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Ethnic style: timeless classics!

It cannot be said that ethnic style currently prevails in apartment interior design. Of course, a person with a certain taste will definitely take advantage of the opportunity to add a national flavor to the decoration of the premises. However, to a greater extent, carbon-copy interiors remain in demand - a certain standard set of European well-being. The more pleasant it is to meet apartments decorated with a twist.

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What does ethnic style mean?

Do not think that when choosing this direction, the entire room should be decorated with the national traditions of the culture of interest.

On the contrary, the abundance of exotic details often clutters up a room, deprives it of space, and is a rather gaudy mess.

Ethnic style: timeless classics!

It is much more interesting to add a little variety to the same European standard, to make small accents that attract the attention of the owner and his guests.

Naturally, it is advisable not to deviate from the general color of the interior. It is often enough to choose the right furniture, accessories, upholstery fabric to emphasize the love for a particular culture.

If you have a spacious area and excellent taste, you can thematically decorate the entire area.

However, in most families, apartment conditions are rather cramped, therefore, it is much more convenient to use individual decor elements, allowing you to create an interior in each room in the original key .

Which directions are often used to decorate living rooms

The living room is the main room in which the whole friendly family often gathers at the festive table, and welcomes expected and unexpected guests. Popular styles for living room interiors today are Slavic, African, Scandinavian and Greek.

It is worth considering each of them in more detail:

Ethnic style: timeless classics!
  • African style involves the use of hot paints, skins, clay sculptures, masks in accordance with the culture of tribes living on the territory of an exotic continent. Most of all, fabrics that imitate the color of wild animals, zebras, lions, tigers, or natural leather are suitable for upholstery;
  • The optimal choice for design will be a palette of shades of yellow, brown, red, contrasting sharply with rich black. Woven carpets, curtains with a catchy thematic patternwill effectively complement the bright interior. The floor is preferably made of natural wood, emphasizing the structure of the material;
  • Lovers of space and lightness should pay attention to the ethnicity of Greece. Simplicity and lack of luxurious elements are a distinctive feature of the style. Preference is given to a palette of cold shades of white, light yellow, sometimes reaching lemon, green, blue;
  • It is recommended to use red colors as decorative inserts. You can decorate the walls with paintings in ethnic style. To emphasize the design, the ceiling of a room often presents an independent picture, reproducing an episode from the life of ancient Greek gods or heroes. Floor - fine ceramic tiles. Furniture of the simplest form with legs curved to the sides is decorated with gilding;
  • Scandinavian style is another option for a rather original interior. This is a mixture of home comfort and high technology, which allows you to create a uniquely comfortable design with a well-thought-out order;
  • For example, the thoughtfulness of every detail of modern Scandinavian furniture is striking. Outwardly, a rather simple and comfortable armchair carries the maximum benefit. The design most often includes the ability to adjust the height of the headrest, armrests and the seat itself. In this case, the predominant direction is the manufacture of furniture from natural wood;
  • White, blue, light gray, beige and greenish shades are in demand to expand the space. This style is characterized by glass elements, sculptures, whole compositions, symbolizing the transparency of the air and the beauty of the fjords. Artificial expansion of the premises is achieved by placing mirrors;
  • Slavic style, the most familiar, but, alas, long forgotten. Homespun rugs, straw and dried flower arrangements, pottery, patchwork bedspreads and a canvas tablecloth are the hallmarks of the design. It is advisable to use only natural materials in the design and give preference not to roller blinds, but to familiar curtains;
  • Colors are very diverse. At the same time, the room should have furniture that matches the home way of the ancestors, reliable and durable. Funny nesting dolls, hand-knitted chair covers and lace napkins will be a pleasant addition to create the atmosphere of a village house filled with the sun.

Naturally, style in the interior is necessarychoose the most interesting for the owner himself. Today, there are many options for decorating modern apartments in Egyptian, Oriental, Japanese and other styles. By the way, the last two are great for a married bedroom.

Ethnic style bedroom - design nuances

Why are Japanese and Oriental styles preferable? The answer lies in the purpose of the premises. The room intended for relaxation should be as comfortable as possible, with a relaxing atmosphere.

Ethnic style: timeless classics!

When choosing an oriental direction, natural materials, warm tones, spicy aromas are used. A romantic setting may well take spouses on an incredibly enjoyable journey.

The main thing is to avoid aggressive colors typical of African style or cold tones typical of Greek decor.

No less interesting is the bedroom stylized as a Japanese one. Here you can use shoji or screens that block the marital bed from prying eyes.

Frivolous paintings on fabric decorating the doors of sliding doors will awaken your imagination. Even the ethnic-style curtains inherent in Japanese living fit perfectly into modern interiors.

Since today anyone can visit the country of their dreams, it doesn't hurt to get acquainted in more detail with the peculiarities of the culture and life of the ethnic group living there.

Then the decor of the apartment in a certain style will have a great resemblance to the original.

Iconic: Timeless Classics Embody Style and Surpass Trends

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