How to Use Serum to Get Clear Skin: For Acne-Prone, Dry, Sensitive & Oily Skin

Face serum

For the skin to look great, it needs a serum that differs from other cleansers in its high concentration of active ingredients and is designed to eliminate certain skin problems.

Face serum

They are different in their action - those that smooth out wrinkles, help get rid of age spots, prevent acne, acne, tighten pores and improve complexion.

In general - for all occasions. While they are not as popular as conventional creams, many are unaware of their existence.

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What is this tool?

Face serum is a concentrate of active substances that includes: vitamins E, K, C, ceramides, aloe extract and other components.

It is designed in such a way that all its ingredients penetrate very deep into the skin. The latest technology is used in the production process and therefore its price bites a little.

How to use the face serum correctly?

First, we thoroughly cleanse the face of makeup and sebum. Next, we apply a tonic without alcohol, but if the skin is normal, dry or sensitive, then this is not necessary. We apply the raw materials still on a damp surface so that the active substances penetrate deeper into the pores.

When it is completely absorbed, apply a cold (from the refrigerator) moisturizer, this will allow the ingredients to penetrate even deeper.

Benefits of a face serum

Due to its high concentration of active substances, it is often more effective than moisturizing creams. Promotes deep hydration, makes the skin elastic, regulates the secretion of sublimation.

Face serum

The results are especially noticeable in women using the serum, which is designed to fight the signs of skin aging.

But against acne, it has a less effective effect, since this problem is often associated with problems with the functioning of the internal systems of the body, and not with imperfections in the skin.


You need to use this cosmetic exactly according to the instructions, because abusing it, you can cause unfavorable consequencesproblems such as irritation, rashes and itching.

These drugs often clog pores due to their composition, especially if they are not indicated to be non-comedogenic.

For daily face care using this hygiene product, you need to spend a little more time, which is so inconvenient for most people who value this time very much. And, finally, one more drawback - sometimes (often in summer) it causes the appearance of a greasy shine on the face.

How is this cosmetic different from a moisturizer?

The main difference is the saturation of active ingredients, which are contained in it up to 70%, and in a regular cream - up to a maximum of 10%. The molecules of the constituent components are much smaller than the molecules of the creams, which facilitates their deep penetration into the skin.

The main task of the serum is to nourish the skin with minerals and vitamins (depending on the purpose), and the moisturizer simply saturates the skin with moisture. As a result, the effect of the use of this drug is noticeable very quickly, and this cannot be said about many moisturizers.

Serums for different skin types

For women with oily skin, they are suitable with glycolic acid or retinol, which improve texture, stimulate cell regeneration, prevent acne, stabilize the sebaceous glands.

Face serum

Thanks to this, the skin becomes cleaner, and the characteristic greasy shine is formed less and less.

In this case, raw materials with vitamin C are also suitable, since ascorbic acid protects the skin ball from the influence of free radicals and relieves acne.

Due to their light texture, many serums for oily skin can be used instead of a cream and provide the dermis with sufficient hydration.

For combination and normal dermis, you can choose any serum that meets your needs - with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and others.

But it is better not to use serum for oily type, it can lead to excessive dryness of some areas of the face. Also, you cannot use two drugs at the same time in different areas. The thing is that due to the high concentration of active components, there is a possibility that they can enter into a chemical reaction, and this will negatively affect the condition of the skin.

For dry skin, a serum with moisturizing components, for example, with hyaluronic acid, is suitable, its combination with a cream will provide increased hydration and noticeably slow down the aging process.


Many have probably heard how useful milk whey is for the body. It is not specially produced, it is formed as a result of the coagulation of milk, after the production of cheese and cottage cheese.

Useful properties of whey

It includes a special sugar - lactose, which is a useful carbohydrate andfights fat build-up. Milk whey is recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle (with physical inactivity). In addition, it contains low molecular weight proteins that help cell renewal and growth. This drink strengthens hair, and washing it relieves inflammation on the face.

It contains more than 200 vital substances such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and many vitamins. The high content of antioxidants in this product slows down the aging process and normalizes liver function, excludes the development of atherosclerosis and removes excess fluid, toxins and toxins from the body. You should also know that this product is an excellent remedy for burns and quenches your thirst in the summer.

Its consumption and storage

This useful product is stored in the refrigerator, no more than 2 days, and they drink it up to 3 glasses a day. But the use is not recommended for everyone. Not to be consumed by people prone to diarrhea and those with a cat allergy to lactose.

Milk whey treatment

Face serum

It gained its fame back in the 18th century, it was then that its beneficial properties and composition were studied.

Then it turned out that the young drink is indicated in the treatment of skin diseases, poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery, is also a tonic, diuretic and sedative.

Modern scientists, having examined it more thoroughly, came to the conclusion that this healing drink is useful for neuroses, as it normalizes neuropsychic disorders of patients, and is also recommended for patients with gastritis and low acidity.

Milk serum has the ability to normalize the intestinal microflora, eliminate the process of decay, after poor-quality food, is used to treat urolithiasis, bronchitis, constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, to strengthen the immune system.

Whey is an invaluable set of many vitamins and natural ingredients that cleanse and restore all human organs.

Milk serum for face

For the face, it is a natural antioxidant that stimulates the skin system, which reduces deep wrinkles, whitens age spots and freckles, refreshes and improves complexion, restores it in case of sunburn, eliminates dryness problems, cleanses and moisturizes.

Young whey contains natural chemicals that benefit the skin. Compresses and masks made from it give an excellent anti-aging result, remove oily shine, heal the face, clearing it from traffic jams.

This miracle remedy is used to wash the face, add it to various masks. To wipe the face, freeze the cubes in the freezer and make cosmetic ice. The product should be fresh and should be applied carefully to damaged areas, eyelids and around the eyes.

Any woman wants hSo that her skin is velvety, smooth, shining with youth and health. Someone for this gives preference to expensive drugs, and someone uses the gifts of nature. In any case, properly selected care is already a step towards your beautiful skin!

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