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Effective protection against the evil eye and damage

The evil eye and damage are considered to be quite common phenomena these days and deserve special attention because of their detrimental effect on the human condition. Reliable protection will help to avoid negative consequences.

How to put protection against damage and protect yourself from the evil eye, we will describe in detail in our article today.

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Effective protection against the evil eye and damage

Regarding the cause of the evil eye and damage, an unambiguous answer cannot be given. As a rule, special magic rituals or conspiracies can precede the appearance of damage. You can also jinx a person without much effort.

Simply, the effect of a strong energy field sometimes has a significant effect on a person with a weaker energy potential, regardless of his will.

Things like these can be detrimental to your health and cause multiple failures. Therefore, if you notice that you are pursuing a series of unpleasant events, pay special attention to this and take the necessary measures.

How to protect against corruption?

What needs to be done to prevent influence and avoid dangerous consequences? You can, no doubt, turn to fortune-tellers, psychics or healers to install a protective screen for a fee.

But if we are talking about a negative impact of a small nature, then you can attract your own strength and try to get rid of the damage yourself.

Reliable protection against corruption requires the use of certain procedures.

So, if someone looked askance at you, or if you feel uncomfortable after communicating with an unpleasant person, you can do some simple exercises :

  • You can try close the skeleton . To do this, you need to cross your arms or legs at the time of an unpleasant conversation. This posture prevents the outflow of energy and focuses internal forces on protection from negativity;
  • The exercise ring belongs to the category of strong energy barriers and allows you to reliably protect yourself from bad influences from the outside. To complete it, you need to connect the index and thumbs of both hands in a tight ring, and rest the remaining fingers against each other;
  • Creation of an energy mirror. In order to use this technique, you need to imagine a solid wall around you, covered from the outside with a mirrored surface. Thus, you get a lasting protection from the evil eye and damage that canbut to reflect a strong negative attack. Moreover, the property of mirrors will also help not only prevent, but also send a negative message in response. It is worth using this technique without showing the enemy that you are building a defense. And then your outward calmness and serenity will be able to create the impression of your vulnerability in the attacker. And thus, in return, he will receive an even bigger blow, and you will not be hurt at all;
  • Do not forget about a common folk sign for protection from the evil eye, like twisting a fig. This method really works, so use it if in a conversation with a person you feel a malicious message, and discreetly roll a well-known figure in your pocket.

Create a cocoon

Effective protection against the evil eye and damage

According to experts, the cocoon technique has a special effect. In order to use this type of protection against damage, you need to learn to sense objects at a distance.

Ie be able to imagine an object as clearly as possible, first mentally touch it with your hand, and then create the feeling that it is right next to you. When the skill develops, and you can reproduce not only a bright picture, but also feel the live presence of the necessary thing, you can proceed to mastering the exercise cocoon .

First try to imagine that at the level of the solar plexus you have four golden peas on all sides, which radiate a pleasant warmth.

If you draw straight lines from one pea to another, then they should form a kind of cross, the center of which should coincide with the vertical axis of your body. Based on this cross, it is necessary to imagine a rotating hoop, which, when unwound, begins to form a cocoon around you.

The process of building a figure on average takes about one minute. You can also use different colors when shaping the shell. Moreover, preference should be given to golden, orange or blue shades.

Thus, you get very strong and reliable protection against negative influences. Don't be discouraged if you cannot clearly visualize the cocoon the first time. The ability to make such visualizations is great training.

To get started, it's enough to set aside seven workouts a day, up to 2 minutes long.

Home protection

Particular attention should be paid to the energy state of your home, since most of your life is connected with it. Therefore, it will be interesting for many to learn how to protect a house from damage.

Most likely, you are aware of cases when after the guests leave it becomes difficult to breathe in the room - this means that negativity has settled in your house. To quickly fix it, it is urgent to wet the rooms.

Moreover, the use of salt water gives a good effect. If you live near the sea, you can take sea water, otherwiseyou can dilute 200 g of salt in 2 liters of plain water. After cleaning, do not leave the used water in the apartment, but be sure to pour it outside into the ground!

If it is not possible to carry out wet cleaning, then at least sprinkle the threshold of the house with salt so as not to let evil into the house.

If you know that a person who has a negative attitude towards you will come to the house, and this visit cannot be avoided, then put several candles in the room where you will be. Fire has excellent cleansing properties and protects well against malicious attacks.

Regular pins can also be a reliable amulet for a home, which must be stuck in the window and door corners, and the tip of the tool should look outward . This protection will keep evil people away or their stay in the room will be short-lived for reasons they do not understand.

So, you can get rid of deceitful, envious and malevolent visitors. And happiness, comfort and peace will settle in your house!

If you feel that something is wrong with your home and the manifestation of negative energy is constant, we recommend that you contact a specialist with a strong energy potential.

Now you know how to make effective protection against damage and the evil eye without going to psychics and you can be calm for the well-being of your family and friends. The main thing is to rely on yourself and firmly believe in good things! After all, remember that thoughts are material, so think only about the positive!

How to protect Yourself from Evil, Black Magic and Jinn ' Effective Ways' Mufti Menk #HUDATV

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