New Gadgets Are Housewives' Choice (1959)

Electric mop - a dream or torment of a housewife?

A good housewife can be identified by the cleanliness of the house. This everyday and painstaking work is invisible, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. Modern technical developments are trying in every way to simplify the life of a modern person.

The inventors did not pass by the workers of the home front, the keepers of the hearth and the creators of comfort.

Electric mop - a dream or torment of a housewife?

The latest steam and electric mops, electric mops and vacuum cleaners, which we mainly hear about on TV in TV stores or read on the Internet, are designed to simplify this daily work, save time and money.

But all these gimmicks and gimmicks are not credible.

In addition, among the manufacturers of this miracle technology, you practically will not find the names of well-known companies, so the chance to get a device of dubious quality, for a considerable amount, without a guarantee of return is very high.

Let's try to figure out what an electric mop is, whether we need it in the house, so that later we don't run like a electric broom , in search of justice and money back.

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Electric mop - what is it?

So, what do want us to push from blue TV screens and internet sites for cleaning floors and other delights of cleaning your home? In such stores you will see a wide selection and attractive prices , a variety of techniques and tools: miracle sponges, powders with a unique composition, magic mops and brooms.

Let's look at this kind of product as electric mops. After completing the study of consumer reviews, the picture is as follows.

It turns out that the electric mop is not one, but a whole range of different home cleaning appliances:

  • electric brush with steam generator (electric mop);
  • electric brush without steam generator (electric broom);
  • pedal or motorized mop;
  • mini vacuum cleaner.

Let's talk in more detail about each type, and draw your own conclusions.

Electric broom or electric brush

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word electric broom . Immediately there is an association with an executive and diligent, but overly fussy person, whose work is in vain and useless.

But no. This is the latest fashionable invention of mankind, otherwise referred to as electric brush : an automatic broom, in the form of rotating brushesok that shovel garbage into a removable container. This wonderful machine is powered by an electric motor that can be easily charged from the mains.

The handle of the device is bent in the middle at an angle of ninety degrees, and the entire mechanism is hinged on the grip, which allows the hostess to climb into the most inaccessible places of the apartment. The developers assure that this device completely replaces the vacuum cleaner, while consuming less energy and creating less noise. But these are all advertising gimmicks, nothing more. In comparison with a vacuum cleaner, an electric broom is a low-power toy, and the quality of cleaning with its help leaves much to be desired.

Electric mop - a dream or torment of a housewife?

PR people of steam electric mops promise impeccable cleanliness without the use of chemicals and disinfection of all objects in the house. An electric mop with a steam generator for washing floors and cleaning coatings treats surfaces with a jet of hot steam. Undoubtedly, the function is useful, especially if there is a small child in the house who loves to play on the carpet. The rest of the steam electric brush is a rather useless item, because even the declared function contactless ironing of curtains and clothes, due to the low power of the device, is practically impossible.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Under the loud name of the electric mop, the term mini electric mop or cordless mini vacuum cleaner without a bag with a removable handle can also be found. The quality and declared functions of this device can be treated more confidently, as it is found in the line of products from many famous manufacturers.

Most models of mini vacuum cleaners also run on batteries, but the charge is enough for about fifteen minutes of cordless use, so you still can't do without a large vacuum cleaner to clean up the house. The mini vacuum cleaner is very good for cleaning a car dealership. The swivel brush head is equipped with LED lighting for cleaning dark corners. So in this case, too, an expensive device can only be an addition to express cleaning.

Motorized mop

Despite the fact that this device is most often found under the name electric mop , we are talking, or rather, an electric bucket.

Electric mop - a dream or torment of a housewife?

What is a mop?

The product set includes a rope rag (mop) for wet cleaning with an assembled grip and a bucket with a rotating drum for wringing.

The drum is driven by a pedal; in more expensive models, this function is performed by an electric drive. At first glance, the system is very attractive: with a minimum expenditure of time and effort, cleaning in the house is completed as soon as possible. But is that so?

We have analyzed the reviews of lucky women, whose helpers are such wonderful devices. And they found out that, despite the promises of the developers and the efforts of PR specialists, the mechanism is extremely unreliable and fails after several killorok. The electric drive, instead of making it easier for the housewife, on the contrary adds unnecessary problems.

The motorized mop is powered by batteries using a special base-stand. The capacity of which, instead of the promised eighty, is hardly enough for eight spins. In a word, the miracle machine does not fully fulfill even one serious cleaning.

Draw your own conclusions. Whether or not to purchase well-advertised vital goods from TV or online stores is everyone's personal business.

We've talked a little more about some home helpers so that you can get exactly the one that can really help you in your business, and not just empty your wallet and ruin your nerves.

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