Buying a Milking Goat: Everything you need to Know

Everything you need to know about goat milk

Opinions about goat milk and its health effects are very different. Among experts, it is believed that it both harms the body and has a healing effect in general. Where there is more truth - you need to figure it out. So what are the benefits and harms of goat milk?

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Is goat milk good for a child: does it benefit or harm?

There is no need to dispute the useful properties of goat milk:

Everything you need to know about goat milk
  • Its composition is very similar to mother's milk, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of beta-casein. This enzyme does not contain cow's milk, which makes the goat a special honor;
  • There are also a large amount of vitamins in milk - these are A, B1, B2, and ascorbic acid, and even a rare vitamin B 12, which you rarely find in any products. This is very important for the child's body;
  • Vitamin D and calcium are in an ideal ratio, so calcium is absorbed to the maximum;
  • Despite the high fat content of the product, this fat is absorbed very easily, which is simply necessary for the baby. Therefore, unlike cow's milk, it does not require homogenization. Therefore, it is recommended to give weakened children milk from a goat;
  • The product has a very low hypoallergenic factor, which cannot be said about cow's milk;
  • What else is goat milk useful for? Its bactericidal properties have long been known: when consumed, metabolism improves, youth is prolonged, and this speaks more about the benefits than about the dangers of goat milk for adults and the elderly

All useful characteristics of the product depend on the goat, more precisely, its diet. If a goat lives in a city, walks on the lawn along the side of the road, and eats dirty lawn grass, then, accordingly, what kind of milk will she get? Not top quality, to put it mildly. Therefore, it's time to talk about not the useful properties of the product themselves.

Why abstain?

Everything you need to know about goat milk

Goat milk is contraindicated for babies because of the high concentration of mineral salts, the content of which is several times higher than the content in milk from a cow.

The baby's urinary system has not yet matured and may not withstand such a heavy load.

As mentioned earlier, the composition of milk resembles that of a woman's and is very fatty, but unlike mother's milk, it does not break down these fats.

In human milk, a special enzyme is present, and it helps milk welleasily absorbed in the child's body. There is no such enzyme in goat. Therefore, it is not recommended to give such a product to a child until a year.

However, the benefits of milk can be safely asserted as soon as the baby turns one year old. All the previously mentioned advantages: hypoallergenicity, fat content, digestibility, the presence of vitamins will only be beneficial. Especially if the baby does not tolerate any other milk.

Sometimes a product can scare off with its specific smell. It is even believed that in the presence of such a goat is either already of advanced age, or kept in unsanitary conditions. But one way or another, the smell will always be, if only because the milk is different in composition. The harshness of the smell depends on the individual characteristics of the goat. If you buy goat cheese at the store, then the special smell will be present there as well.

Is milk good for seniors?

Everything you need to know about goat milk

From a medical point of view, it is quite possible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of which milk is more useful, from cow's or from goat's?

Of course, from the goat. Firstly, calcium, to a large extent contained in it, restores and strengthens bones and tissues, and the older, as you know, a person, the more he needs calcium.

Secondly, milk has a generally beneficial effect on the body: it helps to cope with stress, insomnia, headaches, migraines. With rapid fatigability, it can improve performance, functionality of the pulp and, by the way, is a wonderful prophylactic remedy for allergies.

Drinking goat's milk can help you withstand this seasonal ailment.

If you have a sensible approach to the choice of food and soberly assess their quality, then goat's milk, like any other product, can be both very useful and harmful if unreasonable.

You should also not take goat's milk for a panacea for all diseases. Do not attribute miraculous properties to it. Treat the cause of the disease, do not eliminate its effect.

Goat Milk vs. Cow Milk: Health Hacks- Thomas DeLauer

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