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Dwarf or royal Pekingese: a pet with a good-natured character

Pekingese is the oldest dog breed, bred in China more than 2 thousand years ago, especially for living in palaces and castles. Since then, the breed has undergone some changes in appearance. Long-haired animals are most prized, however, medium-haired Pekingese are as cute and funny as their long-haired counterparts.

Dwarf or royal Pekingese: a pet with a good-natured character

Dogs of the Pekingese breed are ideal for keeping in modern apartments, do not require special space for existence and do not need physical activity and any special care.

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History breeds

The long history, coupled with the lack of reliable information about how exactly this breed originated, gave rise to a considerable number of legends regarding the history of the origin of the Pekingese. So, one of the many mythical legends tells that the Pekingese is the result of the mutual love of a lion and a monkey. The lion, ready for any sacrifice for the sake of love, turned to the Buddha for help, who reduced him to the size of a monkey. This is how the royal Pekingese was born - an amazing little creature with the agility of a cheerful and carefree monkey with a lion character.

Another legend says that the breed was born as a result of the love of a butterfly and a lioness. Their union was also blessed by the Buddha, and thanks to this, the pride and courage of the lion merged with the grace of a butterfly, resulting in the appearance of a dwarf or royal Pekingese dog.

Both cats in Ancient Egypt and Pekingese in China had the status of a sacred animal. Puppies of this breed were fed with female breast milk, each pet had its own servant, and anyone who tried to kidnap a dog was inevitably executed.

It is known for certain that the festive decoration of the halls and the clothes of the emperor were selected in strict accordance with the color tone of the pet. It is believed that for such care and the royal living conditions of a Pekingese dog, people are paid to protect themselves and their home from evil forces.

This state of affairs persisted for many centuries, until the war with France and England broke out in 1860. Then, wishing to prevent enemies from taking possession of these sacred animals, the emperor ordered to kill all dogs of this breed. Only five individuals managed to survive, which were taken to England. The first individuals of Pekingese appeared on the territory of Russia after the end of World War II, but these dogs became widespread only in the seventies of the last century.

Features and description of the breed

Externally, the Pekingese are really very similar to a smaller copy of a lion, the dogs are incredibly smart and have excellent manners. It is very difficult to acquire an individual that fully meets all standards. This is primarily due to the fact that this breed is not fertile. In addition, it takes a lot of effort to get a puppy with all the necessary qualities.

Dwarf or royal Pekingese: a pet with a good-natured character

If you do not talk about the strict show standards of the breed, then the outwardly dwarf Pekingese looks like a small, cute, flattened top and front, dog. The breed is exclusively indoor therefore it has a small size - 15-18 centimeters at the withers.

Despite their diminutiveness and flattening, animals have an extremely harmonious constitution, the ratio of height and length of their body is 3: 5. Therefore, correct Pekingese should not be too long or too awkward.

Care & Nutrition

Dogs are distinguished by luxurious, voluminous, very beautiful, albeit a little harsh, coat that needs careful, regular grooming. How to care for your Pekingese and its coat so that it always stays in great shape? After eating, it is necessary to clean the fur on the pet's face from food debris, and after walking, the procedure is to cleanse the belly and paws of the animal from dirt and comb the fur all over the body.

Bathe your pet in warm water, using a special bathing shampoo. After bathing, the wool must be dried with a hair dryer and combed out thoroughly. In order for the coat to always shine and to be healthy, the brushing procedure should be carried out daily.

In addition to wool, care is also needed for the eyes of the dog - they must be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt. For these purposes, instead of the usual cotton wool and cotton pads, use a soft handkerchief to prevent irritation of the cornea of ​​the eye with cotton wool.

Due to the fact that this breed is characterized by an increased tendency to fall out of the eyeball, it is necessary to ensure that the eyes of the pet are equally bulging. If you find any abnormalities, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Ears also need cleaning with a special wax dissolving product. The animal's teeth should be checked after each meal for particles trapped in them.

Experts recommend giving your dog stale bread to chew from time to time. In order to avoid ingrowth of claws, it is necessary to trim them regularly, especially in the case when the dog spends little time outdoors and the claws do not have time to grind naturally when walking. The frequency of the procedure depends on the individual characteristics of the animal.

Dwarf or royal Pekingese: a pet with a good-natured character

What to feed the Pekingese? You can go along the simplest path and feed the pet with industrial food, nIf you do not require additional intake of vitamins, but you can feed it with your own food - the choice is yours.

If you are more inclined to the second option, remember that 50% of the diet of the Pekingese should be boiled meat and offal, it can be chicken, beef or rabbit. 25% of the menu should consist of cereals - buckwheat, rice and oatmeal, the remaining 25% should be vegetables and fruits.

How long Pekingese live - the answer to this question will depend on how correct and high-quality care of this animal will be. Remember, regular visits to your veterinarian are a prerequisite for a carefree and healthy life for this breed.

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