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Extreme hobbies: how old is it possible to jump with a parachute?

Extreme sports are increasingly becoming part of the daily life of modern people. And if adults are independently responsible for their health, then children who dream of jumping with a parachute want to know how old they can do it. Today in the article we will try to answer the question that worries little extreme lovers and their parents, as well as give all the necessary recommendations and advice.

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We answer an exciting question - how old is it possible to try to jump with a parachute

Extreme hobbies: how old is it possible to jump with a parachute?

All parachute clubs that are officially registered and conduct their activities legally have special documentation, which states from what age you can jump.

Most extreme recreation establishments allow girls and guys aged 14 and older to skydive. Naturally, children must be fit for health reasons and bring a certificate confirming this.

You will also need to complete a full briefing and training program.

Children under the age of eighteen are allowed to this extreme entertainment only with the written permission of their parents or with their direct presence. During jumps, anything can happen and the child's legal representatives must understand this.

It is worth noting that some parachute clubs only allow children from the age of 16 to jump, but in tandem with an instructor, children can try their hand at such an extreme activity from the age of 9. True, there are not so many such establishments and you need to find out the conditions on the spot.

What does it take to make the jump?

Even if by age you are suitable for parachuting entertainment, you should properly prepare for the jump, because not all cities have airfields for such activities. Therefore, we will discuss a step-by-step action plan for those who decided to jump.

To jump you need:

Extreme hobbies: how old is it possible to jump with a parachute?
  • Find out if there is a parachute club in your city or in the nearest area;
  • Clarify the price of classes, the age from which you can jump, and also what are the restrictions for health reasons. It should be noted right away that the cost of such an extreme hobby will differ depending on the territory of your residence. And it is impossible to say exactly what the price will be. Those who start to practice skydiving seriously note that the first jump is more expensive than the next. This is due to the fact that in the primary imageyou will be trained. It will be carried out in several stages. You will study the theory, learn how to properly exit the plane and behave during the jump, how to land, study the belay device and get a lot more useful information;
  • After the club is found, it is necessary to pass a medical commission so that the specialists give okay to jump. In some flying clubs, a certificate is not required, there is insurance. To do this, you will need a passport and, if you have not yet reached the age of majority, written permission from your parents (their personal presence);
  • When all the formalities are settled, theoretical lessons will begin, and then practical ones: skills will be honed on a simulator specially created for this;
  • When the course of the young soldier is completed, you will be able to fulfill your dream - to jump with a parachute. The first time this is done either in tandem with an experienced instructor, or on your own, but in this case the height will be no more than 800 m. Perhaps someone will say that jumping from such a height is not interesting, you are mistaken, the sensations are simply unforgettable.

Answers to your questions

In addition to age restrictions, those who want to make a parachute jump are concerned about other issues.

Let's try to answer the most frequently asked:

Extreme hobbies: how old is it possible to jump with a parachute?
  • Under what weather conditions do people jump? You can make a jump if there is no strong wind outside, no precipitation and no clouds. Before each flight, the club's management makes a decision on the safety of actions;
  • What is the minimum and maximum weight you can jump with a parachute? Parachutists weighing 45 kg are allowed before the jump, this is the minimum mark, the maximum is 95 kg;
  • Are there times of the year when skydivers don't jump? As such, there is no seasonality limitation, it all depends on weather conditions;
  • From what height do you first jump with a parachute? For the first experience, the optimal altitude is 800-900 m;
  • Can you eat on the day you plan your first flight ? Yes, you can. There are no dietary restrictions, stick to your usual diet;
  • How fast is the parachute going down? Approximate indicators up to 5 m / s;
  • Can I get injured upon landing? Yes, there is such a risk, so it is very important to get instructions and special training;
  • I want to jump with a parachute, how to overcome the fear of heights? In this case, the main thing is desire, fear recedes quickly, it has already been confirmed by many people.

There are many more questions that interest people who dream of to fly with a parachute, it is simply unrealistic to answer them all. But I want to once again note an important point: those citizens who have chronic diseases, injuries and problems with the musculoskeletal system, before deciding on experiments with a parashyut, you need to consult a doctor.

A dream is, of course, wonderful, but there is no need to risk your health. Good luck and good flights!

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