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Evening hairstyles - combing curls to one side

Women's hair is the best decoration that nature rewards every woman of the fairer sex with. It is they who give the image of romance, sexuality and attractiveness, regardless of what is worn on their owner.

Therefore, it is not surprising that every morning and before an important event, ladies try to put on their heads something like this , so that it is fashionable, easy and stylish at the same time. Hairstyles with curls pinned to a certain side fully meet these requirements, and therefore deserve the honor of becoming the topic of our today's publication.

It is best to make a side hairstyle on strands up to shoulder blades, and the most ideal option when the hair is long and falls like a free waterfall on the back and butt. As you can imagine, nothing will work with short curls, except for asymmetric styling.

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Wedding version

Evening hairstyles - combing curls to one side

Curled strands thrown to one side make the bride look sexy and feminine, for which require to adhere to a certain dress code.

For example, the outfit should be either deeply lowered or completely bare the shoulders. For costume jewelry, long dangling earrings and matching necklaces are recommended. Again, an asymmetrical hairstyle is only good in tandem with an elongated or oval face shape, perfect makeup and decorative elements.

The master creates it using light mousses, invisible hairpins, flowers, beads and rhinestones, fixes the result with a shimmering varnish, and attaches the veil (as needed).

With this styling, you can not be afraid to take part in dances and active contests, because the effect of disheveledness will add even more charm.

Curl Based

There are a great many options for such hairstyles, and what is most interesting, the overall impression will depend on the coolness and the number of curls. Asymmetrical styling based on curls can make a woman romantic and daring, naive and sexy, majestic and touching.

How are unusual side hairstyles for medium curled hair done?

It's simple:

  • Washed hair is treated with thermal protection products;
  • Individual strands are turned into curls using curlers or curling iron;
  • Ready curls are thrown to the desired side, and with protand the opposite hair is fixed with invisibility;
  • In the area of ​​the crown, you can make a small fleece, and fold the thrown curls into a careless braid, intertwine with threads of artificial pearls, decorate with a hair clip with a flower or other jewelry.

Side braid

Do-it-yourself braiding has become a favorite hobby of modern women, especially since you can even master it on the Internet, watching master classes by hairdressers and stylists. Such evening styling can cover the entire head of hair or only part of it, imply the creation of a typical three-strand, openwork or even square braid.

The simplest sequence of how to make an evening hairstyle with a braid on the left or right side is as follows:

Evening hairstyles - combing curls to one side
  • Hair washes well with shampoo that adds extra volume;
  • A spray or foam is distributed over the curls, making them soft and obedient;
  • Head dry without hairdryer;
  • The entire mass of hair is removed to one side, and you can begin to form a braid, the first strands of which are taken from the back of the head;
  • When finished with the braid, do not forget to fix it with an invisible elastic band, decorate, and stretch out a few curls to create the effect of romance and negligence;
  • Be sure to sprinkle the achieved effect with varnish.

We recommend trying on your head such an unbeatable version of how to make an evening hairstyle with a side braid and half-pulled strands:

  • Divide all hair into three sections with vertical parting, pin a couple of side hairs with invisible hair;
  • It is necessary to form a spikelet from the central one, regularly picking up the curls from the left and right side of the head;
  • As soon as you get to the back of the head, braid the rest of the side hair, and do a couple of large bindings;
  • Then the spikelet is woven only from the central part, the hooks are no longer made, and on the remnants of hair you need to make a wet effect.

That's all. An evening beautiful hairstyle with a braid on the side is ready, and it only remains to decorate it with ribbons or artificial flowers with your own hands, after which you can go into the world.

Asymmetrical beam

Considering evening casual or festive side hairstyles for medium or long hair, it is impossible not to mention this option. It is good both in a sleek and classic design, and so carelessly airy. The styling is done very simply: first, the strands are twisted into a bundle, and formed into a bun, or the curls are screwed onto an elastic band - bagel , and folded into a strict and smooth ball, from which they are then pulled out individual curls.

Evening options for side buns are made from a combination of different braids and plaits, curled curls and straight hair.

When bangs are tired

Last VariaStyling is suitable for everyone, regardless of whether medium or long hair adorns the head.

Evening hairstyle is formed according to the following principle:

Evening hairstyles - combing curls to one side
  • All hair is combed to one side;
  • A strand is taken from above, a little bang is attached to it, and all this is divided into two parts;
  • Both parts are intertwined, then a lower curl is added to them, and all this intersects again until the beginning of the braid;
  • Thus, you need to braid to the ear, after which the tightened hair loosened up a little to obtain a splendid effect;
  • From the remnants of hair, form two horizontal parallel plaits, connect them with a braid and fix;
  • Loosen everything up a bit and fluff it up.

Evening hairstyles with hair slung to the side - is an example of sexuality and romance, style and taste.

Falling hair, tight curls, a strict bun or carelessly tied braid will surely make you the center of attention, an object of male admiration and female envy.

The main thing is not to be lazy, try and look for your own version of formal and casual styling.

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