DIY Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair & Faster Growth!

Dry hair mask

Dry hair lacks a protective film and therefore quickly fades and splits. If nothing is done, they will look like straw. A mask for dry hair will help to correct the situation, which smoothes hair scales and strengthens the roots.

Dry hair mask

Masks from folk recipes are perfect for us, thanks to them even the driest hair comes to life.

To get the best result from such masks, they need to be done at least twice a week, and it is advisable to make a new mixture every time, since all its useful properties last only a couple of hours.

When the mask is ready, it must be applied to the roots and distributed through the hair, while keeping for up to 90 minutes, rinse with shampoo and rinse with conditioner or balm.

Dry hair care guidelines:

  • Trim dry ends once a month;
  • do not use hot tongs for dry strands;
  • dye your hair only with natural, gentle colors;
  • wash your hair once a week;
  • do not use gel (you can use foam or cream).

With dry hair structure, all masks are divided into 3 types:

  • nutritious;
  • strengthening;
  • moisturizers.
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Nourishing Masks for dry hair

Dry hair mask
  • A very effective nourishing mask for dry hair ends based on cognac, yolk and honey. The trick is that when you rub the mixture onto the ends, you need to collect the curls in a bun - so the mask can be absorbed into the hair itself;
  • Pour the oatmeal, crushed in a coffee grinder, with boiling water until a gruel is obtained and add a little burdock oil. Apply a still warm mixture to the strands, hold for 30 minutes, rinse off without shampoo;
  • Mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons burdock oil and melted honey, apply, distribute over the entire length of the curls, hold an hour;
  • Mix half a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of mustard powder, add two tablespoonsburdock oil and apply to the scalp after massaging, then lubricate the ends (if dry) with any warm oil. Hold for forty minutes;
  • Break several pieces of bread into small pieces, pour a liter of warm water, leave for four hours, then strain. Apply after shampooing. This powerful mask provides shine, dandruff and nourishes hair;
  • For dry ends of curls, cabbage juice will help, which must be rubbed in an hour before washing your hair;
  • Heated sunflower oil will give your hair a velvety shine. Apply it to dry hair, then wrap your head with a warm towel for half an hour, rinse with shampoo.

Nourishing mask for very dry hair

Mix a handful: plantain, nettle, chamomile, rye bread. Pour a glass of boiling water for 2 hours, strain at the end of the time, and knead the bread. We apply the mixture, wrap the head, leave it for an hour. We wash off with plain water.

For split ends cocktail you will need:

1. one chopped banana;

2. half a glass of beer;

3. one egg;

4. a tablespoon of honey.

Mix all the ingredients, generously smear the hair and cover with a plastic bag, then wrap it with a towel, as the head should be warm. After an hour, wash off first with cold water to prevent the egg from curdling, and then with warm water.

Effective Gelatin Mask for Dry Hair

Soak two tablespoons of gelatin in four tablespoons of water until swelling, then heat in a water bath so that the gelatin is completely dissolved. Cool, add yolk, stir and apply to hair and scalp. Such a mask helps to restore damaged and brittle curls, gives additional volume and density to thin weak strands.

Henna and cognac mask

We mix cognac, henna and honey in a teaspoon. Apply and hold for about 50 minutes. The mask revitalizes and makes hair manageable and silky.

Moisturizing Hair Masks

Dry hair mask
  • The most effective masks for dry hair are mixtures based on fermented milk products. If there is no time to prepare some kind of complex mask, it will be enough to soak a piece of rye bread in yogurt or kefir, add a teaspoon of burdock, linseed or olive oil there and apply on the strands for about 30 minutes. Do not use shampoo when rinsing;
  • Sour milk mask has a revitalizing effect. It can also be used after washing and when rinsing hair;
  • Masks based on butter products will be irreplaceable. Any natural oil is suitable, it must be carefully applied to the entire length of the curls. If you add lemon juice to it, then the result of the mask will be even better.

Curd mask for very dry hair

Grind three spoons of yourhorns, with three tablespoons of cream. Lubricate the strands liberally with this mass, leave for 30 minutes.

Decoction Masks

They are used as rinses after shampooing. This procedure is very helpful for dry hair. The ingredients for such decoctions are very different: birch, chamomile and linden flowers, chopped nettle and mint leaves. We brew two tablespoons of herbs in a glass of boiling water, let it brew, use after each wash our heads.

Firming Masks

Dry hair mask
  • Add two tablespoons of cream to a teaspoon of wheat germ, stir and heat, apply to wet hair for ten minutes, rinse with warm water. The course of treatment is a month, you need to repeat the procedure every two days;
  • Mix castor oil (two spoons), apple cider vinegar (teaspoon), glycerin (teaspoon), egg. We distribute the resulting mixture over the entire length of the hair, insulate, rinse with shampoo after forty minutes;
  • Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a spoonful of oatmeal to the grated carrots. Stir and apply on strands for thirty minutes.

Using such simple masks, you will soon get gorgeous flowing curls, the healthy look of which will delight and delight others!

DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy Dry and Damage Hair and Hair Growth

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