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Driving a Guy Crazy: A Practical Guide

For both men and women, men are an insoluble mystery. It's all about the logic of thinking and different power points of perception. But is the opposite sex really such a mystery to us? Women are known to be insidious, resourceful and very calculating when it comes to the strength of humanity. Therefore, men's habits and tastes try to notice and use against them.

Of course, every girl's dream is not just to please a guy, but to bring him to a state of languor in anticipation.

Driving a Guy Crazy: A Practical Guide

So how do you drive a guy crazy? In fact, all secrets can be boiled down to two main sections: behavior and appearance. Naturally, the attention of the stronger sex will be attracted by a charming smile, a mysterious intriguing look and a miniskirt.

But you can also win his soul with care, attention and affection, the needs of which he is so afraid to admit to himself. What to focus on is up to you, depending on the character of your chosen one.

However, the weak but resourceful of this world have developed several irrefutable methods that will be optimal when applied to any guy.

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How to Drive a Guy Crazy: Male Psychology

To understand what a man needs from a woman, you need to study his nature in general. After all, how many times have we been convinced that the same phrase means something completely different to us than to guys.

So, the basic rules in the psychology of the stronger sex:

Driving a Guy Crazy: A Practical Guide
  • Men are straightforward and say what they think without hidden subtext. Don't look for him, dear ladies! It is these unsuccessful searches that often lead us into the impassable jungle of their inventions and guesses, and, ultimately, burst into hysteria and scandal. But he just said that is busy, I can't speak . If he doesn't want to talk or he has another, as we often see it in our head, stormy with fantasy, he will say it differently, be sure. In addition, we often perceive accidentally thrown phrases as malicious intent. Men don't think so! Often this is just an absurdly formulated thought. Dear girls, you must agree, because not every phrase of ours means anything serious;
  • The second and no less important fact of male psychology is the transparency of the explanation. And it also has to do with nstraightforwardness. Guys don't pick up on hints. Moreover, they may not even recognize them. You shouldn't immediately blow your lips and complain to your friend Imagine, I told him that I was going to the club, and he said, well, ok! He didn't even ask with whom! He does not care! He's not even jealous! He doesn't love me! . If you want something - tell it straight. Don't create unnecessary labyrinths. Otherwise, it is fraught with the fact that your beloved will think after each phrase you say, and it will come out sideways for you;
  • The third and no less important aspect in understanding male thinking is that the opposite sex, although strong, is not omnipotent. He cannot read thoughts. Therefore, if there was a quarrel, and you think that the beloved himself will guess the reason for the discontent, then such an opinion is wrong. It is better to immediately talk about what you did not like in this or that situation;
  • The psychology of the stronger sex claims that he loves compliments and gentle words no less than you yourself. Guys need to feel needed and strong. Give them this little goodness, and they will be filled with confidence that they will not be so irreplaceable for any other woman;
  • Men are earners after all. And if you carry this very prey directly into their hands on the very first date, then interest is lost almost instantly. Of course, no one says that for six months you need to behave like a touchy person, but you don't need to jump straight into bed either. As a rule, this does not lead to a serious relationship. You know how they can persuade when they need to;
  • The rule that a man should come up first in the modern world is no longer a canon. They are just as indecisive as we are. Therefore, if you like someone, do not hesitate to take the initiative. Maybe he's just shy;
  • Do not be offended that your dress is called pink, not peach. Guys rarely notice these little things. It's just not their area. As well as the fact that if the faithful is trying hard to work, and you are spinning in front of the mirror in anticipation of encouragement and breathtaking delight, the effect will be zero. Let him do his job. He cares - he just does not know how to switch as fast as you do;
  • Stomach! Yet this is a direct path to their hearts. No matter how they deny;
  • And the last fact - you can always impress with your appearance. Yet we are the beautiful half of humanity.

6 Facts on how to drive a guy crazy with your behavior

Driving a Guy Crazy: A Practical Guide
  1. The attractiveness of a girl is always in sight. It is he who is noticed and solved by men.
    It is necessary to conquer the faithful with a spark in his eyes and a pleasant, and sometimes even promising smile. Whatever one may say, lips and eyes can convey a lot;
  2. Scientists say that we, like animals, choose our mate by smell. Whether it is true or not, the film Scent of a Woman revealed a lot about what a woman's scent means.The main thing to remember is that a perfume should be individual, but not a tribute to fashion, because it will reveal exactly you;
  3. Kissing will be an important aspect in your battle for feelings. It is necessary to determine the most sensitive places of your soul mate, and focus on them in kissing. Likewise, it will be easy to deprive the mind with a kiss of the faithful. It is worth remembering that kisses are different, so if you cannot determine through trial and error, ask directly which kisses he likes. You can ask about it in such a way that it will only add passion to the moment;
  4. Intimate life is no less important. Guys often quickly lose interest not in you personally, but simply because they are looking for something new. But after all, every girl can give absolutely everything in the intimate sphere. So don't be afraid of variety. Of course, it all depends on the degree of closeness and trust between partners. However, experimenting with lingerie or role-playing games is never a waste;
  5. Words and voice! The right words, spoken in the right voice at the right moment, can drive a man to an impossible arousal;
  6. Femininity. In any image and in any of the most strict behavior of a woman, there is always elegance. Guys can't resist feminine charm. Well, no way.

How to drive guys crazy at a distance

Driving a Guy Crazy: A Practical Guide

First of all, it should be said that maintaining interest in a man, in principle, should be kept at a distance.

In what sense?

Yes, that no matter how long and strong your relationship is, a woman should always remain a woman and not lose her charm and charm. As a rule, even when dating a really nice girl, guys still look at others.


Yes, because you should never stop loving yourself. If you know your worth, then your half will know it. Maintaining an interest in a faithful person and each time arousing passionate emotions is not so difficult - just be yourself and do not forget who you are. Very quickly, all female charm is lost with the beginning of a serious relationship.

You are no longer up to it, you are building a family. And this is where the crash occurs. Besides a mother and a caring wife, you are also a woman. Don't let him forget about it.

If your relationship is just starting, you need to drive men towards you crazy with some detachment. He will not be interested if you run at breakneck speed at every meeting and express your stormy joy, even when it is. Do not immediately show your location, but keep, as they say, on a short leash. This creates intrigue, and he will make every effort to take possession of such an independent and self-sufficient person.

How to drive a guy crazy with text messages

Driving a Guy Crazy: A Practical Guide

Although phone messages are not the best way to sort things out, but still in modern
mire is absolutely essential.

Therefore, in messages, as in conversation, think what you are saying. If the relationship is in its early stages, keep aloof, but don't include ignore .

You can answer short, but double-digit, keeping the intrigue. However, everything should be in moderation. When asked directly if you can meet at seven o'clock, you shouldn't answer don't know or we'll see . Light intrigue is good only in dialogues.

If the relationship has gone a little further, then more explicit things can be written in SMS. This is especially effective if the beloved denies that he is tired or plans to go out with friends. An intriguing message with a hint will be a great, suspenseful factor. The same way you can support and wait for a meeting.

How to drive a guy crazy in bed

Men are driven crazy not so much by your experience and sophistication as by dedication and passion. In bed, it is not so important for him to know that you can, how much to see, how desirable he is for you. Although the discovery of something new to the faithful also does not hurt, but do not put it as an end in itself. You can achieve everything you need together. The main desire and openness.

Remember that all the secrets of seduction are already laid down by nature itself!

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