30 Day Slim Butt Workout Challenge - Lose Butt Fat and Reduce Butt Size

Exercises for slimming the buttocks

Elastic female butts invariably attract male admiring glances. Women in pursuit of their beauty, trying to get rid of the hated several kilograms, go to plastic surgery, exhausting diets and starvation.

Exercises for slimming the buttocks

And they make a big mistake, because only exercises aimed at strengthening and correcting individual parts of the body will help to give ideal forms and pump up their muscles.

And if you add a well-balanced diet to such activities, then your feminine image will surely attract the eyes of a stronger half.

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Effective Buttock Exercises

  • We assume a push-up position, leaning on our hands, and straighten our legs. We bend one leg at the knee joint, pulling it higher to the chest. We jump, changing legs in a jump. We do 20 exercises each;
  • Sitting on the floor, we walk on the buttocks, without moving our legs, we go forward, actively moving our hips. For complication, the exercise is performed with hands closed at the back of the head.
  • Kneel down with your back straight. Slowly squat on one side, while the knees and legs are motionless. We sharply straighten and squat on the other side. Do 25 squats per side;
  • We lie on one side, lifting the body and leaning on our hands. One leg is on the floor, and the second slowly rises up, while pulling the toe towards ourselves, and the heel up. We do 15 movements on each side;
  • We lie on the floor with our arms relaxed along the body. We squeeze the buttocks tightly, pushing the pelvis up. Having fixed in this position for three seconds, we slowly return to the floor. We constantly monitor the tension of the gluteal muscles. We do this exercise about 25 times;
  • To do this buttocks exercises we need dumbbells. We stand straight, we lower our arms with dumbbells down. We move the pelvis back so if we sat on a chair. We stretch our arms forward, squat to the level of the knees and then slowly get up. 20 squats are enough for one set.

Buttock Slimming Exercises

  • We lie on our stomach, all the emphasis on the elbows and socks. We stretch the body in the air, pulling in the tummy strongly. We remain in this position, while grouping all the muscles, as long as possible. Particular tension should be on the pope andpress. The number of approaches depends on the desire;
  • We make smooth jumps in place, keep our hands on the hips. We alternate jumping on one or two legs, performing three sets of five minutes.

A set of exercises for the buttocks: dry muscles

We perform each of them from 10 to 15 times. We focus on the work of the sciatic muscles and hips and on the position of the body. If you feel their tension, then you are doing everything completely right.

If the exercises seem to be too easy, try to check them correctly:

Exercises for slimming the buttocks

  1. We lie on our back, spreading our arms to the sides, raise our legs up, stretching our socks to the ceiling. We lower our right leg to the floor to the side, and then we lay our left on it. We don't take our hands off the floor! Repeat the same on the other leg;
  2. We lie on our back, bend both legs at the knees, placing our feet parallel to each other on the floor. We spread our arms to the sides. We tear off the tense buttocks from the floor, leaning on the shoulders. We try to keep our back straight. You can get the best results by staying in this position for a couple of seconds;
  3. Turning over on the right side, bend the right arm at the elbow, and fix the left arm at the waist. We bend the right leg at the knee, straighten the left and raise it at a right angle up. We perform circular movements with it, gradually accelerating. The higher our pace, the more effective the exercise is for strengthening and reducing the buttocks. Turning over, change the leg and repeat with it;
  4. Lying on the right barrel, rest on the bent right hand, and put the left on the waist. We keep our legs straight, lifting the torso as high as possible. We do several approaches, and then change the side and perform similar movements;
  5. We lie on our stomach, rest our chin on the floor and stretch our arms parallel to the body. We raise our arms together with the left leg up on inhalation, and then on exhalation we return to the starting position. Change the leg by completing the required number of repetitions. Ideally, the legs should be lifted at the same time over time;
  6. There is no better exercise for slimming the buttocks and calves than this: rising on toes, we go forward in small steps, while the legs are as straight as possible. The number of performed steps must exceed 80;
  7. This activity may seem overwhelming at first, but there is no better way to reduce soft muscles. We sit on the floor, straightening the spine and joining our legs. We bend to the right, all the emphasis on bent arms, with our legs simultaneously performing vertical scissors. Repeat 10 times on each side;
  8. Standing on all fours, we rest on straight arms. We take one leg back, pulling the sock over ourselves. We make 50 swings up and down. Then we change the leg;
  9. We stand facing the wall or chair, which will serve as a support. We take our straight leg back, and we pull the heel towards ourselves. Performing 25 swings on each leg, do not forget to strain your pelvis and draw in your stomach;
  10. Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Squatting, ohwe start the pelvis below the level of the knees, linger for two seconds and straighten up. Do two sets of 15 reps.

The best and most effective buttocks on the ball:

Exercises for slimming the buttocks

  • Ball exercises quickly adjust and train the required muscles without straining the back, which is a very important factor for some people with spinal problems;
  • They are much more effective than similar ones, they are performed on a stable surface, have no contraindications and therefore are available to many people, even with poor health and training;
  • Their advantage is that when they are performed, all muscle groups are involved, without exception;
  • This kind of training on the ball is the easiest, we just jump on it, not lifting our buttocks from it, but our feet off the floor. At the same time, jumps are energetic, we perform movements, for several minutes, due to muscle tension;
  • We lie on our back, and put the ball under the straightened legs, in the calf area. Resting on it with heels and calves, we raise the ass up and tighten the press. Having fixed in this position for several seconds, we relax. Correct execution should form a straight line from the body. To increase the load, we fix the ball with only one leg, the other bent at the knee, put it next to;
  • We take the fitball, rest against it with our backs, lower our arms with dumbbells along the body, stretch our straight legs forward at a slight angle to the wall. We squat, rolling the ball with our back to the level of the back surfaces of the thighs parallel to the floor. Straighten your legs slowly, remembering to keep your back straight;
  • Lying on your back, hold the fitball with your feet, then raising your pelvis, bend your knees and roll it up to you, closer to your buttocks, then return it to its original position with your socks. The abs and pelvis are straining;
  • Firmly press the lower back to the floor, bend our legs at the knees and lie on the ball, forming a line parallel to the floor. We rest on it with our feet, lifting the pelvis up as much as possible, strain and hold it for several minutes;
  • Having firmly fixed the ball between the waist and back, we perform a deep squat. It trains the pelvic muscles and the hamstrings.

Only with the systematic implementation of these exercises can you get the desired result. Just 5 sets of 20 reps is enough.

Helpful Hints:

Exercises for slimming the buttocks

  • It must be remembered that all the best and most effective glute exercises involve good warm-ups and light stretching;
  • When exercising, focus on contracting muscles for greater results;
  • We devote at least 20 minutes to the execution per day, and the pace does not play a special role for us, the main thing is the correct execution;
  • After exercising, we feel aching pain in the muscles, as an indicator that everything is well worked out. To relieve discomfort, take a warm bath;
  • Bath with the addition of sea salt or etherThis oil not only promotes relaxation of our muscles, but also makes our skin firm and soft;
  • Exercises to reduce buttocks and hips are always combined with proper nutrition.

Whatever your goal may be, all changes, both positive and not so, will depend only on you and your desire.

Otherwise, you can completely rely on these effective glute exercises for your success!

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