one is going to resort to any action, it takes as little as possible. You need to know in advance that a partner may not meet expectations in something, demonstrate a lack of understanding. You cannot punish him harshly, you should correct mistakes made together.

And it is imperative to preserve the culture of feelings in the intimate sphere, take care of each other, do not let third parties into your intimate life.

General tips for family happiness

To achieve harmonious relationships in family life, it is advisable to adhere to the following rules:

Family harmony is the key to a happy and comfortable existence
  • For family life, you need to choose a person who is close in spirit and similar in character. When it was not immediately possible to understand your partner's spiritual world, then in the future you will need to adapt to it, if he is still dear to you;
  • If the situation is not spoken out, then later this leads to misunderstanding. The sooner the partner learns about what is happening, the sooner the correct joint strategy for overcoming the conflict will be developed;
  • Large expenses, separate meetings, communication - all this is discussed at the preliminary stage. Why create conflict situations?
  • Everyday life is distributed in equal shares. If one partner does something better, or at this stage he has more time and opportunities, then he must do some work himself. The other side should help him, creating comfortable opportunities, providing living conditions;
  • It is very important to realize that your partner will not quit in difficult circumstances, support in difficult situations. Mutual assistance is a guarantee of harmony in the family;
  • Forgiving is very important. The partner does not have it, neither major conflicts nor minor quarrels will end in peace. If you don't have it, maybe you don't have love and respect either? And why keep such an alliance?
  • In advance, you should know the attitude of the partner to the fact that future offspring will appear. When babies are born, it is very important that mom and dad respect each other. Without this condition, it is impossible to give children a decent upbringing;
  • You should never refuse a partner in intimacy without good reason. It is unacceptable to manipulate intimate life. If people have a desire for each other, it is difficult to separate them. Let the passion fade over time, but mutual attraction, the ability to fulfill the partner's desires are tied more tightly than the first instinctive feelings;
  • You need to try to understand your partner, learn to trust him. Don't point out failures, help fix bugs;
  • In family life, you should be tactful, not force events, learn to accept a person as he is. Be content with what you have, remember that once you liked him that way. Why fuss nowhiccups discontent? By gently guiding, you can achieve a lot, and, conversely, dominating and breaking - you lose everything.

Improving the relationship in marriage is an everyday work. When rubbing against each other, partners should take into account mutual interests and remain themselves, without breaking character. The absence of negativity in family life is the key to a comfortable existence.

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