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Expectorant folk remedies for cough

None of us are immune to dry coughs, and usually it is he who is considered the most painful. Bronchitis and respiratory diseases that affect the respiratory tract begin with it.

Expectorant folk remedies for cough

In this case, it is imperative to stimulate a wet cough, since it is the discharge of sputum that ensures the normal cleansing of the lungs from pathogenic microorganisms and their waste products.

A running dry cough can evolve into a chronic form.

Expectorants for dry cough are varied. You can use thinning recipes from traditional medicine.

They can be used for dry bronchitis of smokers, and for other diseases of the respiratory system, in particular, ARVI and ARI. So, what are the expectorant folk remedies for coughs that adults can take?

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Why is it so important thin phlegm?

There are many folk recipes for expectorants. But not everyone knows why they should be used. We have already said that sputum excretion is a kind of cleansing of the respiratory tract from microbes and their waste products. It makes sense to talk about recovery only on condition of its departure. Otherwise, the cough may take a long time, and even progress to chronic forms.

But is it worth treating with alternative medicine if you are not sure about the nature of your cough? Of course no. Even the best remedy will be powerless here if you suffer from pneumonia, pleurisy, tracheitis and other diseases that do not relate to respiratory infections.

If you are sure of the nature of your cough, and have already diagnosed its cause with the help of a pulmonologist, you can use a variety of means to separate sputum. Usually people use pills and syrups for this. However, those who prefer folk remedies turn to a variety of thinning drinks, inhalations, compresses, rubbing and herbal medicine.

Onion with milk

Expectorant folk remedies for cough

Some people argue that milk onions are the best remedy for dry coughs. Don't worry - it's not as as nasty as it might seem at first glance. Many people think it tastes good after they try it for the first time.

This will doan expectorant folk remedy for smokers and those who suffer from colds. You need to drink it in the evening, preferably before going to bed.

It's quite simple to prepare it, and you can do it in a bowl or turkish for making coffee.

Step by step instructions:

  • Chop half of the peeled onion into small pieces;
  • Pour a glass (you can take one and a half glasses) of milk;
  • Put on low heat and simmer for about 10 minutes;
  • Stir the drink constantly during preparation;
  • The milk should change color and turn beige-yellowish;
  • After everything is ready, you need to drain the liquid and remove the boiled onions;
  • The medicine should be taken warm or hot, and after that it is advisable to go to bed.

This folk expectorant is also suitable for a wet cough. It will speed up your recovery and increase the volume of sputum that is secreted. It can be taken by both adults and children.

Milk with honey, contrary to common misconceptions, cannot help cough. However, it can lower the temperature and have a relaxing and pain-relieving effect. In short, this drink is ideal for relieving the condition of the flu and colds.

Onions and honey

Unlike honey with milk, honey with onions can really help get rid of coughs and other unpleasant symptoms from the respiratory tract. Responsible for this are the phytoncides found in foods like onions and garlic in large quantities.

Excellent folk expectorant for dry cough:

Expectorant folk remedies for cough
  • Finely chop the onion head;
  • Mix with honey in approximately equal proportions to make a mushy mass;
  • Take a teaspoon of the resulting product after each meal;
  • Keep the mixture in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage.

Such folk remedies are not suitable for everyone, but therefore, if you have to work with people, and you do not need a constant onion or garlic smell, it is better to turn to other recipes.

Inhalation therapy

An excellent expectorant and sputum-thinning folk remedy is inhalation. They are a procedure in which you have to breathe over steam with your head covered. It can also be produced using a special device - a nebulizer.

To prepare the solution for inhalation correctly, proceed as follows:

  • Boil two and a half liters of distilled or filtered water;
  • Inject about twenty drops of iodine into the liquid;
  • Add a level tablespoon of baking soda;
  • Sprinkle the resulting liquid with ten drops of eucalyptus essential oil (can be replaced with menthol).

Next, you must sit in front of the container, ukrWash your head with a towel so that the water does not evaporate, and breathe over the steam for 5-7 minutes. It is advisable to carry out the procedure on a regular, even daily basis. This folk expectorant for bronchitis will help you get rid of your cough pretty quickly if you repeat it systematically. With everyday use, the cough will disappear after a week, or even earlier.

Recipe for a sweet tooth

If you like bananas, you can try an expectorant folk recipe based on them. This remedy is especially suitable for children who, for obvious reasons, do not like to do inhalation and drink onion milk.

To make a banana medicine, you will need:

Expectorant folk remedies for cough
  1. Two medium sized bananas, washed and peeled;
  2. Medium cup of water (approximately 150-200 grams);
  3. Two tablespoons of sugar (white or brown).

First, you must dissolve the sugar in water and simmer the syrup. After the liquid has boiled a little, remove it from the stove. In the meantime, rub the bananas through a sieve until a dense, homogeneous consistency is obtained.

They should turn out to be something like mashed potatoes. After that, you must combine the syrup with the fruit pulp and mix thoroughly until smooth.

You need to take this remedy after meals, one teaspoon at a time. It will help you get rid of your cough not as quickly as inhalation or medicated drinks, but it will also alleviate the symptoms in a fairly short time.


Usually, to get rid of an annoying and excruciating cough, people use warming rubbing. In this case, ordinary ethyl alcohol or turpentine is often used. Rubbing is carried out in the chest or back, in the area between the shoulder blades. In order to carry out the procedure correctly, you will need outside help. Rub the skin with fairly intense movements, directly with your palm.

After the session is over, it is recommended to immediately wrap yourself in a warm blanket or blanket and go to bed. In this case, the remedy will work more efficiently and much faster. Rubbing should also be done on a daily basis until complete recovery.

Any folk remedy can help you as well as traditional medicine, especially if it is used correctly and regularly. However, we urge you to consult a doctor if a cough has become a real torment for you, and at the same time you are sure that you have no respiratory infections and flu-like diseases.


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